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  1. If the McMillan stock hasn’t been pillar bedded then you will be crushing the fill - hence the action screw protruding into the bolt sear guide if it has been pillar bedded then it’s been done incorrectly and needs to be altered or the screw cut down to allow unobstructed bolt cycling From reading your post it would appear to be the former and the fix would be to get the stock pillar bedded Onr that’s done 45 -55 inch pounds would be correct torque
  2. Ronin

    CZ 550 Peep Sight

    Have you tried contacting CZ - sure they would supply one to you
  3. Ronin

    Stock stiffening

    If the stock has internal lateral webs it may be possible to insert alloy or carbon rods to help stiffen The nylon stocks don’t have very good adhesive properties so it may be a fools errand to try when a replacement stock may be the better long term option
  4. Ronin

    Bolt lube

    Closing the thread Think we have heard enough and have established the OP's initial question
  5. Looks like a 591 in varmint stock Nice
  6. Price reduction Absolutely superb high quality scope for the money only reason for sale is changing all to Mil / Mil
  7. Ronin

    WANTED: Seb Neo rest

    There’s a Farley for sale on here in The for sale section
  8. Are there any apps that account for lat / long and course of fire bearing? I'm not aware of any that I’ve used over the years having this as a data input from the user it may be that it’s automatically accounts for lat / long but one should be able to input the bearing / path / direction of fire to allow the logarithms to give a true solution Or am I wrong in that line if thinking (Matt asking you as your probably the most experience ballistician here )
  9. Post 26 is where Frank adds his view http://forum.snipershide.com/threads/coriolis-effect.155178/ I see no advantage in not accounting for it with ballistic software at extended ranges
  10. Re-advertised due to a time waster (not on this site) Surgeon XL, 338 Lap Magnum Built by me Spec is as follows: Surgeon XL repeater action (integral recoil lug, integral picatinny rail and extended oversize tenon for added stiffness) Surgeon bottom metal AICS 5 round (non CIP) magazine Pac Nor 9 twist fluted barrel finished at 28 inches and threaded M18x1mm with Ebi Arms brake Macmillan A5 marble finish stock, with anchutz bottom rail and pod stud CG Jackson two stage trigger Barrelled action is ceracoated satin black Action is Devcon and pillar bedded in the stock (by me) Rifle has had approx 350 rounds through it and is accurate with 250 and 300 grain bullets. £2400 ono plus RFD transfer cost within UK (you return the case its shipped in) Scope and bipod are not included in sale (scope is advertised on this site and for sale separately)
  11. Ronin

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    The owners of a piece of land I manage use a DJI Phantom to assess deer damage on a SSSI where access is tricky. Really useful piece of kit Had I the funds free would buy similar for the same job on other ground I manage Believe one can buy thermal camera now which makes assessment on open areas a whole lot easier

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