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  1. Pat Allen

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    Ok sounds as though your sorted ! 😀
  2. Pat Allen

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    I think as long as it’s consistent then it’s all good . I tend to re size necks 4 thou below after firing then anneal , clean resize body then use mandrel to open necks . Works for me but make sure cases are clean inside . Run my loaded rounds over concentricity gauge and none are more than 2 thou out so whatever your happy with ! 😊
  3. Pat Allen

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    Ok Terry but are you sure you need 2 thou neck tension? I only do mine to 2 though as have a tight neck on my f class rifles . It doesn’t take 5 mins to take the 1/2 though off though 😊
  4. Pat Allen

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    Reloading Solutions sell the Sinclair expander and turning mandrels. They are not custom but expanders are -1.5 thou from nominal and turners -2.5 thou . In both stainless and carbide. I’ve cleaned my stainless 6.5 and 7 mm expanders to -2 thou with fine wet n dry and oil in a drill press.
  5. Pat Allen

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Lee pot is ok but you’ll need to ditch the thermostat and just regulate it with a digital thermo. Dead easy when you get salts from AC pure . Keep temp to around 520c for great results .
  6. Pat Allen

    Extra Tall 3 gun cabinet

    Hi all anyone have a small but extra tall gun cab for sale . Needs to be at least 55 inch high internally . Thanks
  7. Pat Allen

    284 win reloading dies

    Yes thanks Brillo . It’s been fully sorted I hope . See you soon
  8. Pat Allen

    F open front rest wanted

    Hi all . Looking for a f class open front rest if anyone has one for sale . Thanks
  9. Pat Allen

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    I had a Golden Eagle that didn’t track properly. Swapped for another without question . No issues with replacement
  10. Pat Allen

    284 win reloading dies

    Hi all looking for some quality reloading dies for 284 win . Preferred redding or Wilson with bushings .
  11. Pat Allen

    6.5 Creedmore

    Depends how far you want to shoot with it and what your expecting from the CM ?
  12. Pat Allen

    For sale

    Hi . I am interested in the rifle. Could you send more pictures please ?
  13. Pat Allen

    Hornady ELD variability

    Yes I think I’ll be doing the same as cannot justify them when they claim 0.2g tolerance.
  14. Pat Allen

    Hornady ELD variability

    Hi all . Has anyone experienced weight variability in ELD bullets? Just checked 2 boxes from the same batch and had variability of 1 grain between top and bottom. My Berger hybrids only vary by 0.2 grains between 500 rounds .
  15. Pat Allen

    6.5 Creedmoor

    I shoot a 24 inch in 6.5 CM and it holds 4inch at 1000 yds with 140 g ELD’s doing around 2650fps . So I’m happy with that and good barrel life .

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