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  1. Gutting if they have. Convenient range for a lot of us, as long as you could use a club to get access. I know there was the issue with larger calibers, but hadn't heard anything specific about Rogiet. If it's danger area related (the public footpath/severn), I wonder if it will effect Severnside as well? Please update if you hear anything and I'll ask around as well.
  2. Rem Imperri

    Tikka Bullpup

    Have you got a plan for covering the rail with some kind of cheek piece?
  3. Rem Imperri

    Target Images

    I'll take any at the moment, may end up being a bit more selective down the line, but if you're willing to share I'll have the whole back catalogue. (Ideally without any of the analysis, just raw images) As long as shot holes/marks are clearly visible it should be of use. If it's too many to email, are the on a google drive you could share? Thanks to all the others who have already send a load through
  4. Good Morning all, I've have a favour to ask of you all. For reasons that will hopefully become clear in a few months, I am in need of lots of photos of shot targets, groups, etc. The only limiting factor is there must be something on the target that can be used to measure length (known diameter rings or spots, a known size of paper or gong etc) I give my guarantee that the images will not be republished in any way. If anyone is willing to help, could you please email mpblytma (at] gmail.com with the target images, with a note of the distance, calibre and what the identifying length is. If you could include "Target Images" in the subject it will make it a lot easier for me to sort through. Should the project work out as I hope, there's a nice freebie down the line for anyone that helps out. Feel free to DM me if you think you're able to help out. Cheers, Rem
  5. Rem Imperri

    Remington 597 stock

    Hi Steery, I'm looking at picking up a 597. Did you ever find another stock for it? As I may be interested in your Boyd's stock if it's up for sale? Cheers, Rem
  6. Rem Imperri

    Sad news: Bradders.

    RIP Mark, He was always willing to help out someone new to the sport, and always a straight shooter, both with words and a rifle. Needless to say many of us shoot straighter because of his gunsmithing as well.
  7. Are you willing to part with the action as well? Might be interested in the complete unit.
  8. Seconds on the scenars please
  9. Rem Imperri

    Anyone use a drone ? (flying type )

    Unfortunately it's a no-go at Bisley with-out Mr Mercers express permission. They've added it in the bye-laws specifically now. I'll dig out my email conversation with the Range Office if anyone is interested.
  10. Is the 4-16 still available? If so I'll take it. Cheers
  11. Rem Imperri

    MOA - Mills

    It is in fact correct to refer to MRAD as a metric derived unit where as MOA is not (and hence linked with the imperial system). MOA has it's basis in degrees (1/60th of a degree) which are not an SI (metric) unit. And also conveniently work out at ~1" @100yrds. (1.047") MRAD (mil) is derived from the SI Radian unit, and therefore is correctly referred to as metric. It is exactly 100mm at 100m. For the OP - if you've got a system you're happy and comfortable with it's much easier to stick with that system. The TR and FTR community do generally work in MOA instead of MRAD, but as I understand it that's not prohibitive and you can compete happily with a MRAD scope.
  12. Rem Imperri

    Anschutz 54 LH

    Hi All, Perhaps not the right forum for it, but figured I may as well ask. I'm looking for an Anschutz Supermatch 54 (or equivalent quality .22 TR rifle) with LH bolt and stock. Anyone got one they may be willing to part with? Cheers,
  13. Rem Imperri

    Turning and chambering a barrel

    Seconded. Really appreciate the effort you put into these posts @Bradders. Shame it's all lost with the photos.

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