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  1. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    Load testing??? I thought any intelligent buyer of a quality rimfire will try various ammo types to see what shoots best
  2. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    ..but how does it shoot???????
  3. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    Here's a comment yesterday from a guy that works for the Beretta agents here in NZ: .22LR has not started shipping from the factory as yet. Orders for .17HMR will be filled before manufacture of the .22lr begins. We wont see any .22LR here till next year.
  4. Chris-NZ

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    If the application is truly deer shooting, and I surmising here it's gonna be under 500yds, there is NO need to go above 15 power. More particularly, if there's ever any bush stalking, it's desirable to have a bottom end no greater than 4X. I have heap of different scopes ranging from basic 3-9s on rimfires up to various NXS/ATAC-R/ Swaros. My sub-350yd bush deer gun wears a 2.5-8 VX-III and my long range big banger has a 3.5-18 Swaro. I have -easily- shot deer at 350yds with the 8x Leupold. If you want a portable flexible scope, maybe something sized about 4-16x 40/ max 50. If you really want to cut loose "coz you can", go for it but it won't be any more practical than what I've suggested, probably far less. If you're looking at Sightron, one of their 6-24s would be the absolute max I'd put on a hunting gun and I still think it's too powerful.
  5. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    It somewhat annoys me that any factory synthetic stock is immediately described as a "cheap plastic stock". To put the synth T3 stocks in the same category as a Rem SPS shows total ignorance of the build quality differences. The axial stiffness of the T3s is on a different planet to the truly "Sh*tty Plastic Stock" Remingtons. You can use them with a bipod without the inevitable risk of barrel contact, something that can't be said of SPSs
  6. They're the immediate successor to the RPA CG-2000, one of which I have fitted to a McMillan prone stock with a Flexibed block by Tony Halberg ( my now deceased Clubmate). Now in F-TR config after rebarelling etc and still shooting V well. John Hastie is still alive and well, in fact I was helping him today doing the prelim work for targets on our new 1000yd range.
  7. Chris-NZ

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    I just thought you were infatuated with them when I read the thread title..
  8. I'd be very interested in how the rifle got to the UK. My clubmates (one now deceased) built the actions/ FlexiBed bedding blocks and triggers. They originally used Robertson "H&H" stocks, in fact I remember them tweaking the wooden prototypes prior to them being sent to Canada.
  9. Are you talking about dedicated target rifles or possibly a military design?
  10. With your elevation going to hell in random directions, I wouldn't be blaming the ammo or the wind. Loose scope bases, the scope failing or severe fouling would be my suspicions in that order.
  11. Chris-NZ

    Dodgy peepers.

    .. he said, having just got back from the pub :))
  12. Chris-NZ

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Get some Corrosion-X and apply it after washing all other surface stuff off. Reapply it occasionally , especially if they get wet again. I just don't have corrosion issues now with blued guns
  13. Chris-NZ


    Yep, a .204 is a nice point-n-squirt 300yd chambering with spectacular splat factor but it gets murdered by wind past 300yds. Actually, the same applies to a std twist .22-250 shooting light projectiles. If I were starting from scratch, I'd happily get a .204 and maybe later add a 6mm of some sort for longer/ windy shots.
  14. Chris-NZ

    interesting little problem

    What level of crimping ( if any) did you apply? Have you measured neck thickness in these two lots of brass?
  15. Chris-NZ

    .308 with cuts running parallel

    From an H&K probably?
  16. Chris-NZ

    Twist rate

    I second the suggestion for the 53 V-Maxs. These are the most slippery of the "lights" and are very accurate out of my 700VS. Stoke 'em up and you should be getting a far better outcome than your present load.
  17. Chris-NZ

    Lightforce 170 reflector

    There's plenty in New Zealand as fewer and fewer are using them- we've all changed to LED handhelds. My 170 hasn't had any use for maybe three years. Shame you weren't closer else you could have it
  18. At a grand, this is clearly no Chung Wah special... I've never seen anything like that on a quality brand of scope and I don't see why it's "acceptable". Others may choose to differ.
  19. Chris-NZ

    OCD rant!

    They'd now give you extended counselling, special support teachers and truckload of homeopathic organic veges..
  20. Chris-NZ

    OCD rant!

    Ja, das ist rechtig (digging deep into my limited highschool German) 😊
  21. Chris-NZ

    OCD rant!

    Just to be pendantic Phoenix, you shouldn't have an apostrophe in "it's" above. Its is an exception to the possessive apostrophe. The only time "it's" is correct is when it's an abbreviation of "it is". Not that many people care about punctuation or spelling these days, the Americans being experts in the butchery of both..
  22. Chris-NZ

    OCD rant!

    I nearly bit.. 😄
  23. Chris-NZ

    OCD rant!

    You're not OCD Lenteped. Call me a spelling snob if you like.
  24. Chris-NZ

    Tumbler media

    I've mentioned this before but probably worth restating. To really extend the life of the media, getting the lube off cases before you tumble them makes a big difference. I put them in a soft fabric bag (I actually use the full sleeve of a brushed cotton shirt tied off at one end) and pour about 2T of turps down where the brass is. Give it a good random rocking stir-about for ~20 secs and it takes the lube off the cases.

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