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  1. Bob57

    Digital calipers

    I've got a set of mitutoyo,probably had them 20years too, and I only remember changing the battery once, and i leave the battery in.
  2. Might be best in the for sale section 👍
  3. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    Result mate, nice one👍. I just got in from another outing, love my drone😀,moon was wicked again tonight but still managed 4 out of 6 seen, another happy keeper😃
  4. Both lots of FC brass (200)£30 Inc postage
  5. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    Well done montey, sounds like that fox was waiting for its dinner😃, i Just got in from being driven round, saw 5, possibly 6, shot 3 of them, the moon didn't help tonight so pretty pleased with the result. Will be out again tomorrow night on a different farm, oops I mean tonight😀
  6. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    I know what you mean about seeing all that stubble under the lamp, lovely sight😃, that rifle of yours would look just right with a drone or thermal on top, I wouldn't mind betting the outcome would have been different too,but windy is allways a no no for me unless I really have to go!! Good luck next time👍
  7. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    How did you get on in the wind Saturday night mate with those 168 grainers?
  8. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    Hi montey, I just got in too, chilling out before bed with a cup of tea☺, sorted another 2 Tonight with the drone, you like your thermal then😀 Mike hasn't replied except "silly sod" so he probably doesn't need any advice on foxing😀
  9. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    Good luck mate, I was going tonight but called it off, hate shooting in heavy wind on foxes with my little peashooter 😂, they nearly allways try getting round you on the wind too, just no point stiring them up if the next night wind has settled down, looks like I've got the next 3 nights out now😀😀
  10. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    Lol, bob the fox😁. Cheers ootot 👍. Only joking mike, are you using n/v then,or lamping?, Foxes are not that difficult to trip up, even the Leary ones fall after awhile, if like ootot says, just be patient, bait a spot and wait, very quiet with minimal movement and a background behind you so you're not skylined, just collect all your kitchen scraps in a bucket(with lid) over the week, especially the Sunday chicken carcass, broken up to stop a grab and run😃,that's all assuming you're waiting with n/v,and if using your vehicle to wait, make sure you cover it in cammo, a motor parked shining in a field that's not normally there will often make a fox wary but not allways!! Don't forget about wind direction too. Don't sqeak anymore, if fox turns up on bait and dosn't stop long enough for the shot just wait it will nearly allways come back, just a waiting game😯,oh yeah and no smoking😀. As for off the back of a truck driving round four different farms, we've seen 21 and shot 19 of them in the last couple of weeks,all with n/v so they're not that difficult to shoot, sounds like your foxes have seen it all before, are they edge of town foxes or are you out in the countryside?? .
  11. Bob57

    Fuchs fox lure

    You need to be above the cover mike, you'll find they'll be a lot easier to see that way😂😂
  12. Bob57

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Hi Martin, nice one with getting the xm50 Thermion, I'm sure you'll like it from what I've read about it, be good to hear how you get on with it👍. Got the Drone fixed earlier today and just got back in from meeting a fox with it 😀, the blue screen was an easy fix after I had a good man on the nv forum tell me how to sort it😃.
  13. Bob57

    Big problem with new rifle

  14. Bob57

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Hi Martin, my drone has just packed up, got the dreaded blue screen😣, I'm right pished off, foxes will be happy though 😀😀 Which thermal did you buy, and how are you finding using it compared to the drone?

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