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  1. Schultz & Larsen

    We manufacture the E-Tac4 carbon fibre stocks for S&L that go on the Tactical or Victory. Not sure if they are sold in the UK though. Never heard of anyone having one. They are popular for competitions / LR hunting in northern countries and possibly LE. I think the aluminium Tactical action is absolutely fantastic, integrated 20MOA rail very light weight but can also be had in steel as far as I know. The Bolts lock into the barrels which are possibly the only cut barrels in factory rifles. Due to the locking mechanism in the barrel they don't use stainless steel as a barrel material. When I was at the company in Denmark it was astonishing how well bolts would be able to fit from one rifle to the next. They run very tight tolerances on barrel lugs and bolts so that these are interchangeable. Triggers are also fantastic. Stocks are all steel pillar bedded and single row steel mags and steel floor plates are used. The only thing I would criticize is that a tactical rifle should have a mil approved mag system such as AI type mags or from the TRG. edi
  2. Can this be right?

    little dot in the middle is great, MSR 624i edi
  3. Can this be right?

    I have a 624i since 2011, I really like this scope but it failed recently and something rattled inside.... While at repair I had them fit a MSR reticle. It is exactly what I wanted and is very similar to the reticle in my Minox spotting scope. Only downside on the 624i is that the turrets don't lock and are sometimes on a wrong setting when out hunting. My other scope a PMII 3-20x50 Ultra Short PF4Lfine , this scope is just in a different league. Turrets lock, low design and double turn. short, 50mm, 3 mag is very important when hunting for the 5m deer. 20 mag enough for 1000m. Does not appear to have the tunnel vision problem of the 5-25. Optically the Kahles might be slightly ahead but if then it is very little. The 3-20 is just much more useful than 6-24 when it comes to stalking. Target work the Kahles might be ahead.
  4. Tika T3 drawing

    ya chris, saw that but not of much help. We have that somewhere in the CAD design of our moulds. T3 is quite complicated compared to say remmy. Making a one off stock is no issue as one can fix little issues. Mick are you making a stock? Best would be to have the rifle first. edi
  5. Action bedding

    If one is designing rifles or parts thereof then one tries to concentrate on that. like it or like it not a rifle is one part of the success. Bedding is part of a rifle. If one is involved in shooting instructing... well then one is constantly trying to improve methods of instructing ... If one is the "user" and one want's to improve on level then one might need to look on all fronts. "Man and machine" Epoxy Bedding: only used because the strength, stiffness etc. is greater than air that it replaces. I refuse to replace a stronger material with epoxy bedding material. Softer weaker material yes. Bedding a pica rail to an action.... mill away half the action to replace with epoxy?? Pica bedding on alu/steel works perfect even with 0.1mm or less epoxy and there is a benefit.... huge benefit. I know bedding is an expensive task as we do several hundred bedding jobs a year. edi
  6. Action bedding

    My take is that bedding is part of building a rifle. What I find hard to believe is the amount of effort and money that many factory rifles companies invest in their manufacturing process but don't have five minutes to research rifle bedding, often using the cheapest worst epoxy for a halfass bedding job. I leaned about bedding in the heavy industry as an Engineer. The often quoted skim bedding is one technique that in many cases leads to a much better result than deep bedding. Deep bedding should be avoided if possible. It all depends on the material pairings. Epoxy bedding material often being the weakest link means the less the better... however with soft wood stock it is mostly essential to bed deep. One can do the maths on that. As Grum mentioned one of the worst mistakes is to remove the action before the epoxy has fully cured. Wrong release agent another issue. A lot of mistakes can be avoided if the inexperienced would do a few test beddings with scrap bits to prove that release agent works, mixing ratios are ok and hardening times are correct etc. edi
  7. New Tikka rimfire

    I will, a test rifle wouldn't be bad either...ha ha. I will hopefully see him at the IWA. Especially competition shooters from northern countries seem to like training with 22's in the same stock as their comp rifles. One of our customers has 6 identical stocks from air rifle right up to 300wm. I have a few CZ 22's lying around but dreaded the work of making a stock for one. This would be the job to test stocks in the garden or to practice trigger skills etc. Just plop a T1X into the tac rig. edi
  8. New Tikka rimfire

    Great, all aftermarket T3 stocks with standard floor plate will fit. I think that is a very smart move. I have met Miikka a few times and he seems to be strongly behind the idea to keep all parts interchangeable. See T3 vs T3x edi
  9. My Hausken mods fit right onto CTR's. I know the design is unusual but at the end of the day it might be stronger. The worst thing is overdoing an undercut. If you look at a M14x1 and 308 only has ~ 2.5mm wall section. Not huge. 5/8x24 is a bit better. edi
  10. New Kahles 318i

    http://www.kahles.at/en/news/single-news/news/detail/News/new-kahles-k318i/ 3-20 Would have been my dream but this is close enough. Before Christmas I was speaking to one of the Kahles guys about this scope and I criticized that the 624i does not have a turret lock. I find mine constantly adjusted when whacking off the Rucksack. Really looking forward to the IWA. This one looks fantastic. Had my 2011 624i in for a service and a reticle change from mil3 to MSR. Got it back on last Monday and new Spuhr mounts the same day. Scope back from a manufacturer is mostly better than a new one... I think anyway. I am thrilled with the MSR. edi
  11. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    Now that i am flying in parking is for free.... typical. Baldie, I wanted to talk to you and AI anyway. I get two for one... great. Years back we met at a ceramic show in Munich, a NZ supplier shipped 1 pallet of ceramic goods and one pallet of NZ wine/whiskey to the show. Wild times. We hope to take some BBQ Sika steaks, back straps & of course some single malt from the south coast to IWA on our stand this year. edi ps. Maybe Matt can hand out some UKV buttons at the entrance....
  12. British Shooting Show. Who's going?

    Great, looking forward to seeing you. Hope we can make it as we want to squeeze in a trip to the US and just waiting for the ATF to come back to us. Also hoping that P, S, & E can make it but the S bit might be flying us over as he thinks he is on duty. Anyway Peter and myself will try get their possibly Friday. edi ps. David, recon my wife hopes the machines are broken...
  13. I haven't been to an UK exhibition in years. The NEC is very convenient to travel to from Ireland and was wandering who from on here is planning to go. Any interesting stands that one must see? We are not sure if we can make it but have standby tickets for the flight and hope to make it. edi
  14. Spare moveable claw Badger rings

    Would anyone have a spare moveable claw for Badger ordnance 4 screw(not 6 screw version) mount ? Or two. They tend to bend if one over torques.... as I did. Bending back one snapped. edi
  15. rebarrel expectations

    The muzzle must have been out of centre (action centre line) by a few mm. Normally any 2nd year apprentice would have been able to cope with that step on the lathe. These type of gunsmiths give custom rifles a bad name, customers become reluctant to getting barrels fitted or even ordering a full blown custom rifle. I had a remmy sps re-barrelled with a border barrel which shot less than 4" from the previous original sps barrel. Either lucky or a smith who new what he was doing. In hindsight it easy to say but could you have not had Keppeler fit new barrels? They are customers of ours and still running strong. edi

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