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  1. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    Now that i am flying in parking is for free.... typical. Baldie, I wanted to talk to you and AI anyway. I get two for one... great. Years back we met at a ceramic show in Munich, a NZ supplier shipped 1 pallet of ceramic goods and one pallet of NZ wine/whiskey to the show. Wild times. We hope to take some BBQ Sika steaks, back straps & of course some single malt from the south coast to IWA on our stand this year. edi ps. Maybe Matt can hand out some UKV buttons at the entrance....
  2. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    Great, looking forward to seeing you. Hope we can make it as we want to squeeze in a trip to the US and just waiting for the ATF to come back to us. Also hoping that P, S, & E can make it but the S bit might be flying us over as he thinks he is on duty. Anyway Peter and myself will try get their possibly Friday. edi ps. David, recon my wife hopes the machines are broken...
  3. I haven't been to an UK exhibition in years. The NEC is very convenient to travel to from Ireland and was wandering who from on here is planning to go. Any interesting stands that one must see? We are not sure if we can make it but have standby tickets for the flight and hope to make it. edi
  4. Spare moveable claw Badger rings

    Would anyone have a spare moveable claw for Badger ordnance 4 screw(not 6 screw version) mount ? Or two. They tend to bend if one over torques.... as I did. Bending back one snapped. edi
  5. rebarrel expectations

    The muzzle must have been out of centre (action centre line) by a few mm. Normally any 2nd year apprentice would have been able to cope with that step on the lathe. These type of gunsmiths give custom rifles a bad name, customers become reluctant to getting barrels fitted or even ordering a full blown custom rifle. I had a remmy sps re-barrelled with a border barrel which shot less than 4" from the previous original sps barrel. Either lucky or a smith who new what he was doing. In hindsight it easy to say but could you have not had Keppeler fit new barrels? They are customers of ours and still running strong. edi
  6. If every mod were designed with a small counter bore and every barrel with a recess one might have a chance that at least one is done properly and chances are high the mod will fit. I have had several mods not fitting on several different rifles also on cheapy thread jobs where I needed to counter bore the mod. Worse is when a barrel is made to fit some possibly out of spec mod thread... that is then the only mod that will fit on that barrel..... Anyway my two CTR rifles with 5/8x24 non recess threads shoot absolutely fantastic. I will leave them that way. edi
  7. the two CTR's I have don't have the thread cut right back. No Problem if one counter bores the moderator to suit. My Hauskens fitted as they came. Some will say this is not the way it should be done however I see it as being a sturdier/stiffer solution than cutting the recess at the shoulder. My CTR's both shoot extremely well. The only Issue I have is with the Hausken mods that they have a very small bore for cal. All three of my Hausken mods are bored out to a more normal diameter for cal and I got rid of fliers. edi
  8. Meles, I don't need google, we did enough ceramic coatings at uni. Our class also proved that several of them just did not hold up to their promise. Apart from that I developed advanced ceramics for over 20 years partially with the thermal shock behaviour in mind and hold a few patents. This was not firearms related. I am not interested in ferrous metals and did not do much in that direction. edi
  9. Bradders most shotgun barrels are chromed inside now. Outside blued which helps a bit. Shotgun you also don't mind a bit of oil in the barrel. My LW barrel is rusted when I come home from hunting and put a patch through it, that is where i draw the line. Don't have the issues with my foxing rifles as firstly outings are shorter and secondly mostly in dry conditions. Hunting deer on our west coast in the hills is a different story, plenty rain and damp. Home to home 12hrs. Therefore I prefer stainless barrels. They even work in the dry.... edi
  10. My understanding is that the main reason for barrel wear is "fire-cracking". This is a result of thermal shock behaviour. I don't believe in grain boundary wear, just by looking at affected areas. I don't think mechanical wear is the main issue as we have the most wear in the area where the bullet is at the slowest speed and least energy. Also I believe we have a certain degree of chemical attack. If one wants to reduce barrel "wear" my take is we should not look at other examples of reducing mechanical wear as in piston liners, bearings etc. The PVD coatings are mostly types of ceramics with ultra high youngs modulus and lousy thermal shock behaviour, the last material one would want. To improve thermal shock behaviour you need very good thermal conductivity, low youngs modulus combined with possibly high yield strength. These behaviours at a range of elevated temperatures. not easy. I and many others are quite satisfied with the life span of a hunting rifle barrel but would hate to see a barrel rust. If one has rust after a day hunting that is where I draw the line. Generally a stainless barrel will rust less. edi
  11. I would just about always prefer a stainless barrel. The only part of a rifle that one really wants to protect from corrosion... has no corrosion protection, the bore. I have one LW non stainless barrel. This barrel produces brown rusty patches after 8hrs hunting in our wet climate. shot fired or not. Stainless barrels just don't have that problem at least by far not as strong. edi
  12. 223 is nice but I prefer plinking with a 308. If one is alone one can spot a 308 strike easier than the little 223 bullet. Even a 30cal bullet hole in paper can just about be seen with a 24mag scope at 500m. 308 has fantastic match ammo in 168gr that will get you out to 800m. I have 2 308 CTR stainless rifles, both shot exactly the same accuracy with Hornady match ammo. Although my range is not in any way well equipped. We don't have a proper range anywhere close. Two different CTR rifles out the box except for the stocks. edi
  13. Power outage - a tidy solution...

    Very tidy. That's the way to do it. We had 4-5 days power outage this year. For some it meant no water/heat/light. We had water but our electrics down, mobile phone provider went down, internet down, land lines down. In Ireland some areas might not even have a radio station. We receive one single radio station in our house on a good day. Money is only spent on the capital city.... A genny and sat internet would be a great idea. edi
  14. Sako 85 Long Range 300WM ?

    Stock shape doesn't look too bad for recoil. 300wm is not that bad anyway especially not with muzzle brake or moderator. I have a 6lb carbon (good shape) stocked 308 that we often shoot without moderator and still behaves very good vs an old 308 walnut sako that was slightly heavier but horrible to shoot. edi
  15. Muzzle brake 5/8x24 30cal

    Thanks for all the answers, sorry for the late reply I only got back from stalking. I would prefer a brake like Catch22 had in his link. It will go onto a tactical rifle either 308 or 300wm. Catch 22 could you please let me know cost & Postage to Ireland. If we decide then I would need it fairly quick. could you send me an e-mail. please. edi@pse-composites.com thanks. edi

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