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  1. Ronin

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    Lee, I replied on my phone and didnt see the drop down menu for thread size - the second one down 1 1/16th x 18TPi is the same size as 1.062" x 18 tpi (your BAT Tenon thread) Apologies
  2. Ronin

    Multi calibre BARLOC

    From what I can see the Barloc in the image is a savage small diameter thread (1.062” x 20 tpi) your BAT thread is 1.062” x 18 TPI therefore not compatible ARC may make a compatible barloc for that thread I’d either email Ted direct or ask Paddy who imports their excellent products you could walkway mill a hex into the barrel end so a wrench can be fitted ,,,,,,,
  3. Images uploaded, thank you for the messages guys.
  4. Tough decision but I’ve decided to move away from F Class This rifle was built by me for Open class using quality components capable of competing at top level Spec Borden BRMXD Action (right bolt right port non eject) polished action, 20 MOA rail GB barrels cut rifled 8 twist barrel in F Class profile threaded for barrel tuner Spare Bartlein 8 twist F Class profile barrel threaded for barrel tuner Both barrels chambered in 284 Shehane .312” neck throated for 180 g bullets Custom made barrrel tuner which fits both barrels Stock is Greg West (Virginia USA) F Class in Cherry wood laminate fitted with Dolphin Rifles butt pad system (multi position for length, cant etc) The stock was made for me by Greg fifteen years ago before he retired and is a superb piece of wood - originally inletted for Barnard P action which is same diameter as the BRMXD Trigger - Flávio Flare bench rest single stage - no safety Barrelled action is pillar and devcon bedded into the stock and fitted with BAT machine stainless trigger guard and stainless BAT machine action screws in estucheon The rifle has had 230 rounds though it plus proof The Bartlein barrel requires proof before sale - which I will arrange at my cost included in the sale is all the brass I have (circa 200 pieces of Lapua) and custom made set of dies (Wilson style seater for armour press and Newlon Body and Neck sizing dies) Price - £3000 ono (which is an absolute bargain for the quality of rifle and kit included, so please no low “offers”) Once the rifle is sold I will also be selling an original SEB rest and rear bags if anyone is interested they will only be parted with after the rifle is sold The scope, rings, magneto speed chronograph are not included in the sale The Seb rest is the one pictured in the image (but will not be offered for sale before the rifle goes unless sold as a complete package and will discuss package with purchaser) Images:
  5. Every Credit - amazing bravery
  6. Happy to test it in field conditions (all weather use)
  7. Ronin

    XLR Chassis, Rem SA clone ............

    Vertibrae are the European importers
  8. BulletFlight and I Snipe very similar solitions ive never had problems with BF but had some unexplainable misses beyond 1k with a rifle that I know will hold Fig 11 to 1600 mtrs It may have been user error (me) as I was juggling multi questions from guys beside me on the day I was shooting I read that the Patagonia programme is excellent for ELR and having had odd results from current system wondered about this as an alternative Only side by side comparisons I have were with BF / Lapua program and I snipe all have similar solutions to the three of us who were running 6.5 Lapua and 123 scenars on the day Most missed I think were environmental pickups / drop offs rather than failures in system or data entry Havent properly tested BF much beyond 1200
  9. Whixh is a pity as a hard copy non electronic solution was fabulous to work with and just plain worked Used the Jedi system for first round v bull (witnessed) at 1100 yds one year (when he allowed mere mortals to have them )
  10. Ok thank you I had some strange solutions on my own well used app (Bulketflight) last time I was shooting beyond 1000 with the 338 and wondered about changing to handheld Pda / coldbore And have dedicated device rather than a do all master of none I phone I used to run exbal on a Pda years ago - May still have the Pda somewhere 😂
  11. Just resurecting this thread. Is anyone out there using Coldbore (Patagonia) and Handheld (Rugged) PDA If so what PDA How is the system stacking up against similar "named well advertised " software solutions
  12. Ronin

    Bedding a Sako 75 + Barnard S

    Ive done a few 75's, you need to machine the front pillar to accomodate the recoil lug area properly and make sure everything is polished well with release agent. The Barnard S - if your fitting pillars (I would) id remove all the old bedding and start again.
  13. Ronin

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Interesting to hear of AICS mag failure - maybe that’s a bit harsh - self stripping more apt perhaps I expected to hear of dirt : mud: sand ingress causing issues with tight chambers / bolts on custom guns A couple of guys at The Eskdalemuir shoot had issues with custom guns I believe there have been TRG failures at Roundhouse too ? Think everyone may struggle with barricade positional shooting under stress Agreed you and spotter or team mate need to work Mil Mil or Moa Moa No sense doing any other way
  14. Ronin

    Winter 2018 Roundhouse Rifle Challenge

    Be interested to know if anyone suffered kit failiures during this practice session . Rifle break downs - what make / how Trigger failures - what happened Scope / mount issues Other ancillary kit failiure - what and how did it fail Interested to what works and more importantly what doesn’t

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