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  1. tubby10

    New flexible borescope

    I was just warming up for doing my own colonoscopy.
  2. tubby10

    New flexible borescope

    Mine was relatively quick 3 days via amazon, are you sure you want to do this though? I was very happy not knowing what everything looked like inside and it’s made me paranoid. you can’t un-see all that fouling you thought you’d scrubbed away.
  3. tubby10

    Sako A2 bolt guide mounting ring

    Bit of a long shot and it’s my own fault for taking it apart but I broke the above. Sako part numbers S3351311or s5940222. My RFD spoke with GMK and they had quoted up to six months. I’ve tried most online places I know and will proceed with that if nothing else comes up. Just wondered if someone had one knocking about that they’d be prepared to sell?
  4. What a lovely scope, mount and price. Wish I was in the market just now.
  5. If this hasn’t already gone or falls through, I would be keen to take the 308 brass. Many thanks
  6. This has had the fore end filled with devcon to improve the rigidity, a small rail and a skim bedding of the recoil lug. It had the bottom inletted for a magpull bottom by Dolphin. I now have 3 stocks and only one gun so this has to go. £180+postage
  7. I would be keen to take this off your hands if still for sale
  8. tubby10

    Delta Stryker 4.5-30x50 ffp milxmil

  9. I have for sale a used IOR operator in very good condition, less than a year old, purchased from here. I am selling to fund a ffp scope other than that the scope is excellent and I really liked it. the rear mount lower screw was scratched when I used the wrong bit and it snapped, the screw still works to the required torque setting. Comes with lens covers. £1350 new and warranty running from 22/05/2018. if possible I would like to get what I paid for it. £850+pp happy for face to face sale in Glasgow. Have higher resolution images available if you pm your email.

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