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  1. Phil, If you click on Becks 7 profile it says. Location Wigan Lancashire HTH
  2. SteveW

    Harrells Compact Press

    If anyone has a Harrells compact press in either .308 or magnum that they would consider selling, please contact me. Thanks Steve.
  3. Arrived today, thanks Dave, absolute pleasure.
  4. Including P &P? Yes please SE, to one (1) box, pm me payment details and I'll send it over straight away. PM sent Cheers
  5. SteveW

    Sponsor Bradders

    Great pictures Mark, thanks for posting. What is Gavins bike?
  6. SteveW

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Thanks Matt, In the post on Wednesday, hope they work out for you.
  7. SteveW

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Hi RI, As the PM, £20.00 to Bradders "Distinguished Gentleman's Ride" for the 90 bullets if agreeable with you? Cheers Steve
  8. SteveW

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Made some space. Just sent you a PM with a list of eleven different options I have in your range criteria but have a fair few more in the 36g to 40g range if of interest. Cheers
  9. SteveW

    Sponsor Bradders

    Done and shared, please post a few photos of the day. Best wishes
  10. SteveW

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Rem Perri, How many are you thinking you're needing? I've got bloody thousands of probably never to be used bullets, and have a fair few that should give you a good start. Drop me a PM to remind me and I will send you a list of those that may be of use to you. (Not doing it tonight though, too knackered) Cheers
  11. Someone on The Stalking Directory after a pair, I've posted a link there. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/154651-Swarovski-10x42-EL-Binoculars?p=1412715#post1412715 Good luck
  12. SteveW

    6mm Berger VLD 87Gn Hunting

    Try messaging him on here, never had a issue with Mark, superb service.
  13. SteveW

    George Balfour

    Very very sad news. My heartfelt condolences go out to all the family & friends. I will surely miss the presence here of a great man. RIP George.
  14. SOLD Thanks Sam, I wish I could have kept it but a 20 Dasher build meant it had to go.
  15. 220 Swift Ackley Improved Remington Stainless steel short action with detachable H-S Precision magazine. Kreiger stainless steel fluted 26” barrel with 1:14 twist fitted by Callum Ferguson/PRS. Manners GAT tactical elite/100% carbon fibre, AI spigot, fully bedded. Badger bolt knob. Jewell trigger with top safety. Custom rear extending picatinney rail with 8-40 screws. Wildcat moderator. Versa pod steel bipod. I have priced this as the sum of its usable parts, even though this rifle still shoots superbly, 778 documented rounds fired. The barrel has marks on it where the moderator has been screwed on/ off and the stock has a few rub/marks. £575.00 - Please ask if you'd like more photos or details. Advertised elsewhere. There are also Newlon Pricision and Redding dies, Norma brass available if you decide to continue with one of the ultimate foxing calibres available.

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