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  1. DL.

    Island for sale

    The ideal opportunity for an Englisher to sell their bedsit in Londistan and end up with a nice spot in the countryside. https://search.savills.com/list#/r/detail/gbbrrufhr160028
  2. DL.


    Found this cable at a competitive price- http://www.dale-sailing.co.uk/waveline-25m-hook-up-lead-16a-2-5mm-sq-cable.html
  3. I had 5" taken of my .22LR and lost 100fps on subsonics.
  4. DL.

    tikka 695

    Not Cheap! http://www.brownells.co.uk/epages/UK.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/UK/Products/31074913400132/SubProducts/913400132
  5. DL.

    Surrey Gunsmiths

  6. DL.

    sako game

    This isn't uncommon with other makes of bullet. I've even had it happen with nosler hunting ballistic tips which are supposed to be a bit more lively for expansion.
  7. DL.

    AR10 and other stuff

    Is that AR10 one of the 25 UK models mentioned here? http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/12316-real-rarity/
  8. Beretta have a lot to answer for.
  9. DL.

    how you become a moderator

    Well you were wasting your time Geoff, because 'Deer talking' was the worst shooting forum out there, and your mates "Harry" and 'Stu' caused all the problems.
  10. DL.

    Firing Pin

    I'm not condoning people breaking the law, I don't however think there is a legal requirement to see an FAC before purchase, and am against any encumbrance of lawful firearms holders going about their business.
  11. DL.

    Firing Pin

    I am the proud owner of a Tikka M695, really like the rifle, and want to use it well into the future, the only potential issue being spare parts. I placed an order with a well known distributor/importer for a spare replacement firing pin. They needed a faxed copy of my FAC before they would authorise the order. I questioned this, all be it willing to oblige, however I maintained that as firing pins are not pressure bearing parts they shouldn't need to be subject to FAC authority. The response was the police had requested that they check customers FACs before they sell firing pins. What is the consensus? I don't particularly mind either way, but thought it to be a bit officious.
  12. DL.

    ruger precision rifle

    Unfortunately I find that when I put in a 72hr week, I have no time for shooting, and the only person that benefits is the tax man.
  13. DL.

    Plummeting Price of Fuel

    I don't remember fuel at that price since the late 1990's! Strange times indeed.
  14. There's no excuse for trying to sort out an admin miscomprehension by being aggressive and saying that an FAC holder may be displaying characteristics that make him unsuitable to hold firearms. This is the poor customer service that BASC said would have to stop in order to raise firearms licensing fees.
  15. That makes sense now that you point it out. I think historically Glasgow have been more bullish than the other FL departments in Scotland. It's a bit much to infer that because an FAC holder manufactured their own moderator they are all of a sudden an unsuitable person. A bit more thought on the approach to this issue (if there is one) wouldn't have taken much effort from the licensing department, and checking their facts first with a higher authority would be the least you could have expected.

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