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  1. JR__

    Barrel swap cost

    Baldie, you might enlighten me how you came to the 19 dollar remington barrel, even though I don't disagree. 10 dollars worth of bar stock, 3 minutes to prep for drill, 15 minutes to drill, 3 honing processes, 5 minutes to true between centers, 4 minutes to hammer forge with chamber, 5 minutes to finish turn, 2 minutes to finish the ends off. Rate here is about 80/hr. You know how they came to 19 dollars. Quantity, and they made enough 19 dollar barrels to recover the investment of the machinery to pound them out. They don't do one at a time, they do many at the same time. UK prices will be higher because the productivity is low, no offense mate. There isn't a barrel shop in the UK that comes close to the production rate of Krieger, Bartlein, Shilen, Hart, Douglas. Custom smithing will always be expensive, as you are working on one rifle at a time. When I was working in the UK, you'd often find me talking to myself pretty much going wtf over..Let's slim it down, engineer the snags out, pound this that which promotes growth and vigour out and get some major productivity going to supplement the slow that which promotes growth and vigour. Was frustrating to say the least. Here I get to cut time where it can be cut, because that is how you keep up. We just had a 'millionth rail' party on friday. that's production, and that's small beans production. I bet if the chap emailed badger directly, they could be of some help. Brownells was never the best source when I was in the UK. Midway if you can. Direct is even better. Maybe you've asked and have been told that the US govt has full production, it won't take too long for that to be remedied. The states enjoys the UK business, there is no bad business when it comes to selling. Most of us haven't been Obamafied in that we think we make 'just enough' money and are satisfied with that, we still want all of the money in the world. Your tax sucks, that's for sure..so anyone looking at US prices figure on 17.5% up to start. Don't worry, they're looking at starting a VAT here now too, so your price will go up even more for US goods if that happens. And the ammo thing, government lifted a ban to resell mil brass back to manufacturers so that should help our supply a bit..You might see higher production due to more availability of components next year. We're not dried up, reloading components aside, but guns wise every retailer is stilll full from what I have seen. Used guns go quick, new is stocked. No one is stocking inventory mind, not due to drying up but due to waiting to see if it's worth the investment. Different economy at the moment.. later
  2. JR__

    Barrel life

    The dealer is at it. without him inspecting the bore or measuring throat, or shooting the dang thing, he hasn't a bloody clue. When it doesn't shoot it's shot out. JR
  3. JR__


    They're selling the 'black grouse' over here, so picked up a bottle the other week..Better than the usual I think, a peatier blend..
  4. JR__

    Update from across the pond

    Not so much that, if we overwhelm the in house rifle needs, we might do a limited run of rifled 'blanks' ever so often. Early days.
  5. JR__

    Update from across the pond

    Most of the initial barrels will be used to fill existing contracts, but down the road we may venture more into the civvie side. I've purpose built the fixturing and written the procedure towards a more production based approach, specific to Knights rifle needs, but have also left room to play, just in case in the future a window does open up to produce rifled blanks for the masses.
  6. Howdy folks, Been a while since I've posted, it's been pretty busy and with weather like this you don't tend to stick around the house a whole heck of a lot..Most of the time my computer is running design programs rather than forums..Anyway, thought I'd let you know we managed to rifle the very first Knights barrel, first go, nothing broke on the machine, tooling performed perfectly, the 5r form was perfect, chuffed to bits. Big weight off the shoulders there, a lot more work to do, but the first barrel is the hardest to scratch starting from square one, and we got it done. I like it when a plan comes together. Have a good one, JR
  7. I used to take the 300 winnie out on prairie dogs, sometimes with SoDak wind it helps for those 4-800 yd shots. 300 can be devastating on roe, seen exit holes look like a sledge has been driven thru, but it's matter of finding the right bullet for the range..Good calibre, I have 3 rifles in this chambering. JR
  8. TS was good people. I gave their writers a lot of grief, and they took it well. Very knowledgeable, and if they didn't know they asked. It's kind of bizarre our last good magazine here in the states that was outright honest was TS, or Tactical Shooter, a sub of Precision Shooter, that was dissolved just before I landed in the UK..It's hard to find a gun mag that isnt' filled with gun whores who point out all the attributes and don't state the problem areas. Why would they, they get the rifles in to test for free, it's advertising for the companies....
  9. JR__

    AR15 varmint rifle

    This one could be useful:
  10. JR__


    If the buttoned barrels are fully stress relieved and handlapped, they are very good barrels indeed. The only archers that had a real problem accuracy wise were the 22rf's, good enough for plinking, but not olympic grade, i didn't get too involved to figure out where the problem lied, probably more an issue of finished dimensions not quite right and Geoff may have worked that one out by now. I'm a believer of button barrels when they are made correctly, they have their place and I fully intend to implement buttoning into the overall scheme of things here. Cut rifled can last longer, alot due to the fact I can cut a deeper groove than a button can form as in 5r rifling. Col, a few button barrel types I can recommend in the states is Broughton, Schneider, Benchmark and I have a longer list available. I have no idea their policy to selling barrels overseas. Archers may work well for your needs also, depends on the lead time you're looking for and what they can work to. Mike norris from Brock&Norris is staying at mine during SHOT, one of his goals is to catch a few of the barrelmakers here, perhaps you might rattle his cage when he gets back to ol' blighty. later
  11. JR__

    just one rifle

    Neck a 270WSM down to 6.5..short throw with plenty of punch..Probably all ready a factory loading, hahah, haven't been paying too much attention lately, been way too busy with military cartridges this year, but that was my plan with the Winchester I'd bought a few years ago... JR
  12. JR__

    AR15 varmint rifle

    mmmhmmm. could get interesting indeed, hold onto your hats and glasses. Remember the last time an Illinois senator got into the white house, that which promotes growth and vigour happened kind of fast.
  13. JR__

    barrel length

    Is it? Maybe more, maybe less. Depends on the application mate. JR
  14. JR__

    barrel length

    Hard to group rimfires all in the same boat. Rifles and ammunition included.
  15. If a guy is going to bin the factory barrel, and doesn't want to heat the action, he can make a small sawcut into the barrel just ahead of the action, then try wrenching it off. just another kink.. JR By the way,who turned the heat off in this country, ha!!

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