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  1. hughes.s

    Dodgy peepers.

    There"s loads on the web about them, have a look, (scary some of them), but if you have regular eye tests dont worry, i"ve got them, do you notice that if you look at them they move? look up and down a few times (keeping your head still) and they will settle out of sight.
  2. Nothing to do with your calibre/mod choice, but I would trust Jacksons, I dont want to go into which is the best mod but Jacksons customer service is for me, had 3 t8s from them. Hughes.s
  3. hughes.s

    Another Headspace Headache

    If you have used the die and the press (if you have used another press then there might be a problem with the press) to size other cases to your satisfaction then it can only be the brass that is the problem. Is the brass to hard? , if I use a Lee fl die set to top of the ram they come out well short approx 1.448 ish (on my comparator) I find useing lee lube requires less pressure on the ram handle and also sizes .001/.002 more than Imperial Wax ie 1.455(wax) 1.454/3(lube)
  4. hughes.s

    303 british blank dies set

    Thank you. its not for me, a nephew is into reenacting. I am just trying to help him out with a few bits and bobs. Their not easy to find.
  5. hughes.s

    303 british blank dies set

    303 British blank die set required, or info for retailers please. Hughes.s
  6. hughes.s

    ludicrous lumiens ir pill

    Wanted alluminium t67 ir pill,
  7. If you decide to split I"ll take the .246 carbide. Hughes.s
  8. hughes.s


    Pm for the target master/ Hughes.s Sorry read it as GOT a target master
  9. hughes.s


    You have a pm. Hughes.s
  10. hughes.s

    Apple pay

    I aint got a clue what your posting about, I prefer to talk to you and pay via credit card, the less information floating thru the ether the better for me. Hughes.s
  11. hughes.s

    Rapid Weaver rail to suit Rapid MK 2 late

    Have a look at Micheal Tawn I had one from him for a mk1 but sure they will fit mk2. Hughes.s http://www.tawnadoairguns.com
  12. hughes.s

    Lee neck sizer

    Unscrew the cap and check that the four finger collet is not stuck in the "tapered bush", therefor making it allready closed, which could give the impression that the brass is bottoming out on the decapping pin.
  13. hughes.s

    Daystate Wolf, Mk4, fac .22

    As per title please. Hughes.s

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