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  1. Zaitsev

    Norma powders

    Thread resurrected from the grave! seems Norma powders are now available again. Have the restrictions on other powders caused an importer re-think?
  2. Zaitsev

    New Tikka rimfire

    Anyone know if a stainless version is likely?
  3. Zaitsev

    Matrix bullets

    Has anyone over here ordered any recently or is anyone in uk stocking them? cheers g
  4. Zaitsev

    Stainless .22lr barrel

    Looking for the above. 16 twist. Can be take-off or new. Cheers g
  5. As per title. Looking for hunter stock for p94s. cheers g
  6. M1a/m14 10 rd parkerised mag. Unused. £20 plus the post Cheers G
  7. Zaitsev

    Sako 579

    579 often called a Forester.
  8. Zaitsev

    Tikka T3 with AW magazine?

    Yes. Double stack for lower profile and top feed of rounds whilst magazine is in situ. I've had M55/65a tikka with 10rd mags and they stick out an awful long way. Also had TRG which despite being double stack was single feed. The sako 75 (as you say Chris) has ds/df mags which are very good. The only slight downside is that -to my knowledge- they never made 10rounders. Obvs the 10 rders are redundant for most sporting applications but on the odd occasion they are required and it's good to have the option.
  9. Has this been done/is it possible? I recall an old thread on this subject but can I find it??
  10. Having a gear re think. Drag bag/gun bag/shooting mat combinations appeal. I'm aware of the eberlestock sniper sled but are there other options to compare? Cheers G
  11. That's easy then Bob. Just get Neil to build it and update the thread when it's done. If you have plenty of cash just get it done and put the sako to the back of the cabinet. Oh, and can you lend me a tenner till next week?
  12. Zaitsev

    European primers

    Thanks for all the replies. That's a good number of European (and Russian) manufacturers. Surprised that Norma don't roll their own.
  13. Zaitsev

    European primers

    So there's Silly Billies, wolf/Tula/murom and then I'm struggling to think of any more. Can anyone add to the list? G
  14. Zaitsev

    Best scope for a rimfire

    3-9x36 zeiss diavari. Brightest little scope out there. Why they stopped making them is a mystery.
  15. Zaitsev

    Death from above: ravens slaughter newborn lambs

    There's good numbers of Ravens in Worcestershire now. Increasing numbers in Derbyshire. Ditto in staffs. Seeing them increasingly on Cannock chase. They're even breeding closer in to Birmingham now with one pair having nested on a pylon in Walsall. Midlands seem to be filling up at some pace. They're certainly no longer a rare bird. They also seem to reach a point where the population increases exponentially. Someone will no doubt chip in why this is. I haven't the foggiest.

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