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  1. The newer stock designs we made have the sides lower so that the ejection port can be wherever they want to be... and however long. Every rem clone seems to be just not exactly a clone. edi
  2. Very Nice Andy as usual. Love your little touch with the carbon strip on the cut-out. I think I have the sister barrel. Let me know how it shoots or what it likes. What does the stock weigh? I was hoping to shave a few hundred grams off on my build. edi
  3. ejg223

    Christensen MPR

    Hope to have two 6.5Creed rifles ready by mid summer, one with a 20" Hardy the other with a 24" Hawk Hill Marksman also 1/8. My bet is on the Hawk Hill but we'll see. Big weight difference, the hardy barrel in raw only weighs in at 1.2kg. Will be a tactical rifle with similar weight of a T3 Lite. edi
  4. ejg223

    Christensen MPR

    One of the lads here came in midfield result in a National F Class shoot with his Hardy carbon barrelled hunting rifle in 7RM. My first carbon barrel also a Hardy will be fitted next week. We will see. I still think it adds another bit to the puzzle and for comps my take is the standard steel barrel would be safer. Is there a link to Josh's website or price list? Recently a guy I know well from Luxembourg received his Christensen rifle. He is a bit disappointed in the performance, said it might go again. edi
  5. ejg223

    Scope Rail Bedding Material Options

    I have seen tears in the eyes of those that used mould release agent that was made for plastic injection moulding. Mould release agent for hot thermo plastic it is not made for composites . I don't know which type you have but if it is the injection moulding type you should be careful. Clear Kiwi shoe wax applied twice normally works well. We never... ever tape off parts for bedding as epoxy can creep under the tape unseen. We use an epoxy with long pot life and wipe off excess resin. WD40 on a rag or cotton bud for final removing of traces before curing that is. edi
  6. ejg223


    Buy from Grovtec directly. Only issues we had with these studs is that they are not timed. The position of the balls in relation to the angle of the cross pin is all over the place making them useless for our limited rotation flush cups. edi
  7. ejg223

    King of 2 Miles in France

    Thanks Lukas, would have loved to be there. I met some of the guys at IWA before the match. Mattia had a rifle, possibly the one he used on display at the BCM stand. I found this write up, is that the one you meant Gun Pimp? https://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2019/04/elr-euro-style-king-of-2-miles-in-france-2019/ edi
  8. ejg223

    King of 2 Miles in France

    Well done Lukas, any result lists available? edi
  9. ejg223

    Stock stiffening

    Often the most flex is just between front webbed area and the bed block meaning even if one makes the forend stiffer it does not really help that much. A wooden stock is a bit easier as they glue a bit better and one can mill out some of the bedding and replace with a reinforced bedding that is part of the forend strengthening. Structural fibres running from under the bedding to the front. Very tedious work and will hardly be perfect. Better would be to invest in a composite stock that has that all in already. ICS internal carbon structure. edi
  10. ejg223

    Bolt lube

    Anyway... another reason never ever to buy a second hand rifle. edi
  11. ejg223

    Bolt lube

    Dry metal running on metal is no good. Just drop the oil out of your sump and see how far you get. This is very very basic mechanics... I don't think one needs any Physics degree..... and if how come one get's it so wrong? If you have 60000 psi in the chamber, how much PSI do the lugs take up? You just can't tell can you, because one just does not know how the lugs engage on every action. Do you know the friction on the brass case in the chamber? Some parts of a hardened lug even get flattened with the pressure. Oil/Grease works as a release agent as well as lube once the lug moves. edi
  12. ejg223

    Bolt lube

  13. ejg223

    Tikka CTR - Super Varmint

    Get a 20" 308 stainless CTR for hunting and boar. Another Varmint or CTR in 24" 6.5CM for target and long range varmint... later get a T1X 22lr trainer rifle . Get one good aftermarket stock and share the stock between the three rifles. I don't even need to re-zero when I swop stocks around. edi
  14. ejg223

    6.5 Creedmore Short Ranges

    Thanks. Sounds good.
  15. ejg223

    6.5 Creedmore Short Ranges

    Anyone have some feedback on the 123gr Nosler custom comp bullets? edi

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