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  1. Bought my last from here http://bagnallandkirkwood.co.uk/product/grovtec-tactical-heavy-duty-push-button-rifle-sling-swivels needed at short notice for customer
  2. They are available in the uk if you look but usually have to buy the female socket too Ive personally found the 90degree swivel to be better than the 360 Viking supposed to be the uk importers but don’t carry them when one enquires ,,
  3. Grovtech Magpul Uncle Mikes all make quality male fittings that fit my own SsG
  4. Sent you a pm if you let let me know transfer details and answer to packaging Q I’ll sort transfer
  5. I’ll take this Where in the country are you
  6. Ronin

    Best AI magazine (long action)?

    If the feed lips (the rear longer ones ) were adjusted properly the loaded cartridge would be presented at a slight upwards angle negating the “grab” as the case shoulders touch the forward lip which is there to “push up” the case into the chamber mouth simple fix with proper wide mouth panel beating tonges Second - bottom metal - not sure what type you have not some are “better quality” than others Badger bottom metal and Tier One are a decent slip fit without much wobble Tape is a good idea to prevent the rattle and as Dave says you have the correct length mag as it would be retained by the catch of it wasn’t (it would t fit ) if too long for B/M
  7. Ronin


    We should all have one David 😂 How I miss shooting pistols even now,,
  8. Ronin

    .295" / .294" Bushing

    Replied many thanks
  9. Ronin

    Rem 700 Tikka T3 receiver plug screws wanted

    They are usually plastic inserts if you feel it necessary to, use a small dab of non white silicone in each hole to cover up
  10. Ronin

    .295" / .294" Bushing

    Have a 290 TN if you wanted to swap your 295 ?
  11. To add to this on two counts both Sassen button and cut barrels are excellent quality and accuracy - the ones I’ve fitted to customers rifles have shot very well Reamers - there’s no issue asking your RFD to order the exact reamers spec you want and then holding it for you to only use on your builds
  12. Ronin

    .295" / .294" Bushing

    Will have a look
  13. Ronin

    what action

    Ok no problem
  14. Ronin

    what action

    For that distance and calibre it’s unlikely you would want a repeating action So choices for me would be along the lines of Barnard P action (superb trigger) Bat M Defiance single shot etc etc All built into a suitably stiff chassis or stock
  15. Ronin

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    The 47 is one of two rifles I use for culling and occasional competition that isn’t going anywhere The 6.5/284 is being retired very soon as the action is not worth doing any more to keep going - it was bought second hand as 25-06 and had already had a hard life prior to my tenure As a 6.5/284 it’s had a very hard life used in all weathers (4 barrels and a lot of deer) and now the Sako extractor occasionally “self strips” , the action is worn at the secondary cam and there are a couple of other issues which means the action is going to be decommissioned very soon - it simply isn’t worth any more time and effort to keep it going The replacement action being a platform I can use in any cartridge of .473” diameter case head with the exception of the 284 cartridge - which prompted the search for a similar performance case that will feed from the chosen mag, be a able to use in any weather with a plus of the ability to swap barrels with ease in a few minutes should that be necessary. Primacy being reliable mag feed for “multiples” when culling, which also helps when playing at Precision Rifle Competitions which I enjoy immensly Ive shot numerous competitions over the years in the UK, Eastern Europe and the USA (the pinnacle being GB team level) so have a reasonable idea of what’s needed to make the weapon accurate and reliable - the end user being the weakest link usually I no longer shoot as often now in serious competition but still like to keep my hand in when work and home life permits

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