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  1. Very nice Andy. I can tell you that your work is very much sort after by Czech and Slovak shooters.
  2. Drivinfish, please come for a brew, biscuits and chat. We will have some Czech soft beverages at the bss but I will be taking something a bit stronger to the IWA.
  3. From the NEC website: Parking is free and accompanied visitors under 16 go free. For more information visit https://www.shootingshow.co.uk
  4. Edi, we are exhibiting there as Czech Tactical Pursuits, stand D6 ( rifle section, somewhere near Accuracy International I believe). Please stop by for a coffee and chat. I will also be going to the IWA for a look around - will bring a bottle of Czech special for you - I much appreciated your hospitality last year. Anyone else on the forum (other than internet angries) please stop by for a chat and a brew - might even be some fig biscuits if I haven’t scoffed them all.
  5. If you want to talk about cheating start a new topic. Post not related to bench v prone will be deleted.
  6. ear defenders

    MO, what was the issue with the Sordins? We give our clients basic Peltors for range use and for pistol/ carbine courses as instructors we use the same Peltor mil muffs because they are electronic and can crank up the volume to here what’s going on behind the firing point. In my rifle kit I have Sordins, the wiring or rather the rubber wire sheathing seems more durable on the Sordins, plus they fit my head a bit better and do not contact the cheek piece which is important for comfort and keeping the pads sealed against your head ( little use otherwise). Everyone’s face shape will be different so what works for one may well not work for another. The biggest difference that I notice between muffs is weight. If they are electronic or not. Doing a weeks carbine course wearing electronic muffs all day it Is nice to change out to bog standard light muffs. The electronic gubbins is just a necessary evil for us.
  7. ear defenders

    MSA Sordin, supreme Pro -X,. I prefer the gel ear seals too.
  8. One of the key things to me is getting a good low ES , so a good chrono is a must (lab radar) . I did some load development for a friend: 84 grains vhit n165, coal 91mm with new Lapua brass, 250g scenar, CCI mag primers and got an ES of 3 m/s over a 10 round string in an AI AXMC. I do occasionally shoot farther but 800m is more practical for me to do - a low ES makes for tighter groups at that distance.
  9. Silverstone Shooting Centre

    I am a range and training facility owner, be it in a different setting with a different market segment. Bottom line is that if the range gets bums on seats it will make a profit and survive - good for both owner and shooters. The price point will depend on may things like investment, time, wages and taxes. As a business if the owner can get twice the amount of clients for 100 quid than 175 quid it is just good business to do so if the variable cost are more than covered. Debating someone elses business model seems inappropriate to me however one example is my domestic clients (club) are by my invite only - they do not form a significant part of my business plan and I would suspect the Silverstone range will also need to make similar decisions like attracting police use (guaranteed income) over private shooter use. In other words I would not be happy as a plod force paying a higher rate than private shooters. Think about it from the range owners view - what would you prefer- regular income and memberships or shooters turning up infrequently. I know which I prefer. People should also wake up to other cost - marketing is a fairly large one for us. Eg the British Shooting Show, for two and half days cost 1200 quid, add in food, accommodation and transportation and you are well over 2 grand for a 3mx3m empty box but rather than whinge about it, the cost are factored into the pricing. Ps BSS cost are nowt compared to the IWA (fortunately I dont need to advertise there).
  10. which calibre do you most enjoy shooting?

    338 Lapua in an AI AXMC and 9mm Para in a variety of AR 15’s, striborgs, glocks , sigs and the latest hotness cz P10c.
  11. Please, take time to read the 'for sales' forum rules! Location is required, otherwise the advert gets binned.
  12. No more American powders?

    Somewhat more of a concern is the EU trying to enact a Regulation ( member states must comply) to ban projectiles containing lead. 'The Committee for Socio-Economic Analysis (SEAC) and the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) of ECHA will have findings available by June 2018: they will be sent to the European Commission, which will take the decision whether to include the proposed restrictions in the Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation. Being an EU regulation and not a directive, there will be no way for Member States to adopt it in a "soft" way' - Firearms United. The UK may well be out of the EU before adoption but would still be odds on to adopt it anyway. It's an EU gun ban by the back door. Powders, there are European alternatives but converting to lathe turned solids is going to be a pain.
  13. Just on the lever release - if dropping a substantial amount of beer tokens why not wait until the British Shooting Show in February and have a look at Southern Gun Company and the XCR from Benchgrade Brands (Ewen) both were at last years BSS. Or for less cash but ticking your fun box a vz58 (858) lever release, imported I think by Caladonian arms? They are very well made for what they are and served the Czech army well for many a year.
  14. The only other thing that I have tried the vz59 cone on is an AK47. This was to reduce flash for NVD use. It seemed to work well enough. I think the SAK tube is very workable if you play around with internal coatings - something rubberised or maybe foam pipe lagging tube. May not be durable but worth a try if you use an alloy ring spacer for the first inch or two to absorb most of the blast.
  15. Matt, google vz59. They use a cone with no chamber. I will see later if I have some video of my vz59 being shot. I have a spare cone lying around. I could measure thread size. if it is what you are trying to do I will post to you.

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