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  1. One on top of two

    Latest purchase

    Love it 😍
  2. One on top of two

    If you had a choice Vortex or Nightforce... which one?

    Fitted with quality mounts there tough to beat , all mine are FFP and mrad ( matched ret/ turrets ) it may not matter to some but with the spuhr one piece mount the mechanical centre/zero of the windage is spot on . I’m fortunate to own some very nice classic glass that I have worked very hard obtain from Swarovski to leupold and Kahles . My PST will never go homeless .
  3. One on top of two

    If you had a choice Vortex or Nightforce... which one?

    Obviously it’s just an opinion and sight pictures are subjective . but for me the vortex does 99% everything the NF can just as well . And for half the price ! I have tall target tested both scopes and to be fare I can’t find fault with either. They both track nearly perfect. The NF does have the edge on glass but with its bigger objective it’s not a fair comparison. I will add though in some light conditions I have noticed vortex will have better/ less CA . (Subjective ) I love the zerostop on the vortex , I also like the turrets . The vortex is just and honest scope that doesn’t mind a few knocks from real world use. It’s very easy to live with day to day in the feild and on range for some informal long range targets . and then there’s the warranty .... vortex have absolutely NO interest in what , why or how your scope is faulty or damaged or how old it is, even if you bought it from some pikey on eBay. As long as the serial number is genuine they just give you a new one ! don’t get me wrong the NF is a lovely scope , it looks great and has got all the F class street creditably you could want . But ...... that PST is nipping at its heels !
  4. One on top of two

    If you had a choice Vortex or Nightforce... which one?

    PST gen 2 gets my vote ! got both of the scopes you mention. Vortex is mounted ..... the NXS in a box ..... says it all.
  5. One on top of two

    Electronic ear defenders

    Like I said I knew there was a lot of info available on the subject, as always it’s down to the individual to decide what they want to believe , personally it doesn’t bother me , nor have I any interest in what someone else does , that mucker is there call . coming from a pigeon shooting background ( and still very much part of my shooting life ) I have always worn full over ear defenders mainly to keep the cold winter mornings out when shooting over OSR . im too old to start learning new tricks nowadays Chris 🤔👍
  6. One on top of two

    Electronic ear defenders

    I believe there is a small bone behind the ear drum , or something along those lines . That does not get covered with plugs , however ear defenders that encompass the whole ear and surrounding area behind the ear offer better protection. There is plenty of info on the web that has been available for years on this subject.
  7. One on top of two

    Electronic ear defenders

    This is very true ! Ear plugs alone are ( to a point ) a waste of time , ear defenders are needed for max protection.
  8. One on top of two

    Electronic ear defenders

    There are no need for muzzle brakes , you can’t use them in comps . So if your NOT the competitive type and your only shooting for fun / Practice use a sound mod ..... they work better than a brake ! and you get better MV ! if your practicing for a comp why use one 🤔😂 bit like fitting a spoiler to a front wheel drive car ......
  9. One on top of two

    Barometer app

    Only if your phone has a proper barometer in built which I very much doubt . weather apps are NOT accurate... if they was there would be only ONE !
  10. One on top of two

    Electronic ear defenders

    Peltor sportac 👍 with foam ear plugs if the complete To55er next to me is using a muzzle brake!!
  11. I reckon a flask of soup and some warm clothing....... I rekon I could be a while 😂
  12. Set up for patch 👍 and yes BP all the way . I want to be one of the few shoot the mile with BP terry . 🤔 And try to show these urban operators how to shoot steel bill Dixon style !
  13. I’m off to Eskdalemuir in the early part of the new year to do the mile , but with a proper rifle 😁 im taking the 45/120 sharpe’s / creedmore sights how it’s should be done 👍🤔
  14. One on top of two

    Moderator Cleaning

    I sling the baffles in my pin tumbler for an hr about every 250 shots works for me .
  15. One on top of two

    Tikka T3 in 6mmbr

    I have The Timney 2 stage  trigger fitted to my T3X and my Remmy 700 a massive improvement to both rifles

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