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  1. PM11 12-50

    Looking for 12-50x56 PM11 DT P3 1/4 TURN
  2. Hi is this in the first or second focal plain? And can i ask why you are changing it?
  3. Cant believe this hasn't sold?? Have a bump on me!!!
  4. TRG22 or AI AT ?

    I've shot the AI & the TRG. They are both great rifles and both have fantastic accuracy. Try and get behind either one of them for a day and see if it fits your needs
  5. Modified Cases

    you have a pm
  6. 6mm 105 A Maxes

    Anyone got any of these kicking about?
  7. 6br modified case & 105 A maxes

    As above i'm after a 6br modified case & 105 A maxes or berger 105 VLD

    looks very very nice
  9. 6br in TRG magazine

    Nice one Dave. I'd be interested in one if it fits the TRG.

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