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  1. Gwyn

    Cheap tactical scope

    I owned a Rudolph 6-24x50. It was a very good scope with very decent glass. It was the same model as the link but bare in mind, the glass is different in the 5-25 and as far as I know, not as good. I have looked through the lower end hunter series and they look good, not as bright as more expensive scopes. The 6-24 comes out of light optical in Japan so the glass is sharp with a lovely floating dot ret. I dont have it anymore as I upgraded to a Zeiss v6. My uncle has a S&B 4-16 and we compared it against the Rudolph. The S&B was sharper but at low light, there was very little in it. The review in the link go on about mushy turrets, they are a little mushy but putting lighter oil on them helped a lot. I shot it out to 500 yards and always returned to zero perfectly.
  2. Not FFP but I’ve got a Zeiss V6 for sale on here. The turrets are amazing with a solid zero stop. It’s got a hunting ret in it so it’s lovely and clean.
  3. I have decided to sell my 6 month old Zeiss V6. 5-30x50 ASV turrets No.6 ret It was bought as a hunting/target scope and the ret is amazing in low light but since I've gone down the night vision route for hunting I want to try FFP on my target rifle. The scope is in mint condition with crystal clear glass. Also the turrets have brilliant clicks and a solid zero stop. I don't really want to post this scope but can hand deliver anywhere in Wales, boarders and the South West. Will sort something further afield. Comes with original box and a set of Butler Creeks. £1,100 Its also being advertised on the Stalking Directory Cheers
  4. Gwyn

    What scope?

    Not heard of them. I will have a look tonight. I am still leaning towards the Zeiss V6 though. The glass was very nice
  5. Gwyn

    What scope?

    Thanks for the info David. I am tempted by the Delta, just might be a little heavy for my Sako Finnlight. Also looking at the new GPO scopes.
  6. Gwyn

    What scope?

    Hi there I have been looking at the Zeiss V6 5-30, how did the Delta Stryker compare to it with regards to glass quality?

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