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  1. Chris-NZ

    New Tikka rimfire

    It somewhat annoys me that any factory synthetic stock is immediately described as a "cheap plastic stock". To put the synth T3 stocks in the same category as a Rem SPS shows total ignorance of the build quality differences. The axial stiffness of the T3s is on a different planet to the truly "Sh*tty Plastic Stock" Remingtons. You can use them with a bipod without the inevitable risk of barrel contact, something that can't be said of SPSs
  2. They're the immediate successor to the RPA CG-2000, one of which I have fitted to a McMillan prone stock with a Flexibed block by Tony Halberg ( my now deceased Clubmate). Now in F-TR config after rebarelling etc and still shooting V well. John Hastie is still alive and well, in fact I was helping him today doing the prelim work for targets on our new 1000yd range.
  3. Chris-NZ

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    I just thought you were infatuated with them when I read the thread title..
  4. I'd be very interested in how the rifle got to the UK. My clubmates (one now deceased) built the actions/ FlexiBed bedding blocks and triggers. They originally used Robertson "H&H" stocks, in fact I remember them tweaking the wooden prototypes prior to them being sent to Canada.
  5. Are you talking about dedicated target rifles or possibly a military design?
  6. With your elevation going to hell in random directions, I wouldn't be blaming the ammo or the wind. Loose scope bases, the scope failing or severe fouling would be my suspicions in that order.
  7. Chris-NZ

    Dodgy peepers.

    .. he said, having just got back from the pub :))
  8. Chris-NZ

    Tikka T3x prone to rusting?

    Get some Corrosion-X and apply it after washing all other surface stuff off. Reapply it occasionally , especially if they get wet again. I just don't have corrosion issues now with blued guns
  9. Chris-NZ


    Yep, a .204 is a nice point-n-squirt 300yd chambering with spectacular splat factor but it gets murdered by wind past 300yds. Actually, the same applies to a std twist .22-250 shooting light projectiles. If I were starting from scratch, I'd happily get a .204 and maybe later add a 6mm of some sort for longer/ windy shots.
  10. Chris-NZ

    interesting little problem

    What level of crimping ( if any) did you apply? Have you measured neck thickness in these two lots of brass?
  11. Chris-NZ

    .308 with cuts running parallel

    From an H&K probably?
  12. Chris-NZ

    Twist rate

    I second the suggestion for the 53 V-Maxs. These are the most slippery of the "lights" and are very accurate out of my 700VS. Stoke 'em up and you should be getting a far better outcome than your present load.
  13. Chris-NZ

    Lightforce 170 reflector

    There's plenty in New Zealand as fewer and fewer are using them- we've all changed to LED handhelds. My 170 hasn't had any use for maybe three years. Shame you weren't closer else you could have it
  14. At a grand, this is clearly no Chung Wah special... I've never seen anything like that on a quality brand of scope and I don't see why it's "acceptable". Others may choose to differ.

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