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  1. ds1

    The Shooting Show

    Well we had a bloody good show, four of us on the stand were kept busy . Hope the NSS goes as well. Never got a chance to have a walk around the show.
  2. ds1

    Long range scope options.

    A good option would be to go to the British Shooting show (15-17 feb) and have a look at many choices under one roof. The big marquees S&B, March, Swarovski etc will be there plus major retailers- Optics warehouse and Sportsman’s. if you are shooting a specialised disciple then the optic will be quite specific eg f class - light optic, high mag, 2fp, fine dot reticule. Top of the food chain for this are the likes of Nightforce Competion and March 10-60 x56 high master scopes. For LR or ELR the IOR crusader with 100 moa of elevation and March Genesis with 400 moa of elevation are worth a good look. For something more versatile FFP I would be looking at the new March 5-42x56 PRS scope and the S&B 5-45x56 with the new LRR reticle. (Hint we have ordered two of those for our AI rifles).
  3. ds1

    Show us your shotguns!

    I have a Saiga 12 for customers. Gives them quite a grin knocking over plates and poppers with slug at 50m. With a 10 round stick of trap you can get surprisingly fast on plates but to be honest I have zero interest in it. Saiga 12, Max Rounds brake, Magpul folding stock, side mount and cheapo red dot. Pic shows stock 5 round mag but generally use 10 round mags.
  4. ds1

    Accuracy International ASR

    To follow will be the AXSR, apparently mid next year. Said to be all US made, so the £1m question is will it also be made in the UK? Seems like they tout the following “improvements” - not bonded action ( 5 bolts hold chassis and action together), two position safety on chassis, AR type grip, different bolt geometry, Arca Swiss forend thingy, still keeping key slot on AXSR though..... and on 338LM. Caliber adapters done by magazine rather than by a chassis insert. Personally I’m not interested if it’s not made in the UK. I must have drank too much AI cool aid on the Artic Warfare (AW) trigger - works anywhere, bonded chassis stability and the advantages of a 3 position safety and ease of bolt disassembly. Guess we will be getting the chassis kit one way or another anyway.
  5. Getting near to the BSS show. This year we (Czech Tactical Pursuits) are exhibiting at both the BSS and NSS. Everyone is welcome to stop by for a chat or just to put faces to names.
  6. I would like to move it, so reduced to £1300.
  7. For sale gen 1 Kahles 624i (6-24x56) scope- ffp, mil-4 reticle, mil/mil turrets, butler creeks, excellent condition. £1200 including postage. Does not include rifle or mount or bubble level . Replies by pm please ( I check notifications to my gmail much more frequently than replies on the thread).
  8. ds1

    Pistol shooting abroad

    MM, thank you for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you and your mates again and please stop by for a brew at either of the shooing shows.
  9. ds1

    Pistol shooting abroad

    Thank you for the replies OA and bd. bbrc, if you would like more information please contact myself or Craig via pm, email or phone our details are on our social media on my sig line. We will also be exhibiting at the British Shooting Show and Northern Shooting Show this year if you ( or anyone else) would like to stop by for a chat and a brew.
  10. ds1

    UK Distributors too greedy?

    As a training provider we tried for the last 3 years to hold our prices, just adjusting for ammunition prices from our suppliers. This was a mistake. This year we have to increase our base course prices by around 20% to stand still. Now when you say that people think “gouging “ however most people can understand when you explain that prices have gone up - food, accommodation, fuel and mainly in our case the exchange rate has dropped from 37 czk for 1 gbp to 28 czk for 1 gbp. The problem is getting the opportunity to explain. Lesson learned though, small annual increases of around 7% are the way forward for us. On a personal note I decided to treat myself to another “me” pistol. I had tried and liked the Sig x5 Supermatch. This model is imported into the US as a German made product although Sig has a manufacturing facility in the US. The European and US prices seem comparable. I also tried a STI DVC Omni pistol, full retail in the US is around $3800 but retails here (Europe) for around $4800. This is not unreasonable given import paper cost, transport cost, broker cost, proof cost and the general hassle, time and headaches the importer has to go though. For an importer these are a specialty item with a limited market and a lot of cash can get tied up in having just 5 or 6 items in n stock. I know because I have imported rifles and optics from the US myself and I would much sooner pay someone else a few quid and not have the hassle. Profit is not a dirty word.
  11. I have the blue weather meter. It works very well. There seems to be only this and the Kestrel which give real time data. The weather meter will work with StrelokPro app and also BallisticsARC (free) app. StrelokPro is better but BallisticsARC has some interesting features using google maps. There is a green version too but seems to be the same as the blue from what I can tell. The internal compas on the weather meter is probably not as accurate as on your mobile phone. There is a choice which compas to use but I have found using the one in the meter to be fine for my purposes. Also it is good to set the Bluetooth connectivity to high power - a bit less battery life but better connection. Best review has been done by Richard Utting on YouTube who compares the weather meter against the Kestrel.
  12. ds1

    Convergence of tech

    Swarovski seem to be moving in this direction too. I remember the 5-25x52 from around 2017. Obviously intended for the hunting market but they could refine it for more target / tactical markets.

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