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  1. Ronin

    Canada Contact

    Thanks very much Peter ive already had an offer of help by private message if that doesn’t prove good I’ll speak to Richard Cheers
  2. Ronin

    Canada Contact

    Does anyone have any connection residing in Canada (Winnipeg Mainitoba specifically) Im looking for specific part for a rifle im building and attempts to make contact with the manufacturer so have proved unsuccessful.
  3. Ronin

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    I hear good things about Ward hand held devices, better than Flir / Pulsar offerings?
  4. Ronin

    Diggle Egg Shoot

    With the exception of the Fly shoot, this is THE comp of the year for anyone with an interest in accuracy. Always a pleasure to participate. See you there!
  5. After a thorough clean the rifle was sent to its new owner who has sent these groups - all shot with factory ammo at 100 mtrs Target patches are one inch diameter Think it’s a sub half minute gun .......with factory 😄
  6. Ronin

    Depth of bullet inside the case

    I had a reamer made on a 7mmWSM to load 160 a 180 grain bullets and feed from short action AICS mags The rifle was a wsm bolt face but short action Surgeon Bullets seated beneath the neck shoulder junction - it was a very accurate gun from all accounts of feedback from the customer
  7. Ronin

    65x47 cases

    Ok standard chamber, no turn neck. Headspaced at go guage plus .002” Run out on chamber .0003” (three tenthousandth of an inch ) Barrel is Lothar Walther
  8. Ronin

    65x47 cases

    Is it a sako 75, Sako 591 or Stiller Predator
  9. Ronin

    65x47 cases

    Is the brass hard to extract If so possible expansion at base if case = body die If cannot close bolt - mechanical obstruction in chamber or bolt (if bolt closes on empty chamber scrum this possibility) Brass too long Brass not sized sufficiently Either of these will cause bolt not to close
  10. Ronin

    65x47 cases

    Ok im sure the commissioning owner didn’t specify a tight neck (I can check my records but it may take a while as I’ve built a load of rifles since 2012) When the owner took possession of it I was sent many images of success”s achieved for the ridle primary purpose and numerous targets which displayed single hole accuracy so I’m pretty certain the issue is not with the rifle. id suggest either buying new brass (the old brass if it’s the same will be now 6yrs old and possibly fired many times) or stripping out the firing pin and spring then slowly adjusting the full length sizing due until you can close the bolt with a little finger (no pressure) Id also check the brass has not gained length and preventing bolt closure due to needing trimming - perhaps check this first and trim all or some cases to saami or cip length. If you were closer to me I’d offer to help with setting up the dues or even assisting with reloading as I think this may be the issue. Hope this helps
  11. Ronin

    65x47 cases

    I believe the rifle was built to min spec (in April 2012) suggest you may need to adjust the die to bump the shoulder so the bolt closes with ease (with firing pin removed) If there are signs on the brass that the base of the case is oversize (witness marks) you might need a small base die. I can’t recall without looking in records if the chamber is a tight neck - though I doubt as I built several for the then owner all no turn spec (I think) - if the brass came with the rifle, measure the neck wall thickness (circa .012” will be tight neck)
  12. Ronin

    Surgeon XL action

    I have a 338 XL that id consider selling at the right price for the complete rifle Its a low serial number action by the way one of the first XL’s they made. Though you’d probably be better with an action if you’re planning a build
  13. Ronin

    US ITAR Regulations to be Relaxed

    That will be good though not so great for people who have currently paid for export licences.
  14. With scope and moderator, it felt around 9 -10 lbs - though I didnt weigh it, so this is a guess.
  15. I’ve used PBS to send customers rifles to Europe, I’ve also travelled with them (rifle) where courier could not be arranged (at clients cost)

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