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  1. Nice mate, I had a marlin underlever in 30-30 many years ago, used to love shooting it with it's open sights,good fun.
  2. Bob57

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    The adjustable base on the grip, 12th pic down, could be the camera/light but the grain looks very similar to sapele or similar hardwood, but not walnut!! Anyway, not anything to worry about,still looks good👍
  3. Bob57

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Get a bait spot going,then you won't have to try squeaking them.
  4. Bob57

    New to firearms, have a question.

    So how are you getting on with the hmr on the foxes Pete??
  5. Bob57


    I don't believe a word Chris packham says about anything 😂
  6. Bob57

    Fox saw my ir

    Nipped out for an hour before dinner tonight and got set up on a bait spot at 200yds,was watching through the thermal when Charlie steps out of the hedge and trots out to the bait, so fired up the drone, face on stock aiming at spot, turned on ir and there was the fox, just as I got on the trigger it lifted its head, and straight away looked my way and went all alert and ran a few yards, stopping to look at me head up high,all alert again. Wind was blowing from him to me, and I had a nice row of conifers behind me which I suppose he doesn't normally see the glow from an ir against, I've had quite a few foxes spook from that tiny ir glow now ,which just goes to show how alert foxes are to something slightly different on their patch, even at that range.
  7. Bob57


    See what I mean, badgers don't drink beer,only water😂
  8. Bob57


    Oh that's good, missed em😃, " thrupenies " lol😂😂 Yep plenty of loons about , must be something in the water,that's why I only drink beer😯
  9. Nice rifle, I'll have it if you don't want any money for it.
  10. I've got a feeling bradders won't even comment on this one😂
  11. Bob57

    .17 fireball brass

    Good man,thank you👍
  12. Bob57


    I'm not surprised some looked nasty if there was a 100 of em😁😂 Probably be 100 #ocks next week, so i definately won't be turning on the telly😵
  13. Bob57

    .17 fireball brass

    Thanks andy👍, is that lapua cases? which is don't want to mess about with necking down and turning, just need remington cases straight into hornady FL dies
  14. Bob57


    Did it have the top ten, and the no1 😂😂

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