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  1. squirrel eating

    I remember looking forward to a rabbit and squirrel stew I'd done in the slow cooker. By the time I'd got in from work my partner had woofed all the small pieces of 'rabbit'.
  2. Rabbits and .22

    Rws hp subs suit my old finnfire best.
  3. Applier's Remorse: .22 or .25 for FAC air?!

    My mate runs a .25 wildcat at 46ftlb which is rather sweet.My .22 rapid runs at 33ftlb which is nice and flat too. But you're into a bit of money with a new fx and sorted rapids are getting rarer now.
  4. Scopes

    Hi Ian in view that you did not get the messages in order.I'm willing to stand back in the que if pork chops offer is acceptable to you.
  5. Scopes

    How many turns do you want.If your offer had been acceptable to the vendor then the scope would have been sold to you.
  6. Scopes

    Hi I'll take the 4-16 target master if payment by cheque or pp as a gift transaction is ok. Pm me thanks Neil
  7. Best Wellies?

    Derry boots for me.
  8. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    .17 fireball , followed by .223, leastwise fun .22lr
  9. What's happened to these subs?

    That's quite a bit shorter.Ill have to try some in mine.
  10. Know Your Quarry. Rabbit.

    I think parts of Essex have been hit by the vhd over the last couple of years. Certainly some of my shoots have been decimated and they are not over shot.
  11. 17hmr vs small CF

    Hmr still has its place in my cabinet,fits in nicely between .22lr and .17 cf. Particularly as the ammo quality looks to be improving.
  12. Subsonic rifle scopes

    I'm trialling a Nikko stirling panamax 4-12x50 with hmd reticule on my finnfire. Bargain offer price around £100 at the mo.
  13. Anschutz ejector

    Does anyone have extraction problems with live cases in a 64 action (1417).Mine extracts fired cases ok. Thanks
  14. Best Rimfire - straw poll

    Instructions are a suggestion for the fairer sex. Tin hat on.

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