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  1. D Johnson

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Just standard SNP approach to something that does not interest them or will go down well with the perceived views of the urban power bases they rely on to keep them in power. Remember the state appointed guardian for every child fiasco, the sheer arrogance of that was unbelievable, Air rifle licence etc etc, SNP are blessed with a disgusting amount of we know what’s best for you controlling left wing socialist individuals in positions of authority propped up by the greens. People need to look past the independence rhetoric and actually take a look at how they perform as the governing party in Scotland.
  2. There’s some really nice kit being spoken about here and also some really big numbers money wise. I’m not knocking anyone who has the money and inclination to spend heavily I’ve been there myself with the likes of Armalon Remington 700s, TRG 41s etc etc, the buzz from owning and using such kit is great but to be honest nowadays you don’t have to spend massive amounts to get something that will undoubtedly shoot better than most people are capable of. The one rifle I use the most and have kept the longest is an old Anschutz 1427, don’t underestimate the basic skills you can hone cheaply and unobtrusively with a decent moderated 22lr trainer. Good luck with whatever set up you end up going for.
  3. Cheers Guys Few other people have said the same, seems like a lot of hassle as the actual swap back to non FAC capacity takes about 15 mins utilising all the original parts and could be verified in mins.
  4. Hi All Awaiting some feedback from the local firearms licensing guy ref the option of putting a semi auto shotgun previously converted to section 1 back to a shotgun cert. Wondering if anyone has had any experience of this or any idea what the steps would be. Cheers
  5. Thanks for the reply to the PM. Anyone out there know if any of these are compatible with a Stoeger 3000 semi ?? cheers
  6. D Johnson

    Pigs and 45/70

    Hi Ran a Remington rolling block in 45/70 for a while, Good fun at the time and it got me into reloading. Regarding using the same rifle for boar hunting and range work well I’d say the novelty will soon wear off as what makes it a good quick handling rifle for boar will no doubt not make it much fun for a prolonged session at the range. Mind you each to there own and if it sits in the cabinet until next time apart from honing the skills is that such a bad thing. Access to a moving target range would be handy.
  7. D Johnson

    Triton 42 5/8 x18 UNF 243 moderator

    Hi looking for an Aimzonic triton 42 mod to go on a heavy barrel 243 cheers
  8. D Johnson


    Ill be looking at average 1.5 to 2 inches at that distance putting it through a Sig 522. To be honest most of the time it’s way less distance than that doing pest control work at night. I use normal eley subsonic in my 1427 and it will normally hold an inch at around 100 yds but won’t cycle the 522 reliably.
  9. D Johnson


    Eley contact is what I’m using in a 22 semi works great, cycles far more reliably than the normal Eley subsonic.
  10. D Johnson

    GRS berserk pillar bedding

    Both rifles are howa heavy barrel and both stocks exactly the same. 243 does the business no probs but the round count is never high. 223 is fine until a few rounds are down and some heat generated. Not enough to affect the barrel I’d say as the groups stay tight but the poi defo shifts. Both stocks and actions set up exactly the same, decent mounts and glass on each. It’s not a show stopper but more annoying than anything.
  11. D Johnson

    GRS berserk pillar bedding

    You may well be right shuggy !! My only other experience with aftermarket stocks has been H.S. precision VS profile models on a pair of Armalon Remington, solid no hassle bits of kit 👍. Hated the PSS model palm swell mind. I may try the mod I spoke of as it won’t cost me anything and if it works then great. Ergos on the stocks are great 243 with same stock does what it’s supposed to do but it’s only ever 1-2 shots max. but the 223 group wandering after a good few rounds bugs me big time.
  12. D Johnson

    34mm medium Picatinny mounts

    3-12x50PM11 on a pic rail, 223 Howa Varmint fluted. Medium, offshore right now so can’t do any measurements I’m afraid.
  13. D Johnson

    GRS berserk pillar bedding

    Cheers for the reply’s guys. I’m of the understanding that the existing moulded in pillars are of a stronger more dense material than the surrounding stock material. I may look at the option of drilling out a reduced amount of the in situ pillars and going the interference fit route or even look at a thinner walled pillar with a fine thread to bite into the parent material inserted in to offer resistance to what I think is varying levels of compression occurring when things heat up. I may be wrong but It’s worth looking at.
  14. D Johnson

    benelli m2 vs m3

    Stoeger semi not a lot of money new, had this converted to FAC myself years ago although they now do a dedicated practical/FAC model. Been a great tool never missed a beat regardless of what it’s been fed.
  15. Hi All Anyone had experience of fitting Ali pillars to a berserk stock. I’ve had problems in the past with the group wandering around. Tried experimenting with torque settings etc. Currently looking to upgrade the glass etc and hopefully iron out any glitches.

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