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  1. dogfox1

    Drone pro extended battery

    Quote "Buy a battery holder that takes 6 x AA batteries. Fit 5 batteries and link out the unused space. Fit a standard 5.5x2.1mm plug that will connect to the cable supplied with the Drone Pro and you're good to go." Just went into maplins yesterday and purchased the bits to do just that, not sure how extra run time I will get with 5 X AA 2500 mAh eneloop pro batteries. If not enough I will replace the batteries with one of those Ansman battery packs with a suitable voltage regulator ( Either the 7.4 or 11v version .) Wanted to keep the weight down and a 6 cell AA and the pack is easily changed in a few seconds so will run with the AA's first for a while first. G
  2. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Hi Ian, Many thanks for that info, it gives me a safe starting point. G
  3. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    "I pick up brass when it's available picked up 50 one fired two weeks back rem factory I'm hoping to get ten reloads out of the brass seven up to now I'm not running it to hot so possibly a new barrel in 3 year's my rifle is built on a sako." Hi, Just out interest Matt is there any chance you could measure neck wall thickness on a couple of the Remington FB brass. Thanks G
  4. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Hi Matt, Best of luck with your choice, there still appears to be no brass or loaded ammo around, not been able to find either. Was looking for just a few for comparison purposes to measure to chamber neck dimensions, so I can turn the necks to best fit and not unduly over work the brass when reloading. May have to turn a few cases so the loaded round is just under CIP dimensions and see we how much they expand. Had some rifles in past with loose chambers that really over worked the brass. Not even found one genuine piece of FireBall brass to measure the neck wall thickness for a starting point. So much work involved in making the brass, I want to get the best life out of it.
  5. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Many thanks for that already well down the road on converting 223 military brass. Took the cheap option already used some of them before in a 15" barrel 223 and they consistently grouped around 0.5 MOA. @ 100. Alot of work though. G
  6. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Hi, Update on the rimfire replacement Finally decided to go with a 17 Rem Fireball. Using 20grn Vmax bullets for starters loaded with Trail Boss looking for a sweet spot between 1400 to 2400 fps and a good sound moderator. Currently forming cases at the moment from US 223 military cases, a little more work, have had them on the shelf for years and cost nothing so decide to use them. No sign of any 17FB cases becoming available in the short term. Thank for all the help on the way. G
  7. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    "Dogfox if you want forming dies for 17 F/b either from .221 f/b or .222/.223 give todd a ring at the woodchuck den i am pretty sure he will have thet on the shelf. " Hi 17 Squirrel many thanks for that, already been promised some forming dies to be here in the UK, in about 7 to 10 days from esle where. Quote MultiQuote
  8. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Your right looks very interesting, but the 17FB is just as complicated. No brass available in the country or the US. Norman Clark told me today they had 17FB brass on order since 2013. The only way to get brass is buy loaded rounds if you can find any or make it from expensive 221FB cases. No case conversion dies available at the moment. So really I don't see much difference but that's half the fun of having something different.
  9. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Many thanks for the 17 Skeeter info, looks quite interesting. There would be a lot thought, that would go into building one of those and getting it to feed.
  10. Hi Ian, Many thanks, bolt checked and no numbers on it, but problem is now being sorted. G
  11. Hi Ian, I am sure there are small differences between the 223 bolts and the fireball bolts due to the short cases that caused extraction problems and they quickly made small modifications to the position of the ejectors and extractors to solve the problem on the bolts for the fireball. There was a lot about this a while back on the US forums. G
  12. Hi Stillair, Many thanks for the post, I will try to get my head around the differences between RH and LH G
  13. Hi, Does anyone have a LH SPS Varmint or the later LH VSSF Varmint in 17 Fireball on a 700 action if not a RH fireball bolt will do. Please could you post or PM a picture of the bolt showing the position of the ejector and the extractor. So I can confirm that the gun in question has does not have a 17 Remington bolt as i believe they are different due to extraction problems. Many thanks in advance G
  14. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    Baldie : Many thanks for that advice, just looked at a 17FB , but not sure if one can get that much lower velocity with them. It was the action and mag I was looking at. Was thinking about the 22FB as a better choice. Already found some Trail Boss to give that a try first before to see if that works first. Onehole : Those Trail loads look quite good considering the low velocity and conditions, thank for the input.
  15. dogfox1

    Looking for a Rimfire replacement

    "The TCM is indeed a 224 caliber as originally designed (no doubt the intrepid wildcatter could make a 20 or 17 also (the specs were for the 22 version : 40g,2800fps,696ft lb;the case is a proprietary bottle neck,and it's short indeed-case is 1.022 " (221 FB is 1.400")" My thought would be to try and find an accuracy node around 2200 to 2400 fps which should give a good flat trajectory out to 120 yds and with the reduced pressures and hopefully the muzzle blast. Also I am trying to locate some Trail Boss to see what kind of performance I would get out of my current guns, no one has any locally. G

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