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  1. Foxshooter

    Sharp feet for Harris bipod?

    Thanks TJC. Sadly not the claw design I was looking for, never mind MArk
  2. Foxshooter

    Sharp feet for Harris bipod?

    What is the US company you were looking at? Phoenix Tactical seems to have disappeared? Didn't have any joy with the ebay item number Mark
  3. Foxshooter

    243ai bushings

    I have a spare .269 TiN bushing £20 posted? Mark
  4. Foxshooter

    choate stock

    Try Andrew at Riflecraft, he may have an odd one laying about. No promises as LH are not very common Mark
  5. Foxshooter

    .300 win mag Rifle

    My friend in Leiston Suffolk has a fantastic 300Winmag for sale and is near enough for you to drive over and have a look if youre interested Mark
  6. How did you find the unit? I only ever saw this as a prototype Mark
  7. Foxshooter


  8. Foxshooter

    rcbs primer

    Just out of curiosity did you contact RCBS directly? Mark
  9. I'll take the Amax please if they haven't sold Mark
  10. Foxshooter


    Thanks for the input. The rifle was a bitsa, made up of stuff I had been collecting in the back of the wardrobe. Its only a stainless Rem700 action so certainly not a BAT or Stolle! The barrel was secondhand from Elwood many many moons ago so I don't think its too bad and I'm certainly no bench rest shooter. I'll continue to play with the load and hopefully on a solid bench with a favourable wind if I can get 1/2-1" I'll be more than happy Mark
  11. Foxshooter


    sorry I wasn't very clear. Top and bottom rows are matched, ie first target top and bottom is 29.5gr. second target top and bottom is 29.8gr and so on. Not ideal having to shoot from the floor but as no concrete bench was available on the day it was the best I could do. Didn't want to load up dozens for each powder weight initially but dip a toe in the water and see if there was an area/wt that warranted closer attention. Next time I'll make sure I have access to a solid bench and will lad larger numbers of those I want to examine closer Need to get a chrony set up too Mark
  12. Foxshooter

    Hare Head Damage (What Bullet)

    .22 Hornet is a good calibre. We used to get a lot of damage with BT bullets but changed to a SP round and things were great. We only used to shoot them late autumn when they made good weight and the dealers were paying well. .17HMR is also a cost effective round
  13. Foxshooter

    RCBS chargemaster Lite arrived today!

    With my old CM when the charge has finished dispensing you get an audible beep and the number of charges/count is displayed. This then reverts to the actual weight dispensed. Its at this point I see if there has been an overcharge or the weight is what it should be. I've never seen an undercharge Mark
  14. Foxshooter


    Had a bit of a play with some N140, Lapua brass, federal GM205M primers and the 105gr Amax yesterday. I've attached a pic of what I ended up with. Any helpful advice accepted. This was shot from the floor with a bipod as no bench was available so there is bound to be some pilot error in here. I'm looking for accuracy initially rather than velocity. The lowest charge seems to look the best, don't know whether to try another couple of loads at the lower end to see if things tighten up further? Cant remember if horizontal stringing at the 30.2gr is a primer or seating issue? Mark
  15. Did you ever work out a load for the 107gr HPBTM? I have found a load of these at the back of my cupboard and since my .243AI doesn't like them the 6BR might be a way to use them up! Mark

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