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  1. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    At least your "benchrest" die works to more acceptable working of the brass ,,,,,,standard dies seem to want to murder necks,,,,,O
  2. 95gr Sierra TMK for 6br

    Vit 140 ,,,,,must be a good place to start ,,,,,,,,,,,,if this don't work then pretty sure something else aint right,,,,,,,,O
  3. Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    This will make you wince ,,,,just out of interest I removed the decapping pin assembly from a RCBS 6.5x47 FL die and just run a case up and out of the die,,,,,,this die squeezed the neck down to .278 !! from its fired size of .293. If the sizing button was then drawn through it would then rip it at least 10 thou back out again !!! that's a lot of working the necks and there are far better ways of doing it. I bet some people don't even lube the necks making it an even more painful process ,,,,,,,recognise yourself? haha. I personally use a process to partial FL size and neck size at same time using bushing dies etc and is very gentle on precious neck turned brass or any brass come to that. There are other methods also mentioned above and also work well. Laurie mentioned a cheap trick in some other post and is also a method I use with my 223 and thats to partial FL size with a redding body die and appropriate shell holder and then neck size with a lee neck sizer.This method really works well,,,,if more neck tension is required then the decapping pin/mandrel can easily be spun down in a drill with some emery to get the exact amount of tension you are looking for although lee have it pretty good to start with. I really don't know why die makers make their dies squeeze the hell out of necks,,,it is so excessive,,,,,,,,I tried a forster FL die as well ,,,same thing!!,,,,this could be where/why variances in resultant neck tension are being felt,,,,?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,O
  4. Hw 60 j trigger

    Not familiar with the 60j Trigger for starters but fundamentally creep on second stage two stage triggers can be down to insufficient first stage travel before second stage "stop" finally trips sears. Either obtain a trigger group drawing to examine operation or observe whats actually happening within your trigger. Even somewhat complicated triggers have a relatively simple operation when understood but are made to very high standards of fit and function. Will have a search just out of interest but does the 60j have a version of the "Rekord" trigger?? if so then it should be a simple fix?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,O
  5. couldn't help noticing

    One I wish I had,,,!!!!!,,,owned I mean,,,,,,,,,,lovely
  6. couldn't help noticing

    Its been three years since saying goodbye to this doh!!!! just toooo old now and too much on the road now that are out to get you,,,,,take care you people still having fun,,,,,
  7. Your favourite Nightforce reticle

    I favour the NP-2DD as having astigmatism I find focusing and using a dot ret much easier than a cross hair.I do also have a MOAR T NXS which do be honest I just liked the look of but regardless of RET I just dial everthing.My Sako 22 PPc and Annie rimfire both have Leupolds with their CPC Dot rets.,,,,I,m a Dot man I guess they just seem so much more "planted" on whatever its held on,,,,,,,,,,O
  8. Neill22 I have marked this scope as SOLD a couple of posts ago and it is actually sold.thanks anyway,,,,,O
  9. Thank you all,,and Matt234 for kind words,,,,,Ballistics Boy has committed to purchase so SOLD but subject to usual. thanks,,,,O
  10. I have a nice NSX for sale ,,,hopefully I,m attaching two pics which show the only small marks,,,,,one on the edge of the front objective,,,,its about 6 or 7mm long and in addition to this are four tiny pin head marks just ahead of the main tube,,,,all could be easily touched in if necessary.I have owned this scope almost since it was new. I do have a box marked 12x42x56 but it is not the one which relates to this scope.In all other respects is in excellent condition everything works as it should and glass is perfect......£875 posted.Thanks,,,,O THIS SCOPE HAS NOW BEEN SOLD.
  11. Tears in Case necks

    Its late doh!!,,,my last post on this,,,Long Gun,,,,,,,if you would post me some cases ,,tell me the length to which to trim ,,,,I will also chamfer/deburr and polish as I do for my fully prepped cases using the equipment previously mentioned.You can then fire in your rifle and see if you still have a problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the offer is there,,,,,,,,,,,O
  12. Tears in Case necks

    Here you go,,,,,,,,,,,,
  13. Tears in Case necks

    I use a Lyman Universal machine with a carbide cutter for trimming and a RCBS Wilson chamfer/deburr tool,,,,looks a bit like a rocket,,,,,There are much more exotic tools/machines out there but I get the results I want from these and I,m real fussy,,,,,O,,,propellant not really an issue with this.
  14. Tears in Case necks

    With respect the two piece Lee trimmer is a piece of crap and will not cut nicely ,,,,at least not in the long term,,,,,,,O

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