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  1. onehole

    223 rifle choice - what ????

    Absolutely the way to go,,,I,m about to look for one,,had a .222 and .223 way back and looking for another to keep my Sako 22PPC company in the cabinet,,,,,,O
  2. Asking price dropped from £950 down to £775 for quick sale,,,hopefuilly?,,,thanks ,,,,,,O
  3. onehole

    Bald Eagle Front Rest

    Anyone got a cast iron front rest for sale?
  4. I have my sons Howa in 308 which had been professionally bedded into a Macmillan stock and 24 inch heavy varmint barrel fitted by Neil Mckillop. The barrel is a pacnor super match and has a 1 in 12 twist, screw cut with invisible end cap and comes with an ase utra compact mod..The only thing left that would complete this upgrade in my opinion would probably be an aftermarket trigger?.My son had the barrel work done shortly before going off to university for three years and a further 2 years doing his masters and had basically no time to make much use of the rifle which including the mod I doubt has seen more than 200 rounds fired. Excellent all round condition. Scope,mounts and bipod not included. £775 ono shipped to your RFD ,,,buyer would pay his/her RFD fee. Thanks for l;ooking.
  5. onehole

    .223 Reloder 15

    Vit 135 I reckon would be a good way to go....Possibly Vit 140 but you may be really filling the case when working up top end loads?.....I believe RL15 has been known for dirty burning ,,,,its a powder I abandoned for my 6BR,s a few years back due to fouling. .......may not have been the fault of the powder but not going back to experiment again now,,,,,
  6. Cant see these pics,,,? will pm you to send to my e mail if that's ok,,,,,,,O
  7. Interested,,,,,,,,,,,,,pics to dbrowen1@gmail.com what is dot as moa at 100 yards please,,,,,,,,,,ie 1/8 th or 1/4 moa etc and can I have serial number please ta ,O
  8. Thought I would have gotten more response to this,,,,,has anyone gotten a 243 for fox,,,? If so what were the magic words for reason to acquire? Our FEO did not have a problem in shooting a fox with 243 whilst out deer hunting but pure fox control was refused. Anyone,,,,,,,
  9. 75,s and 85,s are ,,,not sure of other models both old and new?,,,,wider at the front on both front and rear dovetails...Not a problem really as the direction provides a secure anti recoil situation. The problem is that unless the mounts are allowed to fully engage with the taper then on tightening the mounts they will pull toward the locking lug and off centre to the action, The front mount generally does not cause a problem as you can usually push it well forward ,self centre and tighten but the rear will almost without exception pull out of line and force users to crank in sometimes huge amounts of windage to correct.No damage to scopes will occur as the ring inserts will run with any misalignment but not correct the issue.... I can live with this issue given these rifles are off the shelf consistently very very accurate and there are a ways to get around it and have your scope zeroed and working from a near centred reticule.,,,,,,,,,,,,O
  10. Optilock rear mount on sako 75,s and possibly 85,s has been a problem for ages,,,,,,,,most don't even know it and just wind in the error!!!,,,,,,The recoil or stop pin is the problem and shimming as above can cure it or remove the stop pin .....but this usually allows the base to forward over travel the chevron dovetail and looks aweful!!......Personally I don't mind fettling the opilocks as you can shim for perfection but for most this would be far to much hassle,,,shimming dovetails is probably beyond most,,,,,, Going back to OP ,,,,,,,I run RPA,s and Tier One rails and mounts ,,,generally speaking this is good gear and with pretty much "centered NF scopes" have never seen more than 4 to 8 MOA to get a horizontal zero at 100 and that's with fitted moderator.Quite acceptable I reckon ,,,,just as well any shimming would bend something!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,O
  11. THIS SCOPE IS NOW SOLD.......Selling for a close friend of mine. This scope is the model detailed above and was purchased new from Messrs Bushwear in September 2017.It has the L 4A-300-I reticule with centre dot illumination. and comes with the added benefit of two additional Ballistic Turrets. The scope and turrets have the original boxes and papers and I can personally vouch for its totally immaculate condition and only seen very light use on a 223 rifle. It is best described as "as new"....The asking price is £2000 posted. Thank you,,,O SCOPE SOLD
  12. onehole

    Browning x bolt.

    A friend of mind bought a Browning against my more preferred recommendation for a Tikka or Sako. He now has a Sako after huge disappointment with the Brownings performance especially in trigger and accuracy which are most key elements. The Sako was much more expensive though!! ,,,feel a bit more financial pain or save a bit longer,,,it will be worth it. Calibre in question was 308 with lighter weight barrels where the Sako would provide sustained performance over the Brownings.Not that you would normally subject light weight barrels to extended fire but the Browning clearly would not hold a decent group despite load development and timely cool bore shots over the Sako. The Sako would also hold group long after the Browning on extended shooting as well. Just my view and with hands on shooting of both.Hope this helps a little,,,O

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