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  1. WEIHRAUCH HW100 KT .177 Accurate rifle in excellent condition, Comes with fill probe and 1 x mag. £560 Bournemouth
  2. Gungrinner

    100 to 1000 yards scope.

    Just by looking round the site most recommend the Sightron 8-32. £950 on beay now.
  3. Gungrinner

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    I don't mind. I just want the best "bang" for buck and be competitive at a club level.
  4. Gungrinner

    Indecisive ftr, Savage or Custom?

    Thanks I want to reload and do load development.
  5. Unfortunately I don't have loads of cash so I am looking for a used FTR setup. My club shoots an in house completion at Bisley once a month and I want to join in the fun. I have shot a few different rifles from a Rem 700 to a custom Valkyrie. The rifles feel different but no one is miles better than the other. I have been told by fellow club members that the savage is designed for factory ammunition and load development is difficult. I have not shot a savage ftr but you hear good reports. There are some interesting items for sale at the moment and I can't make my mind up. Help...
  6. Gungrinner

    FTR Newbie

    PiercedMrsP What did you go for in the end? I am in the same boat as you and can't decide.
  7. Please can I have scope and rail specs?

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