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  1. This rifle is absolutely stunning, I have seen it in person, a chance to own a Russell Gall masterpiece. wish you all the best with your sale, Darrel
  2. Onelesscharlie AI sound mod

    I am really happy with mine and I really hope that he will start to make them again, i do fire rapidly and I never found a problem with this!! But 30 minutes, what the hell are you shooting at?? i would of thought that any sound mod would get hot doing half hour strings of fire,, my post was to confirm the noise reduction and most of all accuracy and perceived recoil of Colin's sound mod. all of which I was more than satisfied, and believe you me I am fussy,, Darrel
  3. Been out testing my new Onelesscharlie sound mod, all I can say is bloody awesome piece of kit, sat on the end of a heavy profile barrel the Bullets only shot 1" low, this means that I can swap it on and off with hardly any changes in zero,, but also it shot a group of just under .3" useing the load that I use for my competitions. really awesome out of the box result, Darrel
  4. 6BRA

    Following with excitement 😂😂 nice one Al
  5. Kelblys 30mm rings

    Thanks for your reply, as luck happens I'm all sorted now. Darrel
  6. Kelblys 30mm rings

    As above if anyone has got a set to sell?? Darrel

    That would be a shame, all I hear about your work are bloody good comments,, Best regards Darrel
  8. Anyone posting the actual results for weekend 2&3 of September??
  9. finishing off in letting new gun stock

    +1 for big Al
  10. Bullet pointing die

    Thanks for the info, I'll give him a bell,,Darrel
  11. Bullet pointing die

    .264 please if possible
  12. Bullet pointing die

    As above anyone got one that they would like to sell ?? Darrel

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