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  1. Chris-NZ

    Dried food meals

    I'll make a phonecall. I'd guess you'd be lucky..
  2. Chris-NZ

    REM 700 blueprint

    and don't assume a fancy after-market bolt will always be better. My gunsmith got a PT&G in for a guy - that bolt had 1.5thou runout across the face. He suspects the bolt wasn't mounted correctly in a VMC for this to happen.
  3. Chris-NZ


    The lads round here who have got the following are raving over it: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32952202673.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.d2c533e4sknXVD&algo_pvid=92273cc5-bc44-4035-aafa-9f8f96eb24fa&algo_expid=92273cc5-bc44-4035-aafa-9f8f96eb24fa-0&btsid=b6be2bbe-5d1f-4160-a8f7-02c6b07865fa&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1,searchweb201603_53 Here's an indep review from a true LED torch expert
  4. Chris-NZ

    .22 Dasher varminter

    Lee- have you considered tracking down some of that dedicated Norma Dasher brass? The matching reamers are readily available and I'm sure it'd do the biz
  5. Just leave it in a prominent place on the reloading bench to make things look more impressive
  6. Chris-NZ

    What 7mm?

    A 7-08 should be rebarrel and go. An excellent efficient deer chambering
  7. Shame you're not closer or I'd buy it myself. Very good price
  8. Chris-NZ

    Dried food meals

    Doubt you can get these in the UK but they're good https://backcountrycuisine.co.nz/our-products Used by most of the serious hunters here
  9. Chris-NZ

    Improved 284?

    I'd be interested in comments from both Shehane and KMR users as to what vels they're running, the powders they're using and also the best ESs they can achieve. The reason I ask this is that two F-ers I know are having issues getting their ESs down to acceptable levels. They have no probs getting ME up to the NZ NRA limits but it seems that the pressures they're using as a bit low for optimal ESs. I've just started load devl't on my straight .284 and 51.7 of AR 2209 (H4350) is only getting me 2733 in a 30" bbl. There are no pressure signs there so I'm going to go a bit higher, as well as try 2213SC ( H4831SC). Interestingly, all four shots over a 1.2gr load range went into 3/8" so I'm wondering is this rifle is going to exhibit positive compensation.
  10. Chris-NZ

    RS62 in 6x47

    My buddy was visiting and I had a look up his Creedmore barrel with my borescope. He'd been mainly shooting 140s with H4350 but had recently been giving the bunnies a thrash with 95 VMs/ RL17. He reckoned the round count was no greater than 600 but there was horrible snakeskin firecracking in the first inch. It was explosively impressive on bunnies but he's having a rethink on powder selection..
  11. Chris-NZ

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    The context here is the NRA "law", not the law of the land
  12. Chris-NZ

    Help needed deciphering Redding die nomenclature

    Must be a mongrel then Pete 😀 No idea sorry
  13. Chris-NZ

    Punctured Primers

    Might have ya CCI numbers about face there Varm? 😉
  14. Chris-NZ

    284 dies sorted now

    Value wise, a Wilson FL bushing die for sizing and a Forster sleeved seating die would be your best bet. I have various Redding full Comp sets and they offer nothing more than these other than higher price.
  15. Chris-NZ

    Trigger for barnard action

    Many of us would have assumed you meant a Barnard P, not S. Big difference

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