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  1. Wanted 6.5x55 rifle

    Plenty of choice out there and im sure any of the riflesmiths on here would build you one if you asked.
  2. Wanted 6.5x55 rifle

    Can build you one if you like..
  3. I have a 300 NM reamer, planning to put a F class profile barrel on the Surgeon XL for F class as an experiment I already have the XL in 338 form so it’s only really a Rebarrel and die machining job for me I don’t expect to be competitive with it (being as the rifle is a repeater and i'll be using a bipod) but as I haven’t a magnum bolt for the Rimrock (or another action) it’s the cost effective method to try a 30 cal in f open
  4. Sent to me for refurbishment, a rather tired TRG 22 in 308, which a previous owner had "well used" On stripping the gun to componant parts, it was obvious the rifle needed some TLC. The chassis anodising was worn and corrosion had started where steel screws touched alloy, there was a considerable amount of detritus in the trigger unit, which wouldn't have ended well (if anyone knows TRG's, they dont like dirty triggers.....) The rifle has now been rebarrelled in 6.5 x 47 Lapua using a Med Palma profile Lothar Walther 8 twist barrel, threaded M18x1mm with protective cap. Barrelled action and rail ceracoated Coyote Tan, bolt handle, bolt shroud and chassis coated in satin black. I believe the new owner has a S&B scope in tan to complement the barrelled action colour. The stock body and forend have been cleaned and the trigger unit stripped and cleaned out (you'd be amazed how much crud came out....) Anyway, a few images, its been too dark, misty and drizzly "ooop norf" to take decent pictures outside..
  5. Borden Timberline, combined long range target and deer managment rifle for a discerning customer. Basic spec: Borden Timberline magnum action Sassen 9 twist, Med Palma stainless Barrel, threaded to M18x1mm with protective cap Triggertech trigger ajusted to 1lb Atlasworx bottom metal with guard release mech Accurate Mag 5 round mag PSE Composite E-Tac 3, with flush cups, picatinny rail and painted coyote tan, with black speckles Borden stainless picatinny bases Action, bases, bolt shround and handle coated in satin black Cerakote Action bedded in the stock Very functional rifle system, which will achieve the high level of accuracy expected by the end user.
  6. Semi Custom Weatherby Vanguard Border Archer 8.5 twist heavy sporter barrel, threaded M18 x 1mm with protective cap. Chambered 6.5 x 47 Lapua (standard neck) Two stage Weatherby trigger (which is lovely and crisp) Atlasworx bottom metal and Aics 5 round mag PSE hunter stock, ceracoated tan with dark speckles Barrelled action is ceracoated satin black and has been devcon bedded to the stock. This semi custom is a brand new build by me. Images to follow, once the actions back from coating. £1700 ono
  7. TRG22 or AI AT ?

    Ive owned several AI rifles, rebarrelled several and used them in tactical competitions and as long term high use stalking rifles. Ive also rebarrelled two Sako TRG's for customers. The AI is far superior in terms of durability and strength. Accuracy - I nvere noticed the difference. As Chris has said, the AI double stack mags just plain work - the Sako mags are flimsy in comparison. Triggers,,,,,,dont get the TRG dirty, do what you like with the AI, it drops out, washes out and when put back carries on as new. Ive seen electrolytic wear on TRG chassis where the action, recoil lug and through bolts are in contact. AI, this doesnt occur. You can rebarrel any AI as easily as the TRG - no you do NOT need to un bond the action (if you know what your doing with headspace guage and a measuring tool) Stock sides wear on AI's (they are cheap to replace) Stocks wear on TRG's......they are not cheap to replace. Id have another AI if given the choice bettween AI or Sako TRG
  8. Thought id do a test group (witnessed) before I attempted any modification of the bolt shroud. This is a rifle ive used for deer management for the last 13 years (or longer) and on its 3rd barrel in 6.5 x 284 form.... and is a accurised Rem 700, with US made barrel, PTG bolt handle, PTG shroud and modified Tubb spring, trigger is a shilen unit that has fired 000's of rounds, all set in a PSE stock. The bolt handle by the way does not jump on the firing cycle - as per the Wheeler / Borden video All modifications and barrels were done by me, in house. This barrels had 600 rounds through it on the day of the test: test conducted at 130 mtrs in still wind using bipod and rear bag The group (5 rounds) measured .246", a second witnessed group (5 rounds) measured .250" I dont think i'll bother modifying the bolt shroud any further.
  9. Ronin, hello.  I've read your post about importing GSC bullets from Holland and wondered what the cost for the Import Licence and Shipping were for you. 
    Was there a break even point for numbers imported?
    I'm looking at the .308 range of HV

  10. Winchester 1873?

    Ive been asked by a customer to try and locate a deactivated or obsolete calibre Winchester Lever action 1873? (original not replica) Does anyone know where one might source such an item please.
  11. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    As expected, the rifle shoots very well. The "go to" start load is just that - a known baseline accuracy load (just like 444.5g Vit 140 under a 155 g Scenar in 308) It may not attain "best" accuracy, but its damn close in many rifles. Matts rifle is shooting .3 MOA or thereabouts, id say its a pretty good a representative example of what this load shoots in many 6.5x47's ive built (and there have been many)
  12. SAAMI Spec for 6.5x47 Lapua

    There were some documents on the web relating to SAAMI and CIP spec of all chambers. A little research may locate them if you try. You could also contact Pacific Tool and Guage and ask for reamer prints of the chamber you want, they usually oblige within a few hours.
  13. Stainless tumbling

    I do wear some very fetching gloves when handling the chemicals......

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