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  1. Happy to split the chrony and lead as above, cannot split the bushings sorry Cheers Jinks
  2. Having a bit of a clearout, so the following items for sale Chrony F1, all complete and in perfect working order - SOLD Will come with a ChronoConnect USB cable so that the chrony can be connected to a laptop. ChronoConnect software can be downloaded from here http://www.chronoconnect.com/about-chrono-connect.html 6mmBR Forster Neck Bushing/Shoulder Bump Die Kit with 3 neck bushings (,264, .266 and .268) and spare de-capping rods - £SOLD Tikka 590/595 5 round Metal Magazine for .308/.243/22-250. Brand new in sealed packaging - SOLD Tikka 590/595 RH Stocks - Wood (Recoil Lug has been bedded in at some point then removed so some damage around this area, see pics, Will not affect use of the stock) £SOLD Synthetic - £SOLD Laminate (Genuine Tikka, Barrel channel has been opened up to accept heavier barrel, but still would not look out of place with a factory sporter) £SOLD Mitutoyo Digital Vernier Caliper, Unused and as new, Metric Only £55 All items will include 1st class signed for postage Cheers Jinks
  3. Stock is still available, PM sent Cheers Jinks
  4. I have a Boyds thumbhole varmint for sale here if it suits http://ukvarminting.com/forums/topic/37444-tikka-stocks-and-mag/ Cheers Jinks
  5. Boyds thumbhole varmint stock for Tikka 595 (Varmint profile barrel) Excellent condition in forest camo laminate £120 posted Tikka T3 Varmint Stock Few marks but overall good condition £50 Posted Genuine 5 round .243/308 magazine for Tikka 590/595 (also suits 22-250) New in unopened sealed package £65 posted Any questions, please ask Cheers Jinks
  6. PM sent regarding varmint stock Cheers Jinks
  7. PM sent re 22 250 s type die Cheers Jinks
  8. Jinks

    Stock for Tikka 595

    Thanks, will bear that in mind, but ideally I need to be able to use the mag Cheers Jinks
  9. Jinks

    Stock for Tikka 595

    Hi All, Just on the off chance before I get on the waiting list with mcmillan, does anyone have a synthetic stock available for a tikka 595 with a varmint style fore-end to suit a heavy barrel. Looking for a mcmillan sako varmint style or similar. Thanks Jinks
  10. Well done all, brilliant achievement, Cheers Jinks
  11. Jinks

    Congrats at the Imperial

    Congratulations both, well done!
  12. Jinks

    6mm or 6.5x47

    That is my rifle in the video, no modifications made by a rifle smith to get it to feed, just a bog standard 22-250 magazine Cheers Jinks

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