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  1. So, bedding now complete and Devcon cured; Bottom metal and action were bedded at same time - pics before clean up I spent some time milling and cleaning up the bedding, - the bottom inlet was for an Atlasworx inlet - the PGW bottom metal has slightly shorter profile (though far more substantial in design) The gaps have been filled with devcon and will be finished with lighter filler and coated over to blend in with the stock. Trigger - Bix n Andy Tacsport two stage set at 1.5lbs. The trigger is almost a sealed unit, which is one of the reasons I chose it - the rifle is to be used in ALL weathers and needs to function. I then fitted the picatinny rail to the action with the 5 set screws provided - this wont go anywhere... Scope - Schmidt Bender PM11 10x42, which I had spare. WIll look at possibly a 3-20 PM11 when funds allow. I havent bothered with protective cap by the way - the rifle will either have a moderator on when in use, or off when in the cabinet or being cleaned / drying off Some images of the finished rifle: I took the rifle to test it with a standard 37.5g Varget load, 123 Scenar, CCI BR primer 120 yds First three shots Second three Even with limiting 10 x scope it was easy to get sub half MOA groups Very pleased with the results and with some load development this will perform more than adequately at extended ranges.
  2. Ronin

    Sako L461 rebarrel?

    Would be the same price for 222 or 223 Same barrel different reamer Classic rifle that Rebarrel well
  3. Barrel will be coated to match the action
  4. The thread apppears to have developed into a "in progress" piece. So todays job was to finish off the inletting - a few .000" to remove by hand to allow the action to sit in the stock without any "tightness" - just a close fit rather than interfereance around the upper inlet line where the action meets the stock. This was carefully done with very sharp flat scraper. Once that was done and the action was perfect fit, I prepped the stock and action for bedding compound. This isnt a "how to" so i'll just post a few images of the progression of what I do. This is just my way I do things - coutesy of Richard Franklin and ive been using his method for 10 plus years... Stock inlet almost ready for compound Action prepped - just needs final polish before compound Compound weighed out with harder (also weighed) prior to mixing Compound carefully applied to barrelled action and recoil lug Compound applied to stock inlet The two come together..... Ten mins later of careful clean up...(one side and not quite complete) The compound is now left for 24 hrs to cure before removing barrelled action and trim up the excess on the mill.
  5. Today I'll be setting the barrelled action in the stock and bedding - will upload some images later.
  6. AI AX weighed an ounce shy of 14 lbs in the spec I had - no scope, mod, sling and mounts. Those additions put it at 17lbs The coyote weighs 9lb without trigger, bedding compound, scope, mounts and mod. So am thinking the complete rifle will be sub 13lbs max - probably nearer 12lbs Had I been able to use a carbon barrel then it would have been 11 lbs. Whichever way you look at it, a substantial weight saving on the AX with no loss of ruggedness, functionality, reliability or accuracy.
  7. Firing pin is .075" diameter - ive built alot (30 plus) 6.5x47's over the years and never had any issue with any of my builds "larger diameter" pins penetrating primers. Recoil lug is embedded into the stock and angages in twin lugs on the action base, the lug is also the spacer bettween the action and bottom metal - in effect the forward pillar. Bullets - Targetry 123 Scenar Deer work - 103 / 110 GS Custom solids or 123 Fox Solids (both copper)
  8. Yes sound moderator mandatory for the work the rifle will be doing. 47 Lapua is one of many consistently accurate rifle cartridges I’ve built rifles on 👍🏻
  9. 6.5 x 47 Lapua have amended title - apologies !
  10. This is a rather special build for myself to replace the Accuracy International AX I used as a range gun and deer management tool for many years. The AX was simply too heavy to carry all day whilst working on the deer. Age now getting the better of me, though I’m still reasonably fit for an “old bloke” Ive had a soft spot for Prairie Gunworks rifles ever since they standardised their product with the original C14 Timberwolf (in 338 Lapua) The Timberwolf action has a smaller brother in the guise of the PGWDTI Coyote, which is available from Canada in any short action calibre (if you can find one) PGWDTI now supply large military contracts and the chances of locating a rifle over here is slim though over the years a few do come up for sale. A while ago I was very fortunate to be speaking to Mik from Dolphin Rifles at a F Class shoot and he told me he had a new action, bottom metal and mag in his inventory. It was a rather short conversation and a deal was done (thank you Mik) The action found its way to me and I started planning a build to make a replacement for the AX Build spec - Needed to be lighter than the AX, but as capable of being used in all weathers No alloy chassis (too cold against the skin in winter when managing hinds) Accuracy - "acceptable accuracy to a reasonable distance" I considered a few stock alternatives such as McMillan and Manners - both offer inlets for the Coyote, but both manufacturers stocks offering this inlet are considerably heavy. After speaking to Edi at PSE Composites and discussing a suitable stock we settled on an E Tac with additional heavy fill in the inlet to allow me to machine a standard short action Rem 700 stock to accommodate the deeper Coyote action. I also specified no front carbon pillar, as I would be effectively removing that when machining out the inlet for the Coyote action. Whilst the Coyote shares some commonality with a Remington 700 such as trigger, action hole spacing and bolt throw, there ends the similarities. Edi sent me a stock in record time (sub 2 weeks from order to delivery and it was custom made) Barrel - I originally considered using a carbon wrapped Proof Research or Hardy barrel, but there was a problem. The Coyote barrel tenon is oversize when considered against other actions - so a 1.200” diameter barrel just wouldn’t have enough shoulder to allow satisfactory torque in tightening. Plan B - source a 8 Twist Bartlein in a moderately stiff profile. Thanks to Paddy Dane here who has in stock several Bartlein barrels- I picked a Marksman profile which is similar to Medium Palma - Paddy also offered to flute the barrel which arrived next day in the desired spec. Now most of the components were at my workshop I set about barrelling the action, chambering and inletting the stock to accommodate the larger Coyote action. A couple of days work which had me sweating during the inletting process (not having the luxury of a long bed milling machine or CNC to copy the action dimensions,,,,) I make do with a smaller Milling Machine, that does what I need it to. Some progress pics to follow and continue with the write up later ,,,,, Action has been Ceracoated - satin black pre start of the build. Bolt body was PVD coated at factory The build is "in progress", so some images: Coyote action body Cocking piece with three position safety Detail of pin which locks the bolt when safety applied Lightened firing pin (.075" pin) Bolt head - semi cone Bolt body Assembled bolt Barrel teaser Magazine and Bottom metal Stock inlet detail Compared to a Rem 700 (long action - this was the only "as new stock" I have to show to use as comparison) You can see how much there was to remove from the original stock, but the PSE Composites are so strong there is zero loss of integrity or strength across any plane. Obviously quite a bit of removed material will be replaced with Devcon bedding compound.
  11. Ronin

    Flush cup sling swivel adaptors

    Think Viking Arms import them. I bought a heap from Brownels pre Itar, they are still sold on the UK site I understand, but sit down when you look at the price. Edi at PSE may sell you some as I believe they use them for their stocks
  12. Ronin

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    There is usually a sticker on the scope with date quality checked at factory - had a rifle in today that had one dated 2008. Ive had several 8-32 with similar markings
  13. Ronin

    Sponsor Bradders

    Suggest anyone who is able to support this cause. An evil indiscriminate disease Good luck with the treatment Mark
  14. Ronin

    changing a bolt face size

    If the "223" and "308" bolt faces share common located extractor and plunger then probably. The gun would need reproof if this were done, but would be subject to proof regardless with rebarrel.

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