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  1. ds1

    Dry tumbling

    Scotch, I don’t know about dry tumbling with rice but I am trying wet tumbling with rice! The ideas is the rice cleans the cases - inside and out fairly well and dissolves itself - rinse off and no pins to worry about . Still combining it with a citric additive though. Does not do primer pockets well and can get a few bits of rice stuck in the flash hole.
  2. Graeme, thank you for the kind words and we look forward to seeing you again. I noticed it was your favourite mp5 in the picture. Although not my favourite smg we may well be getting another and in full auto for police training purposes. Atb David
  3. ds1

    WTB Kestrel 5700 Elite

    As per title wtb Kestrel 5700 Elite with AB and LINK. Would like the vane also but not essential
  4. Have a weekend bump Lee. Fantastic bit of kit. I would cry selling that.
  5. Price reduced from £350 to £290 - I want it gone.
  6. Paul, if I split I will give you first refusal on the 10-10 scales. Price £110 including postage.
  7. At the moment looking to trade as a whole. If I decide to split I will give you first refusal on the TM. Price £95 including postage.
  8. WTT rcbs 10-10 scales boxed in excellent condition ( had from new - never damaged). Plus Target Master trickler and rcbs uniflow powder measure c/w stand, two drums, micrometer screw for one drum and normal screws for both drums, uniflow has a powder baffle and a drop tube / trickier thingy also. What I want - rcbs Chargemaster 1500 ( new version) or rcbs Chargemaster Lite ( preferred). Reason for sale - I have both and the 10-10 scale and Target Master is more accurate I think but I am getting lazy - just want to push a button and not think about it. Please pm for more info / pics. I will make a decision on what is offered for a trade - if anything. This item is not first come first served.
  9. F/s Swarovski Laser Guide 8x30 c/w holster, strap, boxed. Very good condition, no scratches that I can see on the lenses. Please pm for more pics / info. Price now £290 inc postage. Reason for sale - a have another laser that I use more than this one.
  10. ds1

    Rifle Cases

    I have an Arktis drag bag. It has served me well and been used as a drag bag. The material is very durable and well padded. Used to cart an AI AW in. I dont have an AIM bag but a friend does, also seems well made, durable and fit for purpose.
  11. ds1

    FCSA Update

    Sad really, the HO do not wish to distinguish between a firearm and a weapon ( the rhetoric says it all). Also “bump stock” ... on what a 22 rimfire.? Would like to see how the HO can turn a bolt action rifle into full -auto capability with a stock. Anything semi auto is long gone. 13,600 Joules. I thought 50bmg was around 12k joules or rather that was what I was around in my AW50. Had a look at Hornady website 13,241 Joules from a 24” barrel.

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