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  1. Ronin

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    Easily tamed with a brake However that wasn’t the question - 45/70 isn’t so bad to shoot with lighter loads and would be deer legal with a short barrel Always trade offs with any specialist oddball
  2. Ronin

    Quad bike wanted

    Tried the local caravan nomadic person site ,,,? serious answer I get mine serviced at Taylor’s near Bentham they usually have plenty of second hand choices for reasonable cost
  3. Ronin

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    12” is min league length and weapon must me longer than 24” Cant imagine a 30/30 will come close at that spec 45/70 on the other hand ,,,
  4. Ronin

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Contact PTG and ask them for a re size reamer print for that cartridge
  5. The info pie charts from Skandi was really to show people what the competitors in other countries are doing / using Theres a heap of info out there from the US competitions about “what the chimps use “ sorry meant to type champ The competitions and following over there (Skandi) is a good deal larger and “further along the development line” than we are here. Custom actions and aftermarket parts are not in ready supply so no doubt factory rifles from Rem, Tikka , Sauer are being used in prevalence over exotics Having watched the Viking Series / MSRC videos and images they use a mix of sporting rifles, semi customised (additional chassis) and “tactical rifles” (Sako TRG and some AI ) It doesn’t matter what you have, it’s the skill of the user , with the caveat, it helps if the rifle used is fit for purpose for the type if competition entered
  6. They seem to - it works I wonder what the teams will be using next year
  7. Taken from the Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge web page What the “Vikings” used this year ; Action make Scope make Cartridge No specifics on scope specification but there’s an underlying trend clear to see Quite possibly due to what actions are available over there and what cartridge is used most for target / hunting Food for thought though
  8. Ronin

    Reamer-to-die dimensional differences

    Ask you reamer supplier to send you a Resize reamer All dimensions should be adjusted appropriately to make a F /L sizing die / seater
  9. Ronin


    Bang on the money there Dave 👍🏻
  10. Ronin


    Measure the diameter of the firing pin first if large diameter is approach with caution Some bolts / fire control are ok some are not and it seems a lottery wether one over the other works or not This applies to all small Rp brass / bolt heads with large fp
  11. Ronin

    wooden stock inletting

    Far easier on milling machine with appropriate length bed and sharp cutter - providing the stock is set up correctly Joe West, Parmoor stocks may help you if you ask if there is a lot of material to remove then using barrel diameter rods and sanding paper is time consuming and with laminate good exercise you could set up a jig over the stock held in a frame and a router - but easily done wrong
  12. Ronin

    Value for Money PRS setup

    In the process of making something special that will do all id wish (hopefully) and something not seen in the UK often - more of that at a later date. At the moment I have a very functional PGWDTI Coyote action / bottom metal and mag, mated to Bartlein 8 twist, sat in PSE-ETac 4 with Khales K525i and MSR2 ret., Perfectly good for shooting from any position, but hampered, like many, to short action mag length. (in my case 2.900") Had I built the rifle for a customer, there would be a 4k price tag on it, the scope being another 50% Very functional and extremely accurate "system" that I use in the "field" on a weekly basis Were I to buy off the peg, I think I’d start with a Tikka with sporter stock and go from there Glass would be second hand Kahles or Schmidt
  13. Absolute bargain the stock and action are worth more than your asking There was a guy asking for an FtR rifle a few days ago - this could easily be tebarrelled to 308 and be competitive Or just use it as intended for Benchrest (or Open F Class ) Good luck
  14. Ronin

    Tikka T3 trigger

    Timney two stage Fitted one to a T3 F class rifle I built for a customer a few weeks ago Really nice unit for the T3
  15. Tells thee reader nothing about what was asked in the post starter The attachment is reference material on policy and procedure signed off on how to carry out accuracy tests and inspection for the 300 win mag at 300 and 600 yds interesting concept on “accuracy” would have hoped the standard to be 50% higher really

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