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  1. Ronin

    Viking Rifle Series

    I’d love to have a go at this as would a few others on here The MSRC (Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge) also appeals
  2. Article from Rifleshooter magazine of one of the Norwegian comps the author of the piece visited Makes interesting reading https://www.rifleshootermagazine.co.uk/features/the-viking-rifle-series-is-a-brutal-shooting-challenge-set-in-norway-1-6164829
  3. Ronin

    Schultz & Larsen

    Thanks for the input Tel Had hoped some with user experience may provide an informed update I think Davy has some experience of S&L too The gist of the rifle is three lug action (one length- long) with magazine es which are controlled length by inserts (like Tikka T3) Triggers are two stage Barrels interchangeable with any other S&L and cut rifled Stock on the tactical is PSE E Tac so top if the range Actions are one piece steel with integral picatinny and flat base I’m interested as I believe there is merit in long action rifle for PRS comps using long action and heavy for calibre bullet and am pondering a suitable platform to go to I’m also considering other two lug actions with interchangeable bolt head but would rather have informed choice before I commit Obviousky accuracy is a factor for a “factory gun” not so with something I build as I know it will be as good as I am able
  4. Sorry the complete Rem sold as a donor a while ago I have a Sako 591 varmint in 308 that is suitable for Rebarrel ?
  5. Ronin

    Schultz & Larsen

    Just resurrecting the thread - I wondered if anyone had a SL Tactical or had shot one - thoughts and accuracy findings would be of interest - especially on the newer model with PSE ETac stock
  6. Ronin

    Karl Kaps Scopes Suck

    Appalling Are they designed for the air soft market
  7. Ronin

    Big problem with new rifle

    Clean the chamber and barrel - there may be some debris in the chamber causing the ammunition not to chamber properly If the chamber is clean and free of debris ,,,,,,,and the ammunition still will not chamber without a fight Take the rifle back to where you bought it and ask them to check headspace with go / no go gauges to start with Is there any marking on the shoulder of the cases you have tried to close the bolt on Have you tried any other factory ammunition in it other than what you have in the inages Any 308 proofed with SaAMI / CIP gauges should accept any factory produced ammunition that comply with SaAMI /CIP
  8. Ronin

    What 7mm?

    Apologies I stand corrected - I was under the impression that T3 wouldn’t accept long AICS mag
  9. Ronin

    What 7mm?

    No your stuck with short action and aics I’m afraid the t3 port isn’t long enough (underneath) to accommodate the long aics mag without some considerable modification that make the action long only It’s a pity that no one makes a chassis to take long action TIkka mags for the T3
  10. Ronin

    What 7mm?

    You can Rebarrel t3 for long or short action just change the bolt stop and magazine to suit 284 Winchester is excellent cartridge and improved even better
  11. The other consideration for you if you go with the AI AXMC route is, as the rifle is a long action you could choose a long action cartridge that’s better placed to handle heavy bullets (for instance creedmoor is ok but limited by action length and powder space) There are better cartridges suited to long action application for long action which would excel in a long action platform I’d also specify a small diameter firing pin with any AI if you propose to run high pressure cases with small rifle primed brass Im not sure if this option is available for that model rifle
  12. A bargain Robert regardless of the round count the action and stock / bedding Grant has done are worth the asking price Good luck with the sale
  13. Ronin

    Short Action Defiance.

    Think Dave Wylde or Paddy Dane will have these in stock new and you won’t pay much less for second hand - quality actions rarely wear out and hold value well
  14. Ronin

    New Project

    44.5 g Varget or N140 under 155 g scenar works in many 308’s I know of and have shot it’s one of the “go to” loads for that cartridge
  15. Ronin

    6.5 questions

    Similar to 3500 from the 6.5/284 and 95 g GS Custom LTS hold sub half Moa and are effective on Disney’s favourite quadruped

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