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  1. lambsey

    TRG BIPOD & Mags

    yes mate. I'll send you the link.
  2. lambsey

    TRG BIPOD & Mags

    Tikka Tx3 mags will fit the TRG Bob. There a bit cheaper.
  3. SAKO 75 III 6mmPPCOriginal SAKO 6mm PPCOnly used for Bench Rest competitions round count 800, not screw cut.comes with original and bench rest stockWeaver 36x fixed scopearbor presswilson dies£1250 to RFD or px for scope ( Nightforce, Schmidt, Swaro etc. )
  4. lambsey

    Sako Quad 20 moa Rail

    Thank you Palo, just looking at that as well
  5. lambsey

    Sako Quad 20 moa Rail

    Thank you Palo, much appreciated.
  6. lambsey

    Sako Quad 20 moa Rail

    Looking for Sako Quad 20 moa rail
  7. Hi I have a Seb original rest for sale if your interested.

    £650 posted or £600 collected from Chester.

  8. lambsey

    22rf trainer - WIP

    Looks very nice.
  9. Total lack of transparency from Natural England.
  10. Hi hope your ok?

    did this Trg sell?

  11. Did the Trg sell?

  12. Hello 

    sorry to bother you, but are you still after a seb rest?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. lambsey


      No drama, I’ll take some tomorrow.

      please send me an e mail address please 



    3. FclassDutchie


      Hi Andy,

      my mail address is rigoj@planet.nl

      Best regards


    4. lambsey


      Pics sent.


      Not sure how much postage will be.






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