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  1. 6mmBR

    George Balfour

    Sad news indeed, thoughts going out to all family and friends.
  2. 6mmBR

    F class open debut

    Well done Neil, glad you enjoyed your day. Cheers Dave
  3. Bipod now sold Magazine now £45 including postage Cheers Dave
  4. Sold to Phil, thanks for looking Dave
  5. I have 3 unopened tubs of Varget all the same lot number available. £45 per tub Collection only from Swansea/Cardiff or I'm at Bisley quite frequently to. I will also be at Diggle for the next F class league shoot in a fortnight Cheers Dave
  6. Sorry I should have said the Bipod is a 9-13 Cheers Dave
  7. I've got a Steyr SSG 5 shot .308 magazine for sale £45 including postage Harris Ultra light non swivel bipod £45 including postage. SOLD Cheers Dave
  8. 6mmBR

    Hogdon H1000 availability

    I have 3-4 tubs of H1000 kicking about if that's any good?
  9. 6mmBR

    Wanted: H4350 Powder

    All gone now sorry Mark.
  10. 6mmBR

    Wanted: H4350 Powder

    How many tubs are you after?
  11. 6mmBR

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    A friend has a .222 T3
  12. 6mmBR

    Barnard P trigger

    Simon, try Mik as importer of Barnard I'm sure he'd have spares? Also HPS carry a lot for Barnard actions, may save on shelling out for a whole trigger. Cheers Dave
  13. 6mmBR

    Tikka Donor Action M590 / M595 / T3

    Which bolt face are you after? .308 or .223
  14. 6mmBR

    HBN Powder

    Contact Ian, he had some a while ago.

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