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  1. You can choose the weaker or stronger solution. Your choice. edi
  2. I am worried about falling or taking a tumble with the rifle which happens just about every outing in our terrain. Worried I bend the thread slightly and find out with the next shot. edi
  3. As an Engineer I think what Tikka did on the thread is the right way. Many similar examples in engineering where one does not want to further weaken a system. Undercut ! means undercutting the diameter of the small diameter of the thread which in turn means it will weaken the weakest spot on a barrel further..... which engineer in their right mind would do that? if someone complains about it... yes they will change and weaken it … customers own fault. go for it. edi
  4. For me, I would prefer not to have the undercut. Rather re-work the mod if needed. Had to do quite a few in the past. As I said the Hausken JD224 I have fit onto the T3 CTR without undercut no problem. I have two CTR's and 3 JD224 30 cal 5/8x24. Every moderator that gets paired up with a rifle must be checked for fit. Sometimes you can feel the way it tightens up, sometimes it is better you use a marker or blue to see if the should carries well. Even looking through the barrel might reveal if something is badly off. Schulz and Larsen have test rods to stick into barrels which tell if a mod is off centre. Every mod they manufacture get's tested that way. edi
  5. ejg223

    Steel Core Designs

    They look very heavy.... ergonomics? edi
  6. ejg223

    What system do you use and why ? MOA or MRAD .

    I mostly use FFP MRAD for hunting. Great for zeroing rifles too, mostly done with 2-3 shot. My spotting scope is also in MRAD and can be set to similar mag as the scope. I have a few MOA scopes but made drop charts in m for them so the rangefinder stays on m. edi
  7. ejg223

    Bradley Arms brag time

    Recon the result is not a mistake.. well done. edi
  8. ejg223

    Show us your shotguns!

    Just got this 410 handed down from my American uncle who is packing up shooting at ~85. Great gun to let girls try a shot. The gun is a L.C. Smith field grade side by side. My uncle had it fitted to him when he was 11. I hit a clay with the first shot I took.... missed second and third.... edi
  9. ejg223

    Stock Milling

    Very awkward job. Not many will scream to take it on and rightly so. It is almost impossible to find a centre on moulded stock and therefore a picky customer will always find something to crib about if they measure the position of the inlet with a Vernier.... How do we know that? I know Ronin has does some magic on back filled stocks, maybe you can twist his arm.... edi
  10. ejg223

    Pmii tunneling question

    I never liked the 5-25 because of the tunnelling., thought it is totally overrated. I asked for a 3-20x50 US because it seemed just right for a hunting rifle that can cover short to long range and is not to big/heavy. In the meantime it is my favourite scope, I don't notice tunnelling with it. I can see bullet holes better at distance than with a K624i, the low lock elevation turret is a dream, the windage turret is covered. Turrets whacking against the rucksack when going into the hills are not moved like on the Kahles. Had no issues fitting the scope with Spuhr one or two piece mounts as well as Badger, Recknagel Ultra Light prototype. Recently Schmidt gave me a loan of a 3-27x56 for a shoot with SF guys. This scope has a more tunnelling again. I did shoot well with it and knocked a few deer. The visitors at our shoot were very happy with it. I am planning on building a much lighter rifle with carbon barrel and will strongly consider the 5-2x50 US. I looked through a few but one needs to use it for a while.
  11. Very good idea. Might copy that. edi
  12. ejg223

    Wishing you all - - -

    Merry Christmas to all from the PSE Team. edi
  13. ejg223

    New Tikka rimfire

    We manufacture T3 aftermarket stocks and don't have the little hole in the back either. Don't see any sense in the plastic pin. Older T3's did not have that. At the IWA earlier this year the Sako product manager was interested to see if the T1X would fit in our aftermarket stocks. He just snipped off the little pin . No need for it. It might just be a feature that helps positioning or for handling purposes in production/injection moulding. edi
  14. ejg223

    Tikka T3 Bolt problem

    Thanks Dave, makes sense. Have two aftermarket bolt handles and one original CTR rifle left all factory except stock. They all work thankfully. Also had a three pos firing pin safety on a tikka that replaced the original shroud, was the most accurate T3 I had … she had a lilja barrel. edi
  15. ejg223

    Tikka T3 Bolt problem

    Baldie, I thought of that also but mainly because you mentioned it a while back. I had not experienced any aftermarket shrouds making problems but only had a few. Any particular brand that had led to this or other problems? edi

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