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  1. Full bore moderators won't be cheap, been a while since I brought one but I would expect you to have to spend £200-£300 range Duey
  2. Nightforce Reticle change prices

    Believe it's optics warehouse
  3. Lack of obturation

    How old is the brass? Could it help to anneal if you don't already?
  4. Lenteped I am not sure of what clubs shoot at the ranges but off top of my head you have Beckingham at Newark Strensall near York Catterick up near scotch corner All of which are MOD ranges Pickering club have their own range 100, 200, 300 yards, not sure on visitor rules for the club though, they only have two guest days a year Offas Dyke shoot at Warcop but that's a field firing range, a little less formal than a galley range and not marking of fall of shot Other side of the country you have Diggle, private range Altcar, liverpool ish MOD range And another range on the Dumfries and Galloway/ Cumbrian boarders, sorry cannot remember name You will probably need to find clubs that shoot at the ranges and see what the visitor rules are Good luck
  5. Kroil

    I used to do a 50/50 mix with shooters choice as my barrel cleaning fluid for years Moved on to KG and C2R now
  6. I shoot at Barton Road regularly, and live in Lincolnshire, and it's a 2 hr drive in the wrong direction
  7. IMR 4166 FOR 308

    I would check if it's REACH compliant before you commit to using it as most Hodgson powders are not and will probably disappear next year
  8. FTR Lightweight bipod

    Try Davy at the shed he does a good bipod but limited production but I think he has a couple left in stock
  9. 6.5 for Fox

    An open ticket usually indicates the condition to each rifle individually for its use If you have an 'open ticket' with a rifle on it that is only conditioned for target use you cannot use it in an open ticket situation, only on approved range etc etc so just check all your rifles are covered on your 'open ticket' before you use it as if nothing else any insurance you have may be invalid if 'incorrect' use of the rifle results in an incident, god forbid !! I assume your aware of all this but may just be worth a quick re read of conditions before use
  10. .308 home loads

    I would try N140 & N150 behind the 155 scenars I usually find best seating depth at 10 thou off the lands with scenars i have had rifles in the past that worked best with46gr N140 but saying that my current 308 preferres 44 gr I would suggest you try the slower powders and see how you get on I think the current manufacture max loading for 155 scenars with N140 is about 44 gr so work any loads up slowly in no more than .2 gr increments
  11. Case neck annealing and primer pocket slackness are two different issues without any real crossover Annealing of case necks is to maintain a consistent neck tension, as workhardend brass will not spring back, or size, in a consistent manor. Annealing may not give any discernible difference in field condition shooting but I believe that a lot of bench rest shooters can see the benefits. Some people just do it for piece of mind, others for longevity of brass life, and some for improved or maintained accuracy I would not consider your statement of a mild load to be accurate if you are getting slack primer pockets after 12 reloads. I have 308 cases that I have lost count of the reloads that still have reasonable primer pocket tension Your load may not be a hot load but I would say it is not mild either
  12. New Brass prep and new load to develop

    I would say unless your shooting top class BR then just load and shoot your Lapua brass out the box Neck tension is important and the common ways to set it are either use a bushing type sizing die or use a mandrel to set the neck tension after you have sized it with standard dies I don't use Lee dies apart from for my .357 U/L so cannot really comment
  13. Call or pm Davy of the shooting shed I'm sure he will be able to suggest or sort something for you
  14. Midrange scope

    Sightron and Bushnell are two brands that spring to mind straight away may even get vortex in that price range
  15. Sonic cleaners for brass

    +1 on the Lem unit, bought one 12 months back, should have done it years back

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