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  1. Berger .224 Bullets

    sending PM Dave,,,,ta,,,,O
  2. Berger .224 Bullets

    Any 73g BT,s or 60g FB Varmint out there please?,,,thanks ,,,,O
  3. 6mmbr which primer

    Hi,,,nothing wrong with Fed Match primers but by all means experiment. I have read many times people have found the BR4,s give better all round results but I reckon its all to do with the whole "tune" not just a magic primer fix.I have not tried any alternative I must admit but with Vit powders and Fed match I,m not looking for much more from by 6BR,s,,,,,,,Hopefully I,m attaching some groups of 90 Bergers with Vit 135 and some 105,s with Vit 140 all sparked by The Fed,s. This particular rifle gives me a huge window in which to play,,,but I,ve had similar results with previous builds,,,,,here we go,,,,,, Forgot to mention the 105,s are doing 2825 with the 30.5 load in the 25 inch barrel.l
  4. 'Low mag' scopes...

    Ohhhh please please please could Nightforce do a fixed with adj pa NXS ,,,10x 15x and 20 x56,,,,,,?
  5. Very nice,,,not many who will appreciate what one is getting here,,,if round count is 230 ? then wow!!!,,,,good luck,,,O
  6. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    You can as you say simply faff around with the die but you will be using full stroke and over centre with the arm,,,,with a set of incremental shell holders you can arrive at the correct one to bump just enough and they are not dependant on using full swing of the arm,,,,you can position the FLS die pretty much anywhere as long as you have enough leverage to easily bump,,,Works the same every time,,,easy A comp seater is not really a gimic but they are expensive,,,,nice to use though and a bit quicker to arrive at correct seating depth using the micrometer markings,,,,,,,,ie if you need to seat a few more thou just dial it in and they are very accurate or at least my Reddings are. Using quality reloading gear is a joy to use but yes you can pretty much achieve the same results or close with standard gear,,,,I,ve made very accurate rounds on "Lee" gear in the past and still do for my 223.
  7. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Dependant on how aggressive a full length die can be and its internal dimensions come into play here a set of variable thickness shell holders can customise how much full length sizing and shoulder bumping is done,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is a whole leap off the OP ,,my apologies and best directed to a new topic if necessary,,,regds O
  8. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Comp shell holder set too,,,,,,,,?
  9. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Sorry FT,,,,,I live in a world of tight necks and neck turning hence my thumbs up for the bushing dies,,,,sorry to mislead you. I only own one rifle[223] that is not tight necked and I use a Lee neck die with a modified mandrel to give me sufficient tension.some may cringe at "lee"but it works for me.......O
  10. To neck turn or not to neck turn

    Hi FT,,,From reading your OP I probably think neck turning should not be necessary,,,its an exacting process and if you don,t put in a fair bit of practice you may well make things worse,,,your actually removing brass and making neck clearances bigger which may negate the benefits of a more concentric assembly?,,,,,,,,As you have probably read custom cut chambers and with tight necks etc demand the need to turn but with factory cut chambers I really think you will struggle to see a benefit.By all means have a go just to see and in your case you would only want to "clean up" the necks a little ,,,go gently and adjust the cutter to only take the bare minimum off until you get a minimal cut all the way round the neck and slightly into the shoulder,,,,you,ll soon see whether your brass is out of concentricity,,,some brass alarmingly so !! If you can get a hands on practical with someone that is well practised in the process that would best but as you have already been doing read up and watch good practice on "U tube etc"... Bushing dies,,,highly recommended as the bush when set properly will self centre on the neck whilst in the die. Neck turning if done properly will provide almost nil runout on the neck and bullet once the case has been fireformed and then reloaded again.It takes a once firing to properly straighten itself out..Hope this brief reply helps a little in your decision?,,,,,,O
  11. Hornady !

    Exactly Varm,,,,,the variations can be a lot even in a box and as you rightly say as long as one finds out where your new batch of bullets comes up to the lands then job done but if you did not check this and used previous measurements and settings assuming you are still going to be 5,,10,,,or 20 thou off lands then you could be very very wrong,,,,,,thats the point I,m trying to get across to the unaware or newbies,,,,,,,,,O
  12. Hornady !

    I,m going to push this post on a bit more,,,,,,,,mainly because of reading the last comment on this topic. You took 5 bullets from each box and saw a 7 thou swing ,,,was this OAL of the bullets or a base to ogive with a comparator bushing? out of interest. I will go back to my original post and the two boxes of 60 Vmax,,,what I did not quote were the differences in bullet base to ogive using a comparator and the base to tip OAL.....The old box on the left gave .472 and .872 and the new box on the right gave .465 and .869 and these figures were pretty consistent for the rest of the bullets in the boxes {yes I measured each one!} The problem is that one should not be thrown into thinking that this is the limitation of any difference that will be seen when assembling rounds using your same ogive or OAL figures when starting on a new lot/batch of bullets. You HAVE to go back and measure where the true positioning is in your rifles chamber at touching the lands take that measurement whether based on an ogive contact or OAL and use this as a base for where you might then decide to load your bullet. It should be noted that even the small? differences seen in my bullets ,,,7 and 3 thou were totally misleading as regard to the difference in measurement when the bullet is actually sat at the rifles lands.,,,over 40 thou!!!...It is the difference in the whole bullets shape{including width} that can do this. I,m sorry if my explanation or reasoning is muddled but again the post is directed to those unaware or new to the game that I,m trying to reach. Have a good one,,,,Onehole
  13. Hornady !

    You can use either,,,,as long as you have measured the bullets in the chamber at "touching lands" The problem with all bullets and when using a comparator bushing is that the hole in the bushing can only pick up on the bullet at a certain place or where the bullet is fat enough along the ogive and this can vary due to the bullet "variances",,,,Unless all bullets are exactly the same differences in measurement will show up,,,it just seems Hornady tolerate many different shapes for the same bullet,,,,,I have a batch of 6mm 75Max that is 50 thou different from another batch/lot when in the correct position in my 6BR,,,,,,,,sorry MJR if I,m not explaining this well,,,or am I,,,,?? regds ,,,O
  14. Hornady !

    Correct,,,,should have stated the pressure implications ,,,thanks,,,,,O
  15. Hornady !

    Very well,,,,!!!!

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