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  1. 6mmBR

    4831sc replacement

    Yes it’s good in the 6.5x47 isn’t it. I use 41.5gn with a 140 Hybrid and shoots just as well as my old H4350 load. Nice when a load works well and pb’s are very satisfying
  2. 6mmBR

    4831sc replacement

    Yes and it works very well but I like to steer clear of double based powders if I can. Cheers Dave
  3. 6mmBR

    4831sc replacement

    RS62 is a much better powder than N560 and it’s single based. It has very similar characteristics to H4350 my .284 loves it with 180 Hybrids, start around 51 grains and work up. Mine likes 53.4 which gives a velocity of around 2900fps Cheers Dave
  4. 6mmBR

    March 10x60x56 HM turrets clicks

    I just rely on the feel to be honest. With hearing protection on and during a competition with Gun fire around you I doubt you’d heear them. The most positive clicks on a scope I own is on a Night Force NXS and I can’t hear those. cheers Dave
  5. 6mmBR

    March 10x60x56 HM turrets clicks

    Mine are quite positive and easy to dial and know exactly where you are without have to look at them. Cheers Dave
  6. All now sold subject to the usual. Thanks for looking.
  7. Sold to Paul subject to the usual. Thanks for looking. Cheers Dave
  8. I have 150 6.5 Nosler 100gn Ballistic tip bullets for sale. 3x50 bullet boxes. £55.00 inc post the lot Cheers Dave
  9. I have available 2 bulk packs each containing 250 Hornady .224 55gn V max bullets. £60.00 per box including post Cheers Dave
  10. Selling a set of Warne 1” medium piccatinny rings Same as these in as new condition. https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk...-pa-rings-201m£22 posted. For sale else where also. CheersDave.
  11. Thanks Lee, that’ll just go nicely on my 1980’s HW77k Cheers Dave

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