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  1. Price reduced from £350 to £290 - I want it gone.
  2. Paul, if I split I will give you first refusal on the 10-10 scales. Price £110 including postage.
  3. At the moment looking to trade as a whole. If I decide to split I will give you first refusal on the TM. Price £95 including postage.
  4. WTT rcbs 10-10 scales boxed in excellent condition ( had from new - never damaged). Plus Target Master trickler and rcbs uniflow powder measure c/w stand, two drums, micrometer screw for one drum and normal screws for both drums, uniflow has a powder baffle and a drop tube / trickier thingy also. What I want - rcbs Chargemaster 1500 ( new version) or rcbs Chargemaster Lite ( preferred). Reason for sale - I have both and the 10-10 scale and Target Master is more accurate I think but I am getting lazy - just want to push a button and not think about it. Please pm for more info / pics. I will make a decision on what is offered for a trade - if anything. This item is not first come first served.
  5. F/s Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 c/w holster, strap, boxed. Very good condition, no scratches that I can see on the lenses. Please pm for more pics / info. Price now £290 inc postage. Reason for sale - a have another laser that I use more than this one.
  6. ds1

    Rifle Cases

    I have an Arktis drag bag. It has served me well and been used as a drag bag. The material is very durable and well padded. Used to cart an AI AW in. I dont have an AIM bag but a friend does, also seems well made, durable and fit for purpose.
  7. ds1

    FCSA Update

    Sad really, the HO do not wish to distinguish between a firearm and a weapon ( the rhetoric says it all). Also “bump stock” ... on what a 22 rimfire.? Would like to see how the HO can turn a bolt action rifle into full -auto capability with a stock. Anything semi auto is long gone. 13,600 Joules. I thought 50bmg was around 12k joules or rather that was what I was around in my AW50. Had a look at Hornady website 13,241 Joules from a 24” barrel.
  8. ds1

    Schmidt LRR reticule

    Thank you for the input Andy and Dave. The ret should be out in August according to S&B. for the 5-45x56pm2. If it works like the 1-8 scope Dave It will be on at least one of my rifles.
  9. ds1

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Phoenix, many thanks for the information. Very much appreciated.
  10. ds1

    Thermal Imaging - Whats any good please

    Phoenix, do you have any opinion on the Flir BREACH PTQ 136 please. I played with it at the IWA but that is all.
  11. Has anyone had eyes-on with the new Schmidt LRR reticule. I am particularly interested in thoughts on the centre dot and cross - are they daylight visible with illumination? And are they easily visible on target ( without trying to “find” them). I ask this in regard to the size of the centre dot as a March FML1 reticule dot sub tends 5mm @ 100m and works very well. How does it compare to 1.6mm for the Schmidt which seems more like benchrest size. I have seen the pdf files of the ret but would appreciate the opinion of someone that has had a look through.

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