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  1. Hi folks I have been told about a chap in Wales who fits adjustable cheek pieces aftermarket , to McMillan stocks ... has anyone had one done on here? if so could you post a pic let me see his work please ? ... I have on top authority his work is excellence ... I’d just love to see style etc cheers paul
  2. sauer

    KRG Bravo remmy 700 long action

    Anybody got a remmy 700 long action KRG Bravo stock they selling? paul
  3. sauer

    Tikka t3 bix n Andy trigger

    did this sell ? are they handed? Would it go on left handed action T3? paul
  4. sauer

    .284 win Doughnuts

    Thank you 🙏 what i keep being told too paul
  5. hi folks looking for details or if Gary on here to contact him with regards to work being done by them please cheers Paul
  6. sauer

    .284 win Doughnuts

    What weight of bullet are you using weejohn ? Just nosey .... the thing that put me onto this was huge amount of choice for 7mm available. have you used it on wild boar at all? paul
  7. sauer

    .284 win Doughnuts

    I have authorisation for .284 but I want just for hunting , plinking....not looking for any extra case prep etc. working with a damn good gun smith last few days on a job and he said just .284 reamer to saami spec ...not tight spec reamer...and no neck turning and should be fine ? i thought key to this was no neck turning ? other wise it would be Norma brass straight off. paul
  8. Hi folks have a .22-250 T3 hunter in wooden stock & as with every rifle I ever have or try can’t get sufficient cheek wield. My .25cal I have Mcmillian etc and I’m done playing with cheek risers that shift all over place or kydex & Velcro etc . just found out about KRG bravo but no Left hand inlet but I’m told people have made a slot on LH side for this . Has anybody here done this mod ? cheers Paul
  9. Hi folks I have a Sako .22-250 M591 LEFT HAND action rifle here . The barrel I’ve had bore scoped & inspected by Grant Taylor in Dundee & precious person has stored this with a mod on upright as 8” approx from muzzle down is corroded. The rest of rifling in first half of barrel is good. I’ve had rifle for good few years but not used it hard .... I always got or shooting 1-1/2” and that was good enough for minute of roe ! And I have a custom .25-06 I us a lot more. Recently I decide to try to finally find a load to sweeten this right up but couldn’t improve the group hence I got it borescoped to find barrel corrosion as described above. I was going to rebarrel this but priorities have changed. This would be ideal rebarreled or a donor action for someone Has a McMillan stock with after market adjustable kydex cheek piece fitted which was bedded by Grant Taylor in Dundee also. I have the original stock too which is in good nick but has had something spilt over it and marked it ... would benefit from a rub down and redone Also set of 30mm optilocs & based on action I would include Rifle is 1/2” unf threaded I’d like to sell as complete package but if doesn’t go I may consider breaking later £500 incl RFD my end
  10. sauer

    SGA Annual Rifle Shoot - Saturday 7 July 2018

    Do you have Iain email address or phone number ? was there no badges issued for the fly hitters this year ? cheers paul
  11. You can get metal filter for aero press now?! Didnt know that! I carry mine everywhere ! Abroad with work etc... try pace brothers coffee the McNab & the Ghillie blends .....part proceeds to back to GWCT & a fishing conservation charity I believe paul
  12. sauer

    quality mincer

    Go look at weschenfelder website and buy the inox no8 but with full stainless head from trespade in Italy... the difference young is same mincer but cast head that’s coated ...stick with full stainless had mine for years done lots of roe with it over years http://www.weschenfelder.co.uk/butchers-equipment/mincers/electric/inox-no-8-stainless-steel-electric-mincer-220-50.html Paul
  13. Ok it's not a Rolex or a tag or an omega But I have an original citizen aqualand I got given to me when I was 19 ....I've dived with it and worn with work all over world.....but it's stopped .....took it local thinking it was just battery replacement, but guy says no & it's above his level ..... Any recommendations on watch repairs ? I've never had to send a watch away anywhere and I was told Citizen the,selves will charge more than watch is worth but I'd love to get it working again ...sentiment more than anything else Paul
  14. sauer

    Hornady ELD X no thump

    Really interested in your 6.5-06 .....easy enough to get dies... load data etc? Paul

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