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  1. , Folks, I have a lovely Pecar 4-10 x 45 stalking scope and also a set of Parker Hale RAHS3 rings available. Ideal if you are looking for a high quality stalking scope or building an original Enforcer rifle system. Search and you will find these sought-after scopes are currently available online for £390 - so this is a bit of a bargain! The Pecar 4-10 x 45 scope was the model purchased by the U.K police forces for their Enfield Enforcer Rifles. It has the Pecar interchangeable reticle system and is currently fitted with a duplex reticle. This second hand scopes has a unique serial number (AO9163) and is made to the highest standard. It has a 1" tube and comes complete with lens covers. From a practical point of view - the image is simply stunning. Unusually, the scope is first focal plane, ensuring that the reticle allows you to accurately assess hold-over at any magnification, while remaining visible in the lowest light conditions - when the stalker needs to be able to see his sights! In very good 'used' condition with lenses that have NO marking, fogging or fungus and coatings that are completely untouched. There is a scratch in the finish underneath the ocular bell (pictured) which is not visible when the scope is mounted on a rifle, and a further very light scratch (barely visible) on the top of the bell, very light ring marking is visible but there is NO crimping on the tube. This is a classic scope in very good 'used' condition for £300 & the rings are available for a further £60. Scope postage is £8.50 for next day RMSD (tracked and insured) I have advertised it elsewhere and it will be sold to the first to confirm on the thread. Cheers for looking!
  2. Folks, £190 firm, including postage - new price is £300, so this is a bit of a bargain! As above - a great budget intro to FFP shooting or simply as a secondary scope to get the 'other' rifle up and running. FFP & Mil./Mil, so clicks and reticle match at whatever magnification you may need, I have run this for a couple years and have been very satisfied for the price. Tracking is consistent and it holds zero without problem (the 30 cal shoots 0.4" groups). Glass is clear and side parallax is effective and quick to operate. Mag adjustment is firm, E&W adjustment feels a little mushy compared to the Schmidt - but as I tend to adjust visually (looking at the turret rather than by counting clicks in darkness) this has never caused any problem! Condition is excellent, with no scrapes, dings or ring marks / crimping. Lenses are completely unmarked. Advertised elsewhere - so please contact me via Email : info@farringtonds.com Payment by bank transfer please - Paypal costs me an arm and a leg! Regards, Ian RETICLE B20 (Mil Line Reticle) RETICLE INSTALL First Focal Plane TOTAL LENGTH 405mm / 15.94in WEIGHT 945g / 33.3oz TUBE DIAMETER 30mm / 1.18in CONSTRUCTION 1 Piece Tube/Saddle/Objective OBJECTIVE LENS DIAMETER 56mm / 2.20in OUTER OBJECTIVE DIAMETER 64mm / 2.52in OUTER OCULAR DIAMETER 43mm / 1.69in ADDITIONAL SUNSHADES No FLIP UP LENS COVERS No CONFIGURATIONS AND ORDER CODES M25B–B20 Reticle with 0.1MRAD Adjustment
  3. 8 client shooters have turned up and had their Primos sticks fail in front of me. Do not rate them due to this unacceptably high failure rate.
  4. IanF

    best reloading tip you've learnt

    Find a small magnet, attach to side of press. Apply a tin of Imperial sizing wax.......... amazingly, it will now stay there, without moving - until you next need your tin of sizing wax.
  5. IanF

    Two 'not out there yet' Scope designs ?

    Please - do not put any of your own money into this line of development.
  6. IanF

    vortex viper ffp 6x24x50

    With the lowest settings, there is not enough flare to wash out the target - irrespective of the size of your quarry.
  7. IanF

    30mm Optilock rings (blue)

    Sorted elsewhere. Thanks
  8. IanF

    30mm Optilock rings (blue)

    Anyone out there with an unwanted set ? Ever hopeful..... Ian
  9. OK - 2x confirmed, dosh follows. Other bloke will be in Alaska and claims attending could be difficult! Rgds Ian
  10. Any places left on Sunday Tiff? Thinking 3x if possible. Rgds Ian
  11. Kev - best of luck, I am an hour up the road with bench and 300m range. Come on over if you want to get some meaningful data in a safe environment. Impressed at your restraint when answering some of the comments above - I may not have been so agreeable! Rgds Ian
  12. IanF

    Operator Hotline

    Shaddup and take my money!!!

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