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  1. Why go overboard. It's a .22RF. Any half decent airgun scope will do the job and do it well. I've had a Tasco on mine for more years than I care to remember. Second focal plane, although it wouldn't really matter if it were first, and a bog basic plex reticle. Fixed or variable zoom is a personal preference but 6x or 8x capability is probably the norm. My preference is 8x but Lorraine has hers at 6x. Forget tactical or target turrets they'll just get in the way,. Basically what I'm saying in on a .22RF keep it simple.
  2. Sorry to be an arse but can I give backword on that please? Just realised it's not the right one. I need the one that fits the AICS.
  3. Would look well on my stock. Consider it sold. PM inbound.
  4. DaveK

    More Hornet help

    Except when you load 12.4gn. I do with 40gn vmax and it's spot on.
  5. DaveK

    Hornady Vmax Powder.

    Strange, the combination of the two has worked really well for me for years in several rifles. It's all I use in my .223 with same hole groups zeroing at 100 yards I seat mine to just below where the ogive starts to narrow.
  6. DaveK

    Developing a load.

    I would say start at 22.3gn Viht 133 under a 55gn, forget the lands, seat the bullet to just below the ogive and there's a good chance you may look no further. It's worked well for me in CZ527, Remy 700, Howa and in a friend's Tikka and another friend's something or other (can't remember). Why can't I write m a t e ' s ??
  7. DaveK

    Wanted - 75gn Amax 224cal Bullet Heads

    Thanks for that Dave. I'll get these used (if I get the chance to get out) and give you a shout. We got rid of a numpty at work a couple of weeks ago and we're all having to cover his shifts at the moment. Typical, having to work overtime just as the crops are starting to get cut.
  8. DaveK

    Wanted - 75gn Amax 224cal Bullet Heads

    Sorry about the time taken to reply, I've been working and sleeping and working and ............ now actually having a day off. Pass them on to Ronin please Tim, I'm not a fan of moly but thanks for the offer. I managed to get a few, enough to last me a few weeks so if anyone knows a source of normal 75gn Amax I'd appreciate the heads up for future reference
  9. Any one got any for sale or know where I can get some please.
  10. If that's the price posted then her indoors (the kitchen devil) says she'll have it.
  11. DaveK

    views on a 22 hornet

    My .223 hasn't been used in anger since I got my Hornet. Definitely a "go to" gun and it'll do much of what a .223 will do. Maybe not totally reliable over 160ish yards but the .243 takes over then. I just can't bring myself to sell the .223.
  12. Gimme a shout if you change your mind.
  13. DaveK

    Home loads for .243

    Duuplicate post. Was only worth saying once.
  14. DaveK

    Home loads for .243

    41.2gn N140. Seat the bullet so it looks about right. Don't be fussy about primers That's what I do and it works a treat.

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