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  1. ds1

    Accuracy International Special Tool

    My AW is old school so a different chassis- sorry no help. Again old school idea is to mark with a pencil the bolt heads and a witness mark on the chassis and torque back to the same position ( not necessarily the same torque though ). More an issue is that the action is bonded to the chassis.
  2. ds1

    Accuracy International Special Tool

    With the skins off does the chassis look like this? ( older AI AW). Not my rifle but it’s the same. If it does I can take the skins off my rifle and do some pics. https://images.app.goo.gl/9aCzKKWA4VgbQNhn9
  3. ds1

    Accuracy International Special Tool

    Which screws ? on which model rifle? - a picture may help. AFAIK my AW and AXMC screws are all metric. If it’s an AX / AXMC then threre is an Allen key under the cheek piece that can remove many of the Allen bolts in the rifle ( not all).
  4. ds1

    Mounting a Harris bipod on a Picatinny rail?

    Basically any picatinny to stud adapter - cheapo Caldwell would do the job or expensive ADM QD mount. The Caldwell from what I remember sits decently in the saddle of the Harris bipod. https://www.amazon.com/Adaptor-picitinny-Compatible-OEM-Replacement/dp/B004MCLGV4
  5. Following on from what snakeman said, please can both parties take a deep breath and use pms to resolve this issue if possible and delete inappropriate comments. For-sales, are really a transaction between two adults and for the most part FAC owners. I will refer this to other admin also.
  6. Lee, I was on the trijicon website having just bought a SRO red dot and noticed this on some YouTube feeds. I hope to get a butchers at it at the IWA if they are there. If it is that good it will be copied by everyone. I wonder how they have managed LIDAR and Doppler at that price point - don’t know if it is 3D wind reading or not. The future anyway will be talking about work flow and how something like this will talk to the ballistic calc in the scope ( Steiner mx7i). The turrets will be there like the sport mode in a dsg gearbox.
  7. Early days yet, but here’s the future - wind reading capabilities by LIDAR. The specs are not too impressive yet - 5k ranging and out to 500m wind reading but give it a few years with more competition specs should get more impressive and prices go down ( still not bad for $8k). https://youtu.be/idLG4oN4o8U
  8. I Would consider splitting scope and tripod. Also I would consider a px on a high end scope ( S&B pm2 etc).
  9. Have a look at UKTactical. Myself and shooting partner use the WAS belt system - very versatile. Features an inner Velcro belt, Cobra belt clasp, and any variety of mag pouches, first aid kit, dump pouch, pouch for laser and or notepad.
  10. ds1

    AR fun

    Catch and Gazzar, the Alien is a very interesting and very well made pistol but I think it is very niche specific - and I am not really sure what niche - for IPSC it would probably not qualify for production as only 500 pieces sold to date, it’s also hammer fired and not striker fired or da/sa all of which preclude it from Production class. Limited class? I guess and Open but then it has to make major Power factor to be competitive- possible with 9mm but in very specific designs. I have shot it but only about 20 rounds, it is a quality piece as it should be with a £4K price tag. The fixed sight rail is excellent for RMR type optics and the trigger is good but no better than the Theta trigger on my p10c in terms of smoothness or reset. Gazzar - it works on the same principle as a HK p7. Gas retarded blowback - only with the Alien the gas piston and cylinder are above the barrel so allowing a very low bore axis which in part translates into reduced muzzle flip. However recoil is recoil and your wrist end up absorbing it. A couple of downsides to the system are heating and over heating you have hot expending gasses within the pistol frame / piston cylinder ( this was also an issue with its predecessor the HK p7). TMJ bullets need to be used - no open lead based bullets again due to the gas system. I still like the design but want to see where it is in about 5 years. I think the company did the designed the CZ Scorpion S3 and sold the design to CZ . At the moment it’s hard to see it competing with the CZ Shadow 2, which is a more versatile platform for about £1k.
  11. ds1

    AR fun

    I don’t think so but Diamondback make their own stuff so it’s worth an ask. I will ask next week.
  12. ds1

    AR fun

    The thing which surprised me most was the price. The prices seemed very much in line with US prices. This was very refreshing. By comparison I was in the market for a gucci 2011 STI pistol for myself ( from a different company) in the US they set you back about $3k or so but by the time they get to Europe $5k or there about. Seemed like a lot of gouging going on somewhere so I decided to stick with European made products. Anyway it was nice way to end the year with a bit of range fun. Hope the New Year starts off the same way.
  13. ds1

    AR fun

    Hosted a company offering Diamond back rifles from the USA on my range today. A bit cold but plenty of fun. Diamond back offer a lot of bang for your buck, from basic m4 clones to AR 10 platforms in 308 win and 6.5 creed and a bit more gucci stuff in 224 Valkyrie. These are of course semi - auto in CZ. Pics before I mounted some Eotech,s on them. 6.5 creed below - decent brake, good trigger, mlock forend , stainless barrel..... I think for less than £1500 are the food was good..... better than a KFC’s bucket anyway
  14. One possible consideration is if you want a mag feeder or not. It is possible to have 6br feed from a mag but they don’t generally work well with over 5 in a mag ( AICS mag mods) and factory offerings like a Blaser lrs2 have a less than optimal twist rate for target pills. A more “general purpose “ rifle like a Tikka T3 Tac A1 in 6.5 Creed would get you into a platform for around £1700 that could be later customised when you have a better idea of your specific needs and wants. It is a perfectly good platform for CSR, PRL, Mc Queens etc out of the box but could be sold with not much loss if your interest take you down a very equipment specific route ( like f class). I would avoid semi-custom or custom at the start. You tend to get less return for your money if you wish to sell it.
  15. ds1

    Aw mags & Aics mags

    Hi Lee, from top of mag lips to bottom of mag latch (bump) on the mag is 42mm. From top of back of mag body to mag latch (bump) is 32mm. Actual mag catch on rifle is 41.23mm and best guess bottom of AW bolt body to top of mag latch 39mm

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