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  1. quality mincer

    Go look at weschenfelder website and buy the inox no8 but with full stainless head from trespade in Italy... the difference young is same mincer but cast head that’s coated ...stick with full stainless had mine for years done lots of roe with it over years http://www.weschenfelder.co.uk/butchers-equipment/mincers/electric/inox-no-8-stainless-steel-electric-mincer-220-50.html Paul
  2. Ok it's not a Rolex or a tag or an omega But I have an original citizen aqualand I got given to me when I was 19 ....I've dived with it and worn with work all over world.....but it's stopped .....took it local thinking it was just battery replacement, but guy says no & it's above his level ..... Any recommendations on watch repairs ? I've never had to send a watch away anywhere and I was told Citizen the,selves will charge more than watch is worth but I'd love to get it working again ...sentiment more than anything else Paul
  3. Hornady ELD X no thump

    Really interested in your 6.5-06 .....easy enough to get dies... load data etc? Paul
  4. Hornady ELD X no thump

    Really interested in your 6.5-06 .....easy enough to get dies... load data etc? Paul
  5. Dumb question time? Barrel lapping? ...I'm guessing It's just quite a severe "polishing" to smooth out any microscopic anomaly ? Paul
  6. Power outage - a tidy solution...

    All home electric wiring aside ..... For those who want o keep it dead simple for now ...as in power goes out ...I wan to run couple of freezers .... I can wire a plug that's it as far as electricity goes for me .... which is voodoo ! So how do you work out if the generator you have is fit to run say two chest freezers ? Basically how do I work out capacity and capability? And can anyone recommend a generator ? Looking for something so that If I'm away from home wife can fire it up turn of a key and plug in e freezers say Cheers Paul
  7. Hi Lubo Can you give me price please for a unit with discs for .25-06 & .22-250 please ? Including post Paul
  8. As per title Hornady concentricity gauge wanted Anyone got one of using? Any restrictions on buying from US with this Item? Paul
  9. sorry disagree abuse take many forms and I'm sure yourself if spoken to in a certain way would eventually turn around and say no stop crossed a line, and would only take so much bullying maybe only verbal but in lot of case have ruined lives or even caused folks to take their own life due to abuse freedom of speech is one thing abuse is not freedom of speech paul
  10. CZ452 & a Drone pro

    hi guys has anyone bought an add on pictinnay rail for their cz452 .22lr? secondly has anyone used their drop pro on said rifle and rail ?? if so does the bolt foul the mount at all would this be doable? cheers Paul
  11. Lighting / Lanterns

    http://www.thebushcraftstore.co.uk/feuerhand-storm-lantern---the-original-german-lantern-and-the-best-3779-p.asp Meant to be good wee lamps .... Paul
  12. Water proofer

    Diverdave has a waterproofed called Repel , spray it on let it dry then get heat into the garment and it's amazing , he's a friend of mine & ive sprayed heap of stuff hats jackets jumpers etc Deal direct here https://sites.google.com/site/wadersrepairs/ Or get from eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122188254665 He's a gent to deal with and spend time telling you how to use get most out of it Paul
  13. Water storage - how long

    the water butt is fully closed , it sits at back of the garage and comes with a kit to tie it into the downside od the drain / guttering , there is also a basic filter .... But it is enclosed and not see thought to Suns Ray's , so the frogs are safe.... Or toads as is what hangs around the garden.... Yup agreed not the most appetising but if needed .... Water supply is interrupted .....and of course would be boiled the hell out of before using maybe throw n some purification tablets too? I have no experience with such tablets....if you buy them what ones to get what kind of shelf life do they have ? Paul
  14. Water storage - how long

    Water butt at back of garage , filled from guttering on the garage . Tee'd into a don pipe to drain, not the cleanest but doesn't take long to fill with weather we get . I'm guessing the biggest hassle would be boiling it as needed for drinking / cooking . Paul
  15. Shooting Mat

    http://www.monarchcountryproducts.co.uk/monarch-branded-range/monarch-range-mat Very good product very well made and good bit cheaper Good bunch to deal with Paul

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