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  1. Happy New Year everyone

    Happy New Year to all on UKV.
  2. Drone Pro 15x Questions

    Greg, Great honest review, Starlight were supposed to be manufacturing an adjustable switch for the Dragonfly, but that was a while back and I'm not sure if it ever materialised, which may help you. Is that with the Middlestead?
  3. 6mm calibre choice

    Justin, i use a 6/284 with either 95g Patitions at over 3500fps of the 87g Hunting VLD's at over 3600fps with a 25" barrel in a lightweight ETac, and a WT1 75-3, without being graphic, the thermal see's all, most shots taken from sticks.
  4. Log in

    I had a similar issue at first, I found I had to delete the link in my favourites and re-save it with the new forum link and log in details. Works perfect now and I'm lovin it, lovin it, lovin it with the new look.
  5. Hi Thunder stick Can I take them all please, I will contact you again this pm when I get home to arrange payment Thanks Steve
  6. Harrells powder measure

    Cleared some space Justin, please try and send again.
  7. Harrells powder measure

    http://harrellsprec.com/index.php/products/premium-powder-measure Got one of these if of any use to you. £150 collected
  8. D760 Night vision scope

    Hi Colin, I've got a D760 / Centaur 165 with an XR5 auto gating tube, custom laser mount etc etc. If of any interest to you please send me your email address for photos etc.
  9. Boring BAR22

    Over the years I've owned, sold and come back to a .22 semi many times, including 2 full on Volquartsen variants, one even with the VX aluminium stock and none would shoot with that consistency, credit to shooter and rifle builder. I hope you bought as much of that batch of the SK as they had.
  10. Boring BAR22

    Very impressive, what ammo Matt? Tenex?
  11. 20 vartarg

    Mine favoured Vit. N 130, but I also tried N120, H4198 & R7. 18.4g with 35g Bergers, which are a really good bullet on fox, which I still use in the 204 Ruger. 18.7g with 32g Sierra BK's. I will post the load devolpment targets, if I can find another way without PB. It was under .5" with both bullets, and I will post average velocities too.
  12. Terry, Would you consider selling one of the U2 separately?
  13. Cz 527 / 221 fireball mag

    I've got one, but won't be able to get to it until Friday. If your interested pm me your email address and I'll forward some photos. Steve
  14. Apologies I missed that in your original post, I never used the reamer. Just as you "A mid life crisis" that never happened. Good luck in your quest

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