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  1. Yes I believe each course will have certificates of completion Both days now full I believe
  2. Ronin

    McMillan thumbhole second hand price?

    Half the price of a new one give or take a percentage on condition
  3. Ronin

    Walking the dog the other night

    Why would you want to shoot the dog ?
  4. Scope and rings now sold pending cleared payment
  5. All, formed Marine Sniper and Sniper Instructor Bradley Bourner will be running the following two courses at the Mulgrave Estate, Whitby, North Yorkshire in conjunction with the Deer InitiativeAny deer stalker will benefit from this training input, no matter what their previous experience.Having undertaken the training myself its something you really should consider booking on to raise your skill set20th July 2019 21st July 2019 To book please visit www.thedeerinitiative.co.uk
  6. Good to hear and see how it’s done in other countries, thank you for sharing with us
  7. Ronin

    L E Wilson Neck Die Base

    Spud usually has such things
  8. Ronin

    Bix n Andy trigger

    Suggest you speak to Paddy Dane he imports them
  9. New scope arrival imminent Used but not abused Schmidt Bender 10 x 42 PM11 Mildot Reticule Mil adjust 30mm tube Some wear and tear on the windage and elevation turrets and minor mark on occular and objective bell from leaning on a post Lenses V Good Honest used quality scope on rifle out on a weekly basis. £650 plus postage Will include Leupold 30mm QR ringset (picatinny fitment) for additional £50
  10. Ronin

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    Full length size after every firing I also anneal after every firing Brass is very consistent in neck tension and lasts Full length sizing with 2-3 thou bump on shoulder I moved away from neck sizing years ago when I started getting issues with extreme spread in some Shehane brass and realised by F/L sizing those issues disappeared
  11. Ronin

    Sako action wrench

    I believe Dolphin Rifles make Action wrenches for Sako
  12. Thanks for the replies guys Michael - could you pm me with a price and advise if there is any visible corrosion within the battery compartment of the unit your selling
  13. Ronin

    Leupold Mark 5HD 5-25x56 IR 35mm Anyone ?

    Quite a few using Leupold scopes at the PRL match in Scotland couple of weeks ago Some have been provided by sponsor I believe - having looked through the glass and compared them (the 5-25) to equivalent Kahles and Schmidt I don’t think I would move away from European products Its obviously a hugely personal choice as colours and clarity will be different with another pair of eyes than mine
  14. Ronin

    6.5CM Necksizing Problems

    Full length size every time neck sizing is very “yesterday”

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