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    Bullet sizing dies

    I got mine from a member of a US forum called castboolits, I ordered several times from him. The guy´s name in that forum is lathesmith. He makes sizing dies in 1/1000" steps, whatever size you like. He is making lube holes where you want, quality is very good. If you order from him, tell him greetings from Jay Jay from Germany, he is a good guy.
  2. Laurent, merci beaucoup, je va prendre sa poudre, mon ami! A bientot et bon chance, Jo 😎
  3. Well, I´m not a pro in software, but how about unload and load the App again? Otherwise you might contact Borisov? http://www.borisov.mobi/strelokpro/android/default.asp
  4. Hey BERGEON, thanks for your reply. Holy cow, 2840 t0 2850 with a 147gr. bullet, that´s a lot in a 24" barrel! Did you test the RS70 with 140gr. bullets too? As the Hornady´s prices seem to be exploded, I´m tending towards the 139 Lapua (45ct. against 30ct.). So I´m just wondering, if the RS 70 would give more speed to the "lighter" bullets too. According to QL, the N560 and the N160 are a bit to progressive, the N550 is at max. P with 97% loaded volume. So on paper, regarding velocity and loaded volume, RS 70 or N550 are close.
  5. Hey guys, I´m searching for a jacket for all weather conditions to stay shooting no matter what. Strong layers on the shoulders, ellbows, butt area wouldn´t hurt I guess? What do you use? Any recommendations?
  6. Jayjay1

    Reloading. Data help needed

  7. I´m on the almost same route. Working with a Tikka T3x CTR 24" barrel, the 139gr. Lapua Scenar and the 147gr. Hornady ELD-Match gave me the best groups until now. I´ve had the N150 on hands, going up to the RS 60 and am now testing around with the RS 62. On the high end QL would give me more velocity with the RS 70, even with the 139gr. bullet, but just almost burn all of the powder (99% at max. P). VV seems to be a bit out of the race, because none of their powders seems to fill the gap. Again playing around with QL, regarding case volume, burnt powder rate and velocity, N550 seems to be the best option. N160 and 165 are to bulky and N560 is to slow on the books. So RS 70 is worth a try? Did anyone test the N550, too? Cheers, Jay
  8. Jayjay1

    6.5 Creedmoor Load Data

    Hello guys, I´m a Krautshooter circling around exactly this subject, with a Tikka T3x CTR 24" barrel. Found this topic by googling around and it was dead-on. After testing 8 bullets I got stuck with the 147 Hornady ELD Match and the 139 Lapua Scenar, which gave me the best precision so far. Not already at that point where I want to be, but getting near. Tested 3 powders also, the N150 (which I had on hands because of my old .30-06), the RS 60 (which was a bit to fast) and am gambling around with the RS 62 right now. Primers are Remington LR. My goal is to get as fast as possible being as accurate as possible. The 139 Lapua has a V0 of 2800 fps and the 147 Hornady is around 2680 fps with the RS 62, above those velocities first pressure marks appear, so I´ve been settling there. Precision is around 0.5 MOA or slightly above 0.5 MOA. I´ve read inhere, that CCI primers are recommended. Are they more consistent? I also thought about testing another powder to maybe gain some tighter groups or/and a bit more velocity. Because of availability I would prefer Eurpean powders, RS or VV. Has anyone tried the RS 70 or the N160 in the 6.5 CM? Any response, info or help is appreciated. Cheers from the Black Forest, Jay

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