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  1. MachIV

    .17fireball reloaders

    Hi Bob I have a 17 Mach IV which is the wildcat Remington mainstreamed to become the Fireball so very close. I have used Benchmark and H322. Benchmark was a bit grubby and seemed to take ages to get the barrel clean. H322 much cleaner. Grouping was good with both but H322 easier to clean. I will probably try N133 next. I run the 20gn Vmax at about 3,800fps with 18gn H322. Mine maxed out at 18.8gn and a touch over 4,000fps. No real pressure signs BUT no increase in velocity between 18.6gn and 18.8gn so deffo time to stop especially with a 17. I haven't measured the velocity of 25gn loads but use 17gn powder which is mild and accurate. Mike
  2. Hi I will have these please. PM me your payment details. Thanks Mike
  3. MachIV

    .17 Rem Fireball

    Stillair what are you lubing the necks with prior to sizing? I have had no trouble with the seating die and then full length with mine - albeit with Remington 221 brass. I use imperial die sizing wax - only needs a tiny bit. I have a Bulberry double ended form die 20 and 17 but to be honest the seating die method has worked perfectly for me.
  4. MachIV

    17 rem

    I have found both 20gn and 25gn V-Max to be excellent out of my Mack IV (Fireball) running at around 3,800 and 3,600 respectively. Usually no exit especially with the 20gn V-Max even on 2/3rd grown rabbits. I found the hollow points a different beast altogether, both Hornady and Berger 25gn, they have always exited on rabbits in my experience. As a consequence I tend to use V-Max for rabbits and the hollow points for foxes.
  5. MachIV

    6mm BR

    Hi Here you go - if the link doesn't work it is on Gunstar Cheers http://www.gunstar.co.uk/rpa-quadlite-6mm-br-6br-norma-rifles/rifles/834128
  6. MachIV

    6mm BR

    RPA single shot action of any interest?
  7. I have a PES .17 specific mod on a Fireball. Works well but I have only compared it with a Jetz Compact (260 hole) and would say they were about the same. Not much muzzle blast on these small cartridges so I think baffle size is the main thing.
  8. MachIV

    best reloading tip you've learnt

    For safety my system is empty cases and powder on the right of the press. Take a case put the powder in put into the press, seat bullet part way turn 180 seat the rest. Put loaded case in a tray on my left. For an easy accuracy gain having done all of the usual like neck turning and finding out where the lands are is to set up a full sizing die to give a minimum head space using a fired case i.e. don't just follow the instructions and set the die to cam over as this over works the case for most chambers.
  9. Hi The actions chronological order are L461, A1, S491 as far as I am aware there is no such thing as an L491. You need to establish whether it is an L461 or S491 The L461 (vixen) and A1 are the same - the S491as oaken pointed out is beefier. Hope that helps
  10. I did lots of research about 12 months ago and then the Bushnell and new Leupold models seemed to come out well. Found a Bushnell Trophy on ebay new but damaged packaging for just over £100. Very pleased with the results top rat spotting cam at night and good day pics. A small delay on the shots but if you set it for a burst of 3 you will get yer rat or whatever in one of them. If you want to take pics for security go for the black light version as on mine you can see it go off at night - a dull red glow. Easy for a human who knows to spot!
  11. MachIV

    Show your varmint/target rifle

    Ha ha it worked!!! Sako L461 in 17 Mach IV (Furball) Pacnor 1 in 9 barrel PES moderator. RPA 6mm BR, Border barrel in an HPS Gemini stock but currently in an HS Precision stock
  12. Hi I tried Benchmark when I first started playing with my Mach IV and I found it really dirty to clean out, patch after patch after patch - Pacnor barrel. I now use H322 and that seems to burn much cleaner - 2-3 patches and job done using the same solvents. I run mine on a fairly light load - 17gn H322 which gives 3,650ish out of a 22 inch barrel with a 25gn Vmax. That load shoots easily into 0.5 edge to edge. I jump mine 10-15 thou but to be honest I have never tested seating depth. I have gone up to 3,800 but started to get early pressure signs and the groups were rubbish so I stayed with a sedate 3,650fps - yet to find a rabbit complain about the lack of speed!!! Hope that helps.
  13. MachIV

    annealing 17 fireball brass

    Hi Jock I have a 17 Mach IV which is the wildcat that was the precursor of the 17 Fireball. I make my own brass from 221 Fireball brass, neck down in 2 passes and neck turn. The brass work hardens so annealing is a must. The first ones I did with their toes in some water - about a cm or so. No problems. Then I thought who needs water so a did a dozen or so using a steel tube to hold them in and hopefully act as a heat sink for the bases whilst I twiddled them around with my fingers. Wrong diddly wrong wrong wrong!!!!! First firings with some very light loads had popped primers and primer pockets that primers would fall out of after one firing. As someone said above it is a short case and heat transfer is very efficient. My advice is keep their toes in a bit of water and you will struggle to go wrong. Longer cases might be OK in a drill or similar but my advice is play safe. Use some tempilac or dim the lights and as soon as you see dull red stop - cherry red probably too hot but if the bases are in water you will be safe.
  14. MachIV

    Picatinny rail

    Andy Google 'dovetail weaver adaptor' all sorts will come up. Mostly for airguns but something might be suitable like these (at the bottom): http://www.nvscopes.com/night%20vision%20products.html Mike
  15. MachIV

    Picatinny rail

    Andy Try Kelblys who make the actions they do various slide on converters for the Stolle dovetail. Or you could sell it to me and buy something with a tactical rail!!! Mike

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