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  1. onehole

    Leupold " VX 3 "

    Any VX 3 scopes out there for sale :" NOT VX 111",,,,,,,,high mag ones preferably,,,,thanks ,,,,,O
  2. Hi, i was after £30/box as I payed over £32 but willing to do the 500 for £145 posted, if that's agreeable let me know and I will pm my details for bank transfer,



  3. Would take the 2161999 lot of 500 for £140 posted,,,,O
  4. onehole

    Glass wearers

    Big Al is correct,,,most scopes will only do correction +/- 2,,,,,are you at this limit on your scopes at the moment?.....Some scopes will adjust for +/- 3 even 4 in some. Maybe an expensive solution but perhaps change scope that allows this. My eyes are both at +2 and some scopes have presented a problem for me particularly Leupolds for some reason.I am fortunate enough to have all NF scopes and they offer loads of adjustment both the fast focus and lockable versions. If it were me I would definitely want the scope to do all the correction,,,glasses would be a pain ,,,,,,,Optician may be able to suggest contacts on a daily use basis? Hope you sort it,,, ,,,O
  5. Okydoke ,,,,please PM me if offer ever becomes acceptable,,,,thanks.....O
  6. Glad your sorted,,,,,,think its generally correct that tightest working clearances are best for sound reduction,,,,,,,tried my 6mm Evo diffuser on my 223 yesterday,,,,huge increase in noise!!! more than I expected.
  7. Tell you what I don't really need these right now or for the foreseeable future but they may suit my next zero freeebore 6mm BR build ,,,if you really want to get rid then 500@ £110 posted ...sorry cant improve on offer as they will probably gather dust here for a while too!!!,,,,regds ,O
  8. Best go with a 30 cal rating,,,maybe a touch noisier? than an optimum fit but no worries,,,,,,,,,,,O
  9. Probably caution,,,,,,,think jet Z[.25] has a 7.6mm through hole that leaves around 17 thou or .44mm all round clearance. As a comparison my Wildcat 223 Evolution mod has a 6.5mm through hole that leaves around 16 thou all round clearance and my 6mm Evolution mod has a 7.5mm through hole leaving around 26 thou all round clearance. Best check mod for exact exit hole size and see if it provides acceptable clearance for your .264 bullet. I think 16 or 17 thou is ok as long as your threading is a good fit to mod and has been done to a high standard.
  10. onehole

    George Balfour (gbal on this site)

    Yes ,,,sad news,,,like so many on here,,,,will never actually meet but you get the feeling that you have,,,if you know what I mean,,,,,thank you for all your interesting "reads",,,,,,you will be missed,,,,,O
  11. onehole

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    At least your "benchrest" die works to more acceptable working of the brass ,,,,,,standard dies seem to want to murder necks,,,,,O
  12. onehole

    95gr Sierra TMK for 6br

    Vit 140 ,,,,,must be a good place to start ,,,,,,,,,,,,if this don't work then pretty sure something else aint right,,,,,,,,O

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