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  1. One on top of two

    Lever release

    I will pass that on right now. Thank you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. One on top of two

    Lever release

    ☝️This πŸ‘ i too have a friend at my local club and I believe he has two. Gutted for him to say the least . A proper old school gent. When I had to hand my pistols in think we actually made a little on the ammo. Got sod all really for everything else though.
  3. One on top of two

    Lever release

    mars , lever release, long barrelled pistols , sec 1 shotguns with slugs for practical shotgun . There all β€œ loophole β€œ guns , by that I mean they all came about through loopholes in the law , they all have a limited shelf life as the government doesn’t like it when you get around there rules and regs with a good ol fashioned loophole πŸ€” and so slowly but surly these are going to be the first to disappear along with anything that has a large magazine that can be reloaded and discharged at a decent rate just an opinion of course.
  4. One on top of two


    This ☝️ I use 77 grain Lapua instead.
  5. One on top of two


    I have always found the Elds work better around the 2700 - 2750 mark . Try starting at 23 grains and work up πŸ‘ Keep your 10 thou off though πŸ‘, and I seem to have a lot of luck with CCI BR-4 primers . Keep plugging you soon have it sorted mucker πŸ€”πŸ˜Ž
  6. Tack driver alert ! Fantastic calibre , fantastic rifle . Just my opinion but the .243 is the only calibre out of the Ackley stable that really is a massive improvement on what is already a great calibre. Good luck with the sale .
  7. One on top of two

    New fox/bunny/crow/rook basher

    I’m doing my best bob but it’s hard work being able to shoot one species of corvid 😳
  8. One on top of two

    New fox/bunny/crow/rook basher

  9. One on top of two

    New fox/bunny/crow/rook basher

    To be honest bob I had every intention on looking at the 204 but my eye just kept going to this . Regards bullets I’m using 69 grain SMK . There quite a thing jacketed HPBT , they really do thump bunny’s but not to the point of blowing them to bits . We eat pretty much all of the meat we harvest πŸ‘
  10. Well at long last my faithful old Bruno fox .22 hornet has finally given up ( god rest it’s cotton socks ) if I had to put a number on rounds I would say A darn good 15000 rounds , I’ve had it for a good few years and stuffed around 5K through it , and trust me when I say it was well used when I picked it up . So ive bought a new toy. it’s a tikka super varmint in .223 1-8 twist vortex 5x25x50 PST gen 2 in MRAD vortex precision matched mounts wildcat Evo mod and a shitty atlas copy bipod that will be fine for throwing over the bonnet in a hurry .
  11. As long as you check the distance from centre of the bore using the Rod to make sure your 5mm below and properly strapped on you are good to go . I use mine for everything from .22 LR upto .30 cals . I also use it for 12 g breneke slugs Go for it πŸ‘
  12. Bet they would go down well in South Africa πŸ˜‚
  13. One on top of two

    Seating Hornady ELD's with Redding Competition dies

    I had the same issue Until I purchased the VLD seating micrometer for my redding dies. A cheap solution I thought also found it tend to seat the bullet a lot more concentric too.
  14. One on top of two

    243 match bullets

    Lapua Scenar 90 - 105 grain Lapua Scenar-L 90 - 105 grain Berger 105 grain Hybrid Target SMK 90 grain FMJ S+B Norma Most companies seem to have a Target variant .
  15. One on top of two

    Pigeon licence now added .

    Thank you for explaining it better than I apparently could πŸ‘

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