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  1. Bob57

    .20 practical loads

    👍 , Get it fixed mate, and back to the beginning with load development, just FLS every time, and you should have no problems, and ask if you want to know anything, there's quite a few on here shooting 20 practical.
  2. Bob57

    .20 practical loads

    Was that the one for sale awhile ago on sd, if it is, it's shame it's broken already as it looked a cracking rifle.
  3. Bob57

    .20 practical loads

    So you knew you were getting a tight bolt lift, and it was showing pressure signs on the cases,but still carried on wacking more through it !!!, Might of been a better idea to have pulled them all and start again.
  4. Lol, ok butch, how many rounds do you need to put through one to become a real man?
  5. Don't buy a t8 reflex they rust through, buy a AU jet-Z, they last forever😃.
  6. Bob57

    Howa Replacement Barrel??

    how many rounds have gone through it ?? My lad bought a rem 700 223 very cheap as the barrel internally was rusty and pitted, but I knew the history was lowish round count, so i soaked it with kroil for a week, then gave it a right good cleaning with bore cleaners and jb bore paste,and with a bit of load development it shoots a tight group with a couple of different loads, and 3 years later is still shooting good, might be worth trying a good clean first..
  7. Bob57

    .20 practical loads

    Just start at 23.0 grns and work up. No doubt everyone will have a different method of prepping their cases, but if you get a FLS 223 die Redding type s bushing die with the right size bushing,and 20 cal expander,plus 223 seater die, that will be all you need just fls everytime so bolt just closes without being tight on case(don't just bump back 10 thou), check length too and trim as 223.
  8. Bob57

    .20 practical loads

    23 grns - 24.5grns What's the load the rifle came with? If it's n133 pull one and weigh the powder!!
  9. Bob57

    HI just a intro

    Welcome bob👍. Bob. 😀
  10. Bob57

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    The last time i bought Santos rosewood it was over £400 per cubic foot,loading blocks made from that would impress your mates😀, and better looking than any bit of stainless or plastic😃
  11. Bob57

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    "The sound of the countryside coming back again" Unfortunately, it will never come back around here like it used to be, I've just opened a letter saying 10,000 houses have been allocated for development along with schools, doctors surgery's, shops etc ect, the lapwings,skylarks etc won't be singing over that land anymore!!! Anyway, you made a good purchase there on the drone 10x (hopefully), great bit of kit, love mine ,had another fox with it last night, and I've been told ,the bait rabbits i left behind last night were all gone this morning, so another sit out tonight to keep the lapwings etc a bit safer before they're engulfed by the result of the planners 😣😣.
  12. Bob57

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Was speaking to the farmer yesterday, who's land the 3 foxes were shot on , he told me he'd seen at least 3 different lots of lapwing chicks in the field adjacent to the setaside where I'd shot the foxes😃. I'll be there again tonight.
  13. According to The telegraph yesterday DEFRA has forced a shooting license u turn after taking over from N.E, Michael Gove took control from N.E and now a month later he has reinstated three licences almost identical to the original, but with a new stipulation that they do not apply in certain protection zones, individual licences must be sought in these few cases. GOOD NEWS 😀 if it's correct!!
  14. Bob57

    20 caliber doubt

    Hi Steve, The stock is an hs precision , and was bought probably 10 years ago by my old(young) shooting buddy, who used it on his rem 700, he packed the stock with lead and filled it with resin so when using it with his archer n/v there was no recoil , thats why it weighs 18lb now with heavy barrel , it's a Iump but I love shooting it, the thumbhole grip is so comfortable, i aquired it and had the rifle built in his memory, and always think of him while using it, he would love how it shoots!!, I believe he bought it from south Yorkshire shooting supplies. There's a couple of pics on my 20 practical thread,of it sitting on the board on the front of my quad, its still in black primer, I will paint it one day😃.
  15. Bob57

    20 caliber doubt

    Yep ,a few hundred fps☺.

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