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  1. Ronin

    Tikka tourque setting

    Torque setting for the stock will be within the paperwork / instructions in the box id follow these
  2. Some one called Ant supplies them on eBay, ive used their alloy rail in the past with no issues in quality or longevity for picatinny mounted items (including bipod on heavier recoiling rifles)
  3. Ronin

    Cz replacement stock

    Manners also do a composite stock for the 452, but it couldnt be described as cheap when compared to the base price of a new 452 it would be the same again and 25% Though would make a really nice trainer
  4. Ronin

    T3 aftermarket bolt handle

    £40 posted
  5. Ronin

    T3 aftermarket bolt handle

    I have new atlas works knurled bolt handles in stock if that suits you ?
  6. Ronin

    Barnard SM

    Mik at Dolphin supplies brand new Barnard actions - suggest you speak with him.
  7. 50% of new price with minor ajustment for any marks or scratches. Suggest 250 as starter
  8. I’ve Rebarrelled several howa 1500’s All have shot really well, though the trigger in standard for leaves a bit to be desired. The Howa action is ok, but not as slick as the equivalent TIkka (595/695/T3) etc Persoanly If budget was limited I’d stick with Tikka
  9. Ronin

    D-Day recollections

    The post is worthy of anyone’s attention span Incredible sacrifices made to defeat tyranny and fanaticism a shame the world hasn’t learned from these harsh lessons.
  10. Ronin

    Tikka and KRG X-Ray chassis

    Suggestion Drill suitable sized hole at bore height in recoil pad and adjustment fixture to allow a rod and jag to pass through without needing the pad to be removed.
  11. Ronin

    bes thermal handheld spotter

    Super Thanks for the informed response makes it a much easier choice 😊
  12. Ronin

    bes thermal handheld spotter

    Is the Ward WT 37 comparable to the Pulsar XQ38f or vice versa in terms of reliability / spec and quality ?
  13. Ronin

    .308Win bullet/load for 1200 yards

    Who is importing the Warners - 6.5mm.........?
  14. Ronin

    Schmidt LRR reticule

    This ret was on the 5-45 on display at the Shooting Show recently I liked the ret but couldn’t give feedback other than five minutes looking through it in less than ideal conditions - no real opportunity to look at targets outside (couldn’t walk off the stand with it) Ret is busy but easy to read It is finer than the FMA ret of my March 5-45 I think in real work use the Schmidt is better though can’t quantify that other than prefering the LRR to the March Not really a users objective opinion but it may help
  15. Ronin

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    Well done Sean ! Certainly a very enjoyable if not hot day, good to see many people off the site attending the shoot. looking forwards to attending The Fly

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