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  1. Are these high med or low mate?
  2. Price drop to £850.00 for quick sale.
  3. Hi Tony, it's the NF model mate. 8th minute of angle target turrets (covered) and end parallax
  4. As above, illuminated 2DD ret. in used condition but not abused, the odd light mark and ring marks but no crushing, this is a very good scope. Sold with warne rings. Any one wishing to view before they buy is most welcome. Currently on my Cooper 6.5 x 47. Bought for long range bunny bashing but never got around to it! Pictures to follow when I work out how to post them as its telling me that the file is to big to upload! £850.00 first to say yes and pm me. Cheers Andy Can email photos....... Price reduced from £900.00 to £850.00
  5. between the eyes

    Case stuck in resize die

    Case stuck in resize die on .243, how the hell can I get it out? Whilst resizing some cases I have got one stuck, the die is now out of the press but the case is still in it, what can I do to get it out please? Cheers BTE
  6. between the eyes

    Mackerel baits

    I've used tinned tuna before, that's good too.
  7. between the eyes

    Mackerel baits

    Before you think that I've gone daft in the head yes I do know that it's the varminting section, so read on. I was fishing last Saturday and aside from cod, ling and pouting I caught a couple of mackerel, I saved them to use as bait for ling on the following day but the weather scupperd that plan and so I was left with two nice sized fish that hadn't been gutted and so were not fit to eat. So last night I decided to use them for bait, this time to tempt a fox. I knew where I was heading and set up on top of an old concrete building about 5 foot high, nicely grass covered so it wasn't cold. The field that I was on was stubble and I placed the two fish 90 yards away from me in a dip, this was perfect as there are houses about and so I could ensure a good safe back stop by tempting foxy into a pre ordained section of the field. I arrived just as dusk was taking hold and as the light faded into darkness I started to scan the field with the night vision, half an hour passed and I caught a glimpse of something moving along the opposit hedge line some 350 yards away, I watched it move along its length and then it turned and melted back into the trees, I'm sure that it was a fox but with houses behind it and their lights interfering with the nv I wasn't sure, also the mackerel were down wind so it was not going to get the scent. Another 30 minutes passed and then from my left I saw the unmistakeable silhouette of a fox, he was on the scent and I quickly fixed the nv onto the scope, looked to where I'd left my bait and he was there, I saw him sniff at them, walk around them and then as he bowed his head to pick one up I let the Howa do the rest, the report came back as I saw him drop on the spot, a perfect heart shot. He was a cracking dog fox, one of the biggest that I've ever shot, massive body bulk. Photos
  8. between the eyes

    Howa 1500 Varmint

    Would you be interested in selling the jewell trigger mate? I didn't even know that they made them for the howa.
  9. between the eyes

    6.5 x 47 Lapua

    It's the Jackson Hunter Terry. Stainless steel. It's a year tomorrow since I ordered it so I'm looking forward to getting it now. Thanks for the replies guys, plenty to get through there.
  10. between the eyes

    6.5 x 47 Lapua

    Thank you matchking.
  11. between the eyes

    6.5 x 47 Lapua

    Hi Guys, I have just been informed that after a one year wait my new 6.5 x 47 Lapua (Cooper) will be delivered before the end of the month. So I have bought some Sierra Spitzer 120 gr heads and Lapua brass, now can anyone please share with me a good load for this bullet weight, it will mainly be used for hunting not target. It's a hunting rifle, with 1 in 8 twist and a 24 inch tube. Thanks in advance.. BTE
  12. between the eyes

    HMR ammo, big problem.

    Well after little over an hour they have got back to me and I'm impressed, they want the rifle and ammo, they will check the rifle out and do any repairs. Thats customer service, however I will see where this takes me and report back.
  13. between the eyes

    HMR ammo, big problem.

    HMR ammo, big problem. Has anyone had any issues with regards the cases splitting? I don't want to mention the maker yet as I have just wrote to them but not yet had a reply. Last night I was shooting rabbits and on the 12th shot there was an almighty bang, I ejected the cartridge and the primer end was split, this had in turn set off the two rounds in the mag too. Now I also have a bullet in the barrel and naturally I am worried that the rifle is knackered. What do you think I should do? I know that the rifle needs to be checked by a gun smith but do you think that the ammo maker would be liable for costs? Thanks Andy.

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