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  1. Chris-NZ

    Glass wearers

    The problem with that is when you're lined up along the butt looking through the scope, you're using the upper portion of spec lenses. Having to hold your head way up isn't what you need..
  2. Here's the last time I shot it- that's 15 shots and I wasn't driving it well.. Those X's are hard to hit
  3. Nah, the orig version by the sound of it but we've never found it an issue
  4. My son's FTR rig has one- very light and it definitely does the job
  5. Chris-NZ

    Accurizing Tikka T3x Varmint

    +1 on that. As a model, they are usually extremely accurate straight out of the box. Messing with the bedding is probably going to cause a problem, not fix an assumed one.
  6. VV data is generally pretty conservative. Have a look at this- LOTS of useful info http://www.accurateshooter.com/cartridge-guides/6mmbr/
  7. Chris-NZ

    couldn't help noticing

    My US mate had one and the vibration was phenomenal. You couldn't sit at 30mph in town as your vision was impaired with the vibs. Had to be doing at least 36mph to make it half tolerable. Honestly Officer.. Much preferred to ride his FJ1200 or the VFR800 (identical to mine, even the year).
  8. Chris-NZ

    Inconsistent Neck Tension.

    There is one variable not raised in reply here (well at least my skim reading suggests so). I immediately spotted the brass had been sonically cleaned and I didn't spot where inside neck lube had been used at any stage. When brass is so squeaky dry clean from this treatment, it can be very grippy on projectiles. I'd be tempted to use an expander mandrel with the neck dipped in graphite (~ Imperial dry lube) after the cases had been sized. This will leave a residual lubrication in the neck and should give more consistent true neck tension. Just a thought..
  9. You'd have a gas-cut bolt face if that was happening
  10. Chris-NZ

    BSA Martini

    The Aussies used to use Cadets for varmint rigs. It remember reading about a lot of them in the Aussie "Sporting Shooter" magazine as a kid.
  11. Chris-NZ

    Remington gone bust.

    It's important to realise that a company being declared "bankrupt " in the US is rather different to the UK (from what I understand) or here in NZ. That status is less dire in the US, ie, there is still a chance of survival.
  12. Chris-NZ

    You know when!!

    The seller has 100% +ve feedback
  13. Chris-NZ

    ear defenders

    You'll never get a perforation from that sort of small arms fire. Artillery close up is a different matter..
  14. Chris-NZ

    ATACR vs Razor AMG

    You'd go a long way to find a more rugged scope than an ATAC-R. Built like the proverbial..
  15. Chris-NZ

    Tika T3 drawing

    You about Edi?

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