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  1. Gungrinner

    Rings on brass after resizing

    I just wanted to ask if this was normal to get concentric rings on the brass after resizing with a Redding type s bushing die? I have just purchased the die and am still finding my way with it. Lapua palma .308 cases and lubed with the Lee toothpaste stuff. Die has a .336 bushing installed. Die was also cleaned before use. Thanks
  2. Gungrinner

    Wanted: Used Rear Bag for f-class

    After having a few issues with keep on target at my last Bisley outing I am after a new rear bag. If the bag is mounted on a base that would be great. After a used one to save a few beans. I am at Bisley on 9th June with the Dorset Rifleman. Thanks
  3. Gungrinner

    Targetmaster Powder Trickler

    The website says it's not suitable for a Lee safety scale. I think its because of the size of the balance beam on the Lee. Could you not make a light weight flag to cut the light beam ?
  4. SOLD Lee Precision Pacesetter Rifle 3 Die Set 308 WIN New never used £32.00 posted to UK
  5. Lee Precision Safety Primer Feed Small and Large # 90997 NEW & UPDATED Version. New never used. £25 posted to uk
  6. bums.... there was me thinking it was a chance to win a nightforce scope😏
  7. Gungrinner

    Tier 1

    on the web site now and can't find any sign up info?
  8. Gungrinner

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    Almost as good as the fortune teller that didn't turn up to a gig due to "unforeseen circumstances"
  9. WEIHRAUCH HW100 KT .177 Accurate rifle in excellent condition, Comes with fill probe and 1 x mag. £560 Bournemouth
  10. Gungrinner

    100 to 1000 yards scope.

    Just by looking round the site most recommend the Sightron 8-32. £950 on beay now.
  11. Gungrinner

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    I don't mind. I just want the best "bang" for buck and be competitive at a club level.
  12. Gungrinner

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    Thanks I want to reload and do load development.

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