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  1. ejg223

    Badger M5 DBM

    Thanks Ronin that would be a start. edi
  2. ejg223

    F Class Tikka

    and if one would analyse exactly one would possibly come to the conclusion that the T3 action is stiffest of the lot. Just put all Sako and older Tikka actions next to each other VS the T3 T3X. Has a slicker bolt than the lot too. T3 Clone actions soon to be had. I was shown prototypes 3/4 year ago. edi
  3. ejg223

    Badger M5 DBM

    Ronin, that would be better than nothing. Did you ever get an E-Tac4 RSA from us? I was wondering if it would fit. The Atlasworx might be a clone of it. Or is it far off Atlasworx Rem SA AICS. edi
  4. ejg223

    Badger M5 DBM

    Anyone have an original Badger Ordnance M5 DBM that they could part with? edi
  5. ejg223

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Isn't Skan Data same as CIP, 3800 bar? vs 4350 bar for the 6.5 Creedmoor possibly making the CM better for short barrels? Does not some of the legacy come in form of much cheaper 6.5x55 factory ammo in the northern countries, at least that was I was told by some of our customers. edi
  6. ejg223

    Getting scope level

    Just you wouldn't need any of that with a Spuhr mount. My guess. Green spirit level shows the rifle is plumb, scope presumably not tight in the mounts yet. Scope crosshair straightened to the window frame in the background then front spirit level tightened plumb or checked with the edge on window frame. After that front spirit level should stay plumb when the scope get's tightened down in the mounts.? edi
  7. ejg223

    RPA rifles

    John, what process do you use on the barrels? edi
  8. Get Spuhr one piece mounts, less strain on the scope and one knows it's not the mount if zero is off. edi
  9. Germans have to travel to Poland or Denmark to get to a match as they have no own range in that is suitable. We only have one range in Ireland suitable for PRS as far as I know. We must make do with what we have. edi
  10. Since using Spuhr mounts scopes are zeroed much closer to mechanical zero as before. Two weeks ago I went hunting with Hakan Spuhr, he told me they did tests with scope mounts holding zero in picatinny rails. When mounts of any brand fitted dry to rails the zero holding was not good after an impact. Greatly reduced issues when they mounted well oiled. Makes sense. edi
  11. ejg223

    1/4”x28 stock screws

    I bought some with deep allen head from our normal engineer supply store. They were in stock. You should be able to get these screws in the UK. edi
  12. First pic, closer shooter is Hakan Spuhr Sweden, behind taking a picture is Britainy McMillan next to her Gary Larson. Gearing up Pia Nordquist Sweden Pia and US partner swopped rifles Hay bale stage... Gary Larson at the left Think this pic was the cold bore shot. case catcher.... edi
  13. ejg223

    Barrel manufacturers

    Had/have Bartlein, Lilja, Lothar Walther, Bergara, Hardy, Border and now a Hawk Hill. Honestly did not notice much difference between Lilja, Bartlein and Hawk Hill. They are just fantastic, so easy to get to shoot and seem in a different league to the rest. (At least of what I had.) edi

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