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  1. ATACR vs Razor AMG

    You'd go a long way to find a more rugged scope than an ATAC-R. Built like the proverbial..
  2. Tika T3 drawing

    You about Edi?
  3. Look at this off AccurateShooter Daily Forum: Nikon have just released two new models and at face value, they seem definitely worth considering.
  4. Barnes 165 and Varget Help

    The ADI website shows Varget (AR2208) loads for 165s: http://www.adi-powders.com.au/handloaders/rifle.asp?Calibre=30-06+Springfield Looks like you can get high 2800s with 165s
  5. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    Had a read through of the current SF thread on AMP and here's what the makers have said: "...Our recent reveal of the AZTEC mode has caused quite a stir and now that we have a moment we would like to clear up some of the misconceptions and assumptions we have noticed. 1. AZTEC mode is NOT a firmware upgrade nor a patch to the existing software. (We are aware that we called it such when we made our original Facebook post and that we referred to it as an "update" in the video but this is simply not the case. We have amended the original Facebook post to reflect this. "
  6. 6mmbr which primer

    I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the 450 primer. It's known to work well in 6BR. I prefer to use the same primer in my BR and the 6- and 6.5x47s. Keeps it simple and it works.
  7. 'Low mag' scopes...

    If the brief is ".222, slim profile, close and up to 200yds", I'd be thinking something like a 2.5-8x36 VX-3. I have one on a bush deer rifle and they're very flexible yet compact
  8. I've spent a lot of time amongst shooters in the US and have never heard the term "heads" used once. I've only ever seen it used (erroneously in my opinion) on this forum
  9. Varminting in Australia

    I'd suggest this claim is mere wishful thinking. Short of straight chemical poisoning or mechanical destruction (ie, bullets), organisms have a remarkable ability to develop resistance and often full immunity given enough time. As they say, time will tell
  10. Varminting in Australia

    Rabbits here in NZ have made a (temporary) comeback. They were decimated about a decade ago when some farmers illegally introduced RCD (Calici virus) but did it in a half-@ssed fashion which delivered a weakened strain. Rabbits have subsequently developed a high degree of resistance to it and it's now pretty useless. Our cat has dismembered two small rabbits (inside the house) in the last week. Gov't plans are afoot to release a more potent strain in the near future. Both the cat and myself will be pretty unhappy when this happens.
  11. Power outage - a tidy solution...

    Deceptive- there's 5kW of PV panels on the roof
  12. Power outage - a tidy solution...

    (followup on old thread) Moved into the new house a few weeks back. Ran a test of the gen connected and it seems sweet. Simply plug it in, turn it on then turn a rotary switch on the exterior switch board from "Mains" to Off then "Gen". Pretty damn simple it seems.
  13. .222 reduced varminting load

    The 35 V-Max will certainly expand well as they manage that at Hornet vels. Just curious- why reduced loads in a Trebly?? It's hardly a Swift, even at full throttle
  14. Automated powder measure

    I've never used a commercial "dispenser" unit like an RCBS/ Chargemaster.. but have seen them in action. Problem is all of them are based round a strain gauge scale, and as you say, I don't trust them either. If I wanted to treat myself, I'd add the Auto Thrower and Auto Trickler to my A and D. For the volumes I do, my more manual system is fine. Getting back to how accurate throwers are, I'd bet that if you looked at a sample of twenty guys using a Harrell to throw H4350, only a very few might come close to an SD of 0.1, and many/? most would be far worse. That's what I based my initial comment on. My old RCBS charger doesn't match the Harrell, but equally, it's not dramatically worse if you concentrate on consistent technique. I however got tired to having to hold my mouth the right way operating a thrower handle, hence the A and D.
  15. Automated powder measure

    I you re-read what I actually said, you'll see I was trying to say embellishing mechanical throwers will never produce precision, such is the nature of volume-dispensing irregular particles of variable density. I enjoy using my Harrell but unless it's bulk ammo using ball powder, the thrower is only a preliminary step to final trickling on the A&D. You're clearly far better than me with H4350 (AR2209). Your 0.6grs variance- is that true SD or some sort of ES?? Excuse me but I used to tutor stats..
  16. Automated powder measure

    Interesting but a waste of time as the accuracy of -any- thrower is inadequate for serious loading. I have several including a Harrell BR model, and they won't do any better than roughly +/- 0.3gr with most big stick powders. If you stick with fine ball powder, they're acceptable but few shooters could live with that.
  17. 6mm calibre choice

    No foxes here but given it's under light, you'd be shooting at maybe 250yds max? If that's the case, a 6BR would be fine. You'd be talking a very heavy 6-284 if you wanted to spot impacts.
  18. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    That'd be pretty anemic wouldn't it? Any idea of MV?
  19. Modified Cases

    Just buy the tap off Aliexpress and make your own from cases fired in the relevant rifle
  20. Varminting in Australia

    I'd guess the big SS rig is at least a .243 or 6Rem the way the 87s rip them apart
  21. 7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    Squirting the same weight solid object down a tighter tube will always be less efficient - friction and fluid dynamics..
  22. 7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    What in particular? I've a well-used 7-08 as closer-range hunting gun but use a .280AI for long range deer.
  23. 7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    If you're only stretching to 600m, any 140 class bullet should be fine. The boiler room of a 7-08 is a tad marginal for 162s. Do the numbers and take your pick. It's a forgiving cartridge for loads.
  24. electric vrs beam scale

    Dead right in my experience. I've had an RCBS thrower for yonks and it's fine for routine use. Ball powders like W748 are very precise with minimal technique practice. I acquired a mint Harrell BR model for very little, and it's no better at throwing those bigger stick powders than the RCBS. If you think about it, coarse stick powders will never flow cleanly through a volume-based measure whose outlet is a rotating guillotine. You just can't avoid cutting kernels.
  25. A professional equivalent of mine is just getting into shooting and has bought the 6.5CM Tac with an ATAC-R and DPT mod. Is really lashing out with Swaro RF binos, AnD 120 with auto trickler, Redding comp die set, ....... I'd guess he's spent ~8K already and still going strong, this before his firearms licence has even arrived. Dead keen. He's been asking me for advice on options. Luckily money is no object so I'm not suggesting cr@p

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