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  1. 6mm calibre choice

    No foxes here but given it's under light, you'd be shooting at maybe 250yds max? If that's the case, a 6BR would be fine. You'd be talking a very heavy 6-284 if you wanted to spot impacts.
  2. 'Works in everything' N140 load for 6.5x47?

    That'd be pretty anemic wouldn't it? Any idea of MV?
  3. Modified Cases

    Just buy the tap off Aliexpress and make your own from cases fired in the relevant rifle
  4. Varminting in Australia

    I'd guess the big SS rig is at least a .243 or 6Rem the way the 87s rip them apart
  5. 7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    Squirting the same weight solid object down a tighter tube will always be less efficient - friction and fluid dynamics..
  6. 7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    What in particular? I've a well-used 7-08 as closer-range hunting gun but use a .280AI for long range deer.
  7. 7mm-08 bullet reccomendations.

    If you're only stretching to 600m, any 140 class bullet should be fine. The boiler room of a 7-08 is a tad marginal for 162s. Do the numbers and take your pick. It's a forgiving cartridge for loads.
  8. electric vrs beam scale

    Dead right in my experience. I've had an RCBS thrower for yonks and it's fine for routine use. Ball powders like W748 are very precise with minimal technique practice. I acquired a mint Harrell BR model for very little, and it's no better at throwing those bigger stick powders than the RCBS. If you think about it, coarse stick powders will never flow cleanly through a volume-based measure whose outlet is a rotating guillotine. You just can't avoid cutting kernels.
  9. A professional equivalent of mine is just getting into shooting and has bought the 6.5CM Tac with an ATAC-R and DPT mod. Is really lashing out with Swaro RF binos, AnD 120 with auto trickler, Redding comp die set, ....... I'd guess he's spent ~8K already and still going strong, this before his firearms licence has even arrived. Dead keen. He's been asking me for advice on options. Luckily money is no object so I'm not suggesting cr@p
  10. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    Enjoyed shooting my US mate's BPCR for the novelty value (unlike the light .300Wby..) but at home it's 6.5x47 and 6BR for sheer accuracy, and the .280AI for tipping bambis over.
  11. electric vrs beam scale

    Catch-22- Your review of the CM Lite looks great but there is one niggling question in my mind: How do you know the numbers the Gempro displays are accurate in absolute terms? The reason I ask is that -all- stain gauge-based scales are known to be far from immune to drifting. I didn't read the study closely but did you use a lab-grade magnetic restoration force balance to verify the absolute load weights?
  12. Mad Dogs & English Men

    "..but it's a dry heat.." Not my idea of fun, that's for sure.
  13. Water storage - how long

    Obviously dilution works as we've been happily drinking unfiltered roof water for 20yrs on our life sentence block and none of us have ever got crook from the water. Plenty of bird guano in there.. The new house which is near ready has a UV thingo in the line but nothing else far as I know. The town planners won't allow untreated water these days.
  14. FTR Lightweight bipod

    My son's F-TR rig has one and despite looking flimsy, I was surprised how good it is. Can't beat the weight really
  15. Power outage - a tidy solution...

    It's largely a case of you get what you pay for in gennies. I did extensive homework and talked to various trade people before deciding on a EU-70is Honda inverter. Rated 5.5kW continuous and super clean power. The builders on the new house used it the other day during a planned outage and three sets of guys were running power tools off it with zero issues. I had the electrician put in two input sockets ( need two as they're only 15A each) with the correct switching gear. We'll be able to run the freezers, water pump (live on a life sentence block), some lighting circuits ( all LED) and a couple of specified power points. Will keep us more than ticking over I hope.

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