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  1. Ronin

    AI AT barrel weight

    You could go Hardy or Proof Research and save significant weight without losing any velocity due to shorter barrel good compromise would be 22” finished for 308 If your using 6.5 calibre then 20” isn’t an issue making 2850 FPS putting you in the accuracy node (which is significantly larger with carbon wrapped barrels )
  2. Ronin

    Mausingfield 6.5x47

    Mausingfield are imported by Paddy Dane Top man to deal with trade or retail
  3. Ronin

    Accuracy International

    Think scotch may have a fortmeir bipod for sale ?
  4. No idea It’s scrap - damaged.
  5. Cheers Dave I wondered about the heat treatment / hardness issue and on my own bolt and used a hardened insert of suitable grade steel. Thats the good thing about AI that the firing pin protrusion can be altered to avoid this issue. Have to say I didn’t encounter it on the AW and AX I owned and re barrelled several times to 6.5/47. Neither rifle suffered from cratered primers and neither suffered with accuracy. In fact my old AW was the one used by Darryl to attain factory benchrest champion when he first started shooting the discipline. The PGW did have cratered primers at mild loads - hence my reason for researching and carrying out the alteration as I would like to run it slightly faster using slightly heavier bullets and didn’t want to cause unecessary wear on the firing pin being dragged out of the primer cups,,,, Bore diameter of the barrel is not overnight (Bartlein) and chamber is cut to a few tenths run out so those factors are not the issue. The bolt of the PGW is one piece machined and heat treated - like AI I can understand why the factory techs raised eyebrows at a uncentered firing pin hole - should not have left the place of whoever did the “work” I think, to avoid any controversy I will leave looking at the AI bolt to a “rainy day project” and not post any more on the subject. ?
  6. Bought with a load of other spares for other manufacturers from a fellow RFD
  7. Thanks for that Dave I wouldn’t expect any manufacturer to uphold a warranty on a part that had been altered from original spec by a third party. Id like to clarify that the method I have used is the same used by industry acclaimed accuracy smiths and custom action manufacturers in the US as the way to go to rectify the issue with oversize firing pin and bolt firing pin holes (without the expense of purchasing a new bolt and firing pin) It’s the same method that has been used to remove pitting and wear on bolt heads and action faces on firearms for decades. I have no idea what was done to the two AX MC bolts to which you refer, but they must have been machined out too far or without sufficient supporting shoulder (etc) or had bushing material of inapropriate strength / hardness re-inserted to cause such concern with the engineers at AI There is documented case study on another US rifle smiths web page about carrying out the very same alteration to an AI bolt and firing pin - do you know if there were similar concerns from the factory about this work being undertaken ,,? The thread was started to show what I had done to resolve the issues I’d found with my own PGWDTI Coyote. Within the post I pondered if the same method could be used to resolve the same known issues with other bolt heads (including AI) and as I have a scrap bolt here, I intend to investigate that method to resolve that - as an experiment.
  8. I am about to try machining a sacrificial (scrap) Ai bolt and see how well that goes One of the rifle smiths in the states who is very well known (Thomas Gonzales) has successfully bushed an Ai bolt but said it was difficult due to their hardness. Will see how I go on and post results here May be a few days though as I have other work to get on with
  9. Ronin

    300 Norma Magnum

    Have an account with Tiemens ....
  10. Ronin

    stuff from US of A

    Just buy direct from CZ or a dealer here who has them - suggest you try Malmo Guns in Lancashire
  11. Ronin

    300 Norma Magnum

    Berger Hybrid 215 - G7 BC 691 GS Custom 308197SP204 (197g LT Solid) - BC 827............
  12. Ronin

    Choosing a barrel profile

    Suggest even a medium shorter profile will be very stiff in. .17 calibre rifle
  13. Not possible to carry out a proof test without firing two proof rounds in the chamber of te weapon tested. Bit of an issue if the bolt is sent on its own - hence why the complete weapon has to be submitted
  14. The removable head of the savage would be relatively easy to centralise. Not sure about the head depth for the method I’ve used but I know of riflemiths in the states using a simple pressed in bush in this type of rifle. Then machining down the pin to the correct diameter i can’t say if one could encapsulate the pin at the bolt head either without examining one. I haven’t any savages with me at present.
  15. Cannot do all rifles - Tikkas an issue with the pin being pressed into the sear..though im sure the pin could be turned down in another manner or held in collet. Remington and clones would be a relatively simple task, though rivetted extractor / standard extractor may need replacing as they are often damaged when stripping them out

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