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  1. Will has also been very helpful to us and over the years and had some input in our stock designs. Both Jason and Will are very pleasant to deal with. edi
  2. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    I know one of the Irish lads runs a standard T3 CTR 6.5CM 24" with a Hausken Mod and Sako TRG 136gr factory ammo. Only upgrade was a custom stock. Only had the rifle for a week prior to the Norma Orion shoot but did ok. I was with him when he zeroed the rifle and it seemed to group very well. Not sure if he tried any other ammo. edi
  3. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    I think what is missing in these competitions is the list of gear used. Who will sponsor a shooter if no gear is mentioned anywhere? Would be so simple to fill out the entry forms with the info. Who will read about a comp if one only reads names and points? Years back still being at uni I went begging around for sponsored gear before going to a world championship, it was always the same question... how many TV minutes? How many articles in magazines etc. edi
  4. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    That's the thing, quite a lot of us would be out. With light gear chances are better to reach the destination at least. Just goes to show there is a big variety in comps on offer, all under PRS/PRL name. The gear will need to adapt. At least have a few rifles/bipods/rests to choose for the type of comp. edi
  5. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Recon all will need to adapt from competition to competition. For example PRL (Viking Series) in Denmark you have 27km to walk/run with all your gear between stages. Some (me for example) might not arrive at all.... Another thing is all the attachments that are being invented, constantly something new to fit or adapt. Over time I think we will see lighter weight base gear being the majority. The super fit SF guys will of course always have an advantage.... but they also get older. edi
  6. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    That is right, but there is more to it than weight alone. edi
  7. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    The development of these rifles is a very interesting. For the heck of it I put together two rifles with different spec that I could use next year if I find the time to go. The builds took too long to get finished for this year. PRS is starting to be very popular in Ireland and we also have the Guardian LR competition coming up this month at our Midlands range. The good thing about the lighter end of PRS rifles is that they can double as hunting rifles. Yesterday I just received the NZ Terminator brakes that will go the rifles. S&B gave us a loan of a 3-27 PMII with Tremor3 reticle and a 5-25 PMII with the new Grid2 reticle. Rifle only weighing at 4.1 kg 6.5 CM with 24" Hawk Hill barrel on a T3 action. or the lighter weight 6.5 CM with 20" Hardy Carbon barrel on Remmy action. (suits me better as I am horribly overweight and not fit) At only 3kg rifle weight and 20" it can be an all-round rifle. The barrel seemed quite fast with 136 gr Sako TRG ammo doing 2730fps av. edi
  8. ejg223

    2019 European FTR champion.

    Fantastic, well done Dan. edi
  9. OK, we'll cross that bridge. Fitted one before I am sure. edi
  10. I understand the Irish importer. So difficult getting anything into Ireland... never mind trying to get it out again. Maybe you should put pressure on your importer or go direct to Hausken… saying the importer is.... an importer that doesn't import is....? edi
  11. I think I have the 20" version of that barrel. She has 24mm at the muzzle if I remember right. We had talked about this before... there is a Hausken JD224 with extra big hole in the back. I am using one on my rifle. edi
  12. Was a pleasure, I see Andy did his part very well. She is shooting great. enjoy, it is a lovely setup. edi
  13. Very nice Andy, well done. we were lucky with the barrel channel.... Yes I must start on a mould for the E-Lite Rem 700 converting stocks is a pain. edi
  14. ejg223

    REM 700 blueprint

    Recently had a blue printed remmy action with a custom barrel from a local rifle builder in the workshop. We could not make up our minds how to bed the rifle in our stock... barrel was 9mm off to one side and pointed 2-3mm upwards. Didn't shoot either. Charged a good sum for blue printing... some people should not be allowed to go near rifles... edi

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