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  1. ds1

    General Reflextion

    Yes..... but more importantly: Jezza: crap at playing Santa. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1236655/The-moment-Santa-Claus-revealed-Jeremy-Corbyn.html Boris: nails it: Love Actually ( was that Lammy’s bint?) https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/boris-johnson-recreates-iconic-love-17391769.amp
  2. ds1


    I’ll play, if that was EDC from 1972, I’ll have the Speedy. The squeeze of hand winding it each day would still be worth the juice ( esp 1969 moon watch). ........my todays EDC ( really, I’ve just put it on the night table) Cz P10c with Docter red dot, kydex IWB holster, kydex OWB mag pouch and mag, Huawei 2 smart watch, OTF Hogue knife and iPhone not in picture. It all feels like plastic crap..... no soul. .......EDC in 10 years time : watch ANON and be very afraid.
  3. ds1

    General Reflextion

    Matt, the world has gone bonkers.......sort of off topic but just the Jewish thing..... wonder what Harriet Bradley thinks of JCB ( especially as Boris just did a plastic wall with one). Complaint lodged with OECD about JCB allegedly not preventing abuse of its machinery in Palestinian occupied territories Chirst on a bike..... if I were CEO of JCB I would not be supplying any JCBs for foreign aid projects or anything in the Gaza Strip. Never mind all the good stuff you can do with a JCB....... withdrawing all heavy plant from Palestine sounds like the only way to stop Mrs Miggins tea and hash shop from getting a facelift.
  4. ds1

    General Reflextion

    Del, I hope so..........there would be a majority here to bin the EU but the politicians are too bent ( fingers in EU gravy train.... google Babis and Storks Nest fund for an example of our PMs sticky fingers) to have a referendum.
  5. ds1

    General Reflextion

    I hope Boris gets a majority ( a substantial one) and a reasonable form of Brexit is delivered. Anything else would be a betrayal of the referendum. This is not particularly good for me as a Brit living in Europe but for me principles come before my personal gain or comfort. Corbyn, a total terrorist supporting bawbag, beggars belief how anyone could vote for that.....for example: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/news/10492471/jeremy-corbyn-co-sponsor-event-ira-terrorist/amp/
  6. ds1


    Hi Andy, yes you should or at least the opportunity to have one and CCW it if you choose. I watched the bridge incident on live tv - great respect for the British public and police.
  7. ds1


    My EDC, sort of on the same principle ( cz p10c with Surefire x200). Someone somewhere will add a picatinny rail to a Narwhal........just to be WOKE
  8. ds1

    March Genesis

    The AW 50’s are an excellent bit of kit. I had the older version with the recoil system ( aka spring) in the butt. This made the cheek piece non adjustable but you could add padding. I also only used it in 50bmg but I got excellent results with lathe turned solids. I always used a Nightforce nsx on that rifle. The USO would have been a non starter due to mounting height. I would strongly recommend against a USO sn9 scopes having had two 80mm and one 58mm ( the 58mm I only had briefly). The issues were the same - the scopes do not hold poi or track. To explain: what you have in effect is a front ball / gimbal joint and on the rear two pusher springs holding the tube against two micrometers, that it - that’s all that keeps the scope body in place, now when you turn the front parallax you can see the reticule displace a small amount left or right using a collimator. I came up with a fix of a round pin in the bottom of the gimbal that USO made and installed in my scopes, this solved the rotational shift but you still got vertical shift from shot to shot as you always have some play in the gimbal for the evelation and windage adjustments to function ( ever wonder why the old Unertil scopes had a spring over the scope tube - in essence creating a return to battery system). In the end the scopes to me were not fit for purpose and there are better systems out there as mentioned.
  9. ds1

    March Genesis

    SRGNXL, personally I would not buy another one. The two sn9’s I had did not track as consistently as conventional scopes ( on my USO collimator) nor did they hold POI as well which came down to tolerances in the front gimbal. There were also other issues - a long / extended picatinny rail is needed to mount the optic and with a 80mm objective mounting height is very high ( obviously an adjustable cheek piece is needed). Resolution was excellent. The best of breed of that system would be the March Genesis. From what I understand there are no POI and tracking issues and the integral mount is of reasonable length. If your not doing a fully dedicated ELR setup a ‘ normal scope’ with either Ivy mount or Charlie Tac unit would be the way I would go for a more versatile setup.
  10. Hi Dave, many thanks for the info. What is the recipe for 90grn SMKs with RS 52 please? ........time for me to get out of my 308 and 338 comfort zone.
  11. Hi Dave, a mate has ordered a JP Rifles 224 V ( semi-auto ) which I think I will be doing the reloading for - so a good chance to steal it at every opportunity- really want to see if it will hold its own out to 800m and possibly use it in a comp or two. Already have the brass and Berger hybrids.
  12. ds1


    Hello Del, you need to speak to your fashion advisor Rory - I hear FKW West Ham kit with flip flops and a red beard is the in thing :) .........imagine the pink slacks and straw lot would be somewhat bemused. From what I saw at bisley ( admittedly some time ago) I guess there were a few distinct “culture” groups - camo everything - which can be a cost effective option from army and navy stores on line, Gucci Lakeland wear such as Direct Alpine and Bergen’s etc that cost an arm and a leg or best China 5:11 crap. Personally I would go with army surplus gore-tex rain coat and leggings ( Czech army surp gore-tex is excellent quality, if you can get it ), Lidl thermal underwear, spend money on quality socks and goretex boots ( Meindl) as nowt is comfortable if your feet are wet and cold and a half decent fleece and gloves with army surp trousers.
  13. For rifle I have a pair of MSA Sordin with gel pads. They sit well and don’t interfere with the cheek piece on the AI. For pistol and carbine I have a pair of electronic peltors, they wok well and take a fair bit of abuse.
  14. ds1

    How many shots makes a group?

    The best explanation that I have heard is that a three shot group can show you what does not work well in your rifle but it takes a five shot group to show you what does work well in your rifle.

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