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  1. Murphy2para

    100 to 1000 yards scope.

    Thanks guys I’ll check them out still undecided about MRAD and MOA too 🤯
  2. Murphy2para

    100 to 1000 yards scope.

    Sorry meant to say” have heard great rifles”
  3. Murphy2para

    100 to 1000 yards scope.

    I’m torn with the tikka and Ruger at the moment haven’t heard they are great rifles but heavier than the Ruger how do you find them? I have my eye on a 20” Ruger locally bit different but a bit cheaper to begin with. cracking setup though 👏
  4. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    Thanks guys I’ve got some downloads and have looked into some local less restrictive ranges too. fingers crossed 😊
  5. Murphy2para

    100 to 1000 yards scope.

    Gents, Bit of advice please I’m looking for a new scope to shoot targets between 100 and 1000yards, not sure what to go for? Im hopefully mounting it on a 308 RPR so many different options out there, I have a budget around a £1000 new or used. any advice would be great? Thanks
  6. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    May well look in 300 blk, not as many to choose from but it opens up my options. Thanks Guys 😁
  7. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    There has been 308 on my local range how effective it was I have no idea, I’ve never attempted to hand load so I will take my time and make sure I get someone to walk me through a few loads before I do safetly.
  8. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    I had considered throwing the lead down range 🙋‍♂️
  9. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    I think long term Offas would be good just want to get the right setup locally first.
  10. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    I opted for it on my ticket always liked the 7.62 in the forces. 100yrds but may join a regional club to get further out once I’m ready.
  11. Murphy2para

    308 essentials

    Hi Guys, I need some help as I’m just about to bite the bullet and purchase my first 308. My local range has a limit of.. 2150ft/sec. on muzzle velocity and 1496ft/lb on muzzle energy applied to all smokeless powder ammunition up to .45 so I’m guessing factory ammunition isn’t suitable. I need to get the bare essentials to reload and didn’t want to break the bank? Any advice would be great...😊 cheers Murph
  12. Murphy2para

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    Sorry my mistake

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