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  1. onehole

    first 223 reload

    You will be just fine with your max mag length if you just intend to mag feed all the time. You could start a little above minimum[never been there} and go .3,s for at least half a dozen loads,,,,something will show up and enable you to fine tune it for sure..O
  2. Hi,,,, has this stock got an anshutz rail fitted?,,,any chance of some more pics to my e mail?,,,,,may be interested in this,,,,could you PM me please ,thanks O
  3. Thanks for replies,,,,,guess its pretty high initially but reduces so quickly that even a lightly built mod can cope well enough..........O
  4. Just out of pure interest does anyone know what pressures are generated within moderators? I know it will vary from cal to cal but cant help noticing some mods are built quite lightly and some like a tank,,,,,anyone? ,O
  5. onehole

    IOR rings

    PM sent
  6. onehole

    IOR rings

    Got a set Tier One,s here,,,,mint condition were fitted to scope and rifle for about 3 days only.Two piece with bubble in original box complete with torx drivers,,,,£80 posted.
  7. onehole

    Bump shoulder back

    If you don't want to be fiddling every time you decide to shoulder bump you best get a set of comp shell holders and be done with it,,,,work out which is the best one to use with your body die and your done.best results come from partial shoulder bump every time you reload.The comp shell holder set is around £60 but once bought they will last a lifetime and can be used with any cal that has a similar bolt face to your 6.5cm{lots then!}....O
  8. onehole

    223 55gr load data

    Make use of the 1 in 8 twist I say ,,,yep 69g and up,,,,,,,wind will eat lighter bullets but depends how far out you want to go,,,,Vit 135/140 is a good powder for the heavys
  9. Recent experience,,,,not for me personally but a friend of mine could not get a 243 passed for "fox control" on its own. 243 as pointed out by his FEO was primarily a deer calibre and had his variation/application refused .....here we go,,,,,,,,,O?
  10. Yep,,,I started a Topic called "Crosshair Hop" in the Comp Tech Target and Tact section,,,,,,,think it was done to conclusion,,,,,,,,,O
  11. If you are perceiving a slight movement of the crosshair/ret on dry firing this is actually something I and many others have experienced with all sorts of rifles/scopes and triggers combinations and it is quite normal.It is definitely not or very unusually a fault within the scope or anything else but purely an observation of minute shooter movement at that very moment or rather lock time that occurs when deciding to squeeze the trigger and the firing pin travel from release to contact. Control over this movement can be reduced with shooter "control",,,good follow through technique etc etc. A short firing pin travel or faster lock time will reduce this perceived movement but generally as long as good control and trigger pull is consistent accuracy should not be affected. In the same way that lock time is key so is barrel time and hence why the humble 22lr is actually a somewhat difficult rifle to shoot!! it has a slow barrel time due to its relatively low velocity and hence plenty of time for the shooter to pull off before the bullet has actually left the barrel,,,in other words "movement" of the shooter and rifle and this is what you are seeing in your scope,,,,,,its small but it,s there!!!!....Machine rest a rifle and you would not see this movement....See the lengths that benchrest shooters go to for example ,,,,,rail guns etc,,,,,,,all to erase shooter movement amongst other reasons,,,,,,,,,,,,,,O
  12. onehole

    300 Win Mag Reloading

    Not experienced with the calibre so have no knowledge of freebores that may exist but for the second part of your ask considering shoulder movement then this could well be an acceptable amount of initial growth and good reason to only use a case that has been threaded after fireforming in your rifle and not an of the shelf "modified case" for obtaining touching lands measurements ,,,,if that was the method used of course.
  13. onehole

    IOR problems?

    I had one that had a sight picture problem when adjusted for relatively little windage correction for zero. Dam shame ,,,would have been the best scope I had ever had. Resolved by refund.
  14. onehole

    Leupold " VX 3 "

    Any VX 3 scopes out there for sale :" NOT VX 111",,,,,,,,high mag ones preferably,,,,thanks ,,,,,O

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