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  1. Chris-NZ

    300 Norma Magnum

    That cartridge has become a favourite here for necking down to 7mm. Impressive long range wind performance with heavies
  2. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    It's more the damage to your wallet usually
  3. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    That is very useful info Andrew. Your mix-n-match approach has got rid of quite a few variables.
  4. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    I might have missed something but what distance was that Andrew?
  5. The 'change the gear for lower running cost" argument reminds me of folks who trade their bigger engine car for a smaller-engine car when petrol prices go up. The extra capital spend/ realising the depreciation on the old car would probably have paid for a decade of fuel difference.
  6. Chris-NZ

    Best UK Varminting Calibre?

    Your std slow-twist .223 isn't that flash in wind, in fact the 53 V-Maxs in mine have exactly twice the wind drift as my 6x47L, and that's about the most slippery lower-weight projectile you can shoot through a slow-twist barrel. Just for giggles, I took my old VS Rem .223 out to the club on Saturday as it was only 300yds. While not strong, the wind was from three o'clock switching quite rapidly. You can see it holding good waterline (1/3 MOA) but I got caught on shot number 9 The next shoot, I changed tactic and waited for the dominant condition to come back. I was shooting fast off a bipod so the waterline isn't as tight as the more deliberate shots in the first shoot. Shame about the last loose shot- would have been a 60 otherwise..
  7. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    "5-8mm" @100yds with a rimfire is better than custom BR rigs I'd guess. I'd like to see a series of say four groups shot successively. Any pics?
  8. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    yeh, I'm wondering too..
  9. Chris-NZ

    6.5x47L Dies

    Nah, there'll be a new fashion by then ?
  10. Chris-NZ

    Oceania Defence

    I'm afraid you're comparing apples with elephants there Bradders, The 85 limit applies to std continuous noise, not impulse noise. The mechanism of damage is different for each type of noise. The internationally accepted threshold for impulse noise is that no-one should be subjected to -peak- levels of 140 dB-SPL. You cannot do simple arithmetic on attenuated impulse noise then apply that figure to limits on continuous noise. I am a semi-retired clinical audiologist and have written articles on this very subject in case you're wondering why I'm commenting.
  11. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    Load testing??? I thought any intelligent buyer of a quality rimfire will try various ammo types to see what shoots best
  12. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    ..but how does it shoot???????
  13. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    Here's a comment yesterday from a guy that works for the Beretta agents here in NZ: .22LR has not started shipping from the factory as yet. Orders for .17HMR will be filled before manufacture of the .22lr begins. We wont see any .22LR here till next year.
  14. Chris-NZ

    Opinions on Sightron scopes?

    If the application is truly deer shooting, and I surmising here it's gonna be under 500yds, there is NO need to go above 15 power. More particularly, if there's ever any bush stalking, it's desirable to have a bottom end no greater than 4X. I have heap of different scopes ranging from basic 3-9s on rimfires up to various NXS/ATAC-R/ Swaros. My sub-350yd bush deer gun wears a 2.5-8 VX-III and my long range big banger has a 3.5-18 Swaro. I have -easily- shot deer at 350yds with the 8x Leupold. If you want a portable flexible scope, maybe something sized about 4-16x 40/ max 50. If you really want to cut loose "coz you can", go for it but it won't be any more practical than what I've suggested, probably far less. If you're looking at Sightron, one of their 6-24s would be the absolute max I'd put on a hunting gun and I still think it's too powerful.
  15. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    It somewhat annoys me that any factory synthetic stock is immediately described as a "cheap plastic stock". To put the synth T3 stocks in the same category as a Rem SPS shows total ignorance of the build quality differences. The axial stiffness of the T3s is on a different planet to the truly "Sh*tty Plastic Stock" Remingtons. You can use them with a bipod without the inevitable risk of barrel contact, something that can't be said of SPSs

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