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  1. Rem Imperri

    Wanted 30 mm picatinny mounts

    Might be better placed in the wanted forum section
  2. Ha cheers bradders. Should take military ammo no problem. Happy for you to come and test fire some through it at Bisley before taking it if you like? (although it looks like a trek for you) Or I could put some through it and send you grouping info? I believe it's fairly light weight as it was originally spec'ed to be a foxing barrel, so certainly not a super heavy range barrel.
  3. @gazzarM1 No photo's currently, currently still covered by a rail system. Only going to remove if someone's interested. I'll see if I can get some profile information for you though when I'm next at Bisley. (it's currently stored there) @Moorlander I believe it should work on any other AR15 platform. @bradders can you confirm?
  4. Rem Imperri

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Donation made Steve. Top man.
  5. Rem Imperri

    Sponsor Bradders

    I owe SteveW for some bits, and he's redirected that payment to your cause. So donation made on his behalf + a bit extra on top. All the best!
  6. Is there no interest in this, or am I just asking too much?
  7. Rem Imperri

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Hi Steve, Just tried to pm you but it says you can't receive messages? Is your inbox full?
  8. Rem Imperri

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Steve, that sounds awesome. I'll drop you a pm tomorrow eve. Cheers
  9. Hi all, Is anyone interested in a brand new 16" 1:12 unfired Walther Super Match Barrel? It has been previously fitted to a Calibre Innovations action by Mark Bradley but never fired. So is reamed and has thread for mod/break. Not sure what they'd usually go for tbh, but I'd be looking for ~£300 to make it worth switching it out. Cheers, Rem
  10. Rem Imperri

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Hi Paul, 60gr most likely would be. the 75gr is probably a tad heavy for the current setup, although if I get the barrel changed out they may be of interest. Give me a week or so to work out what I'm doing with the rifle and I'll get back to you :) Cheers!
  11. Rem Imperri

    .22 Mid Weight Bullets

    Hi All, I want to run a variety of weight bullets through a new rifle to see what the barrel is happy with, and naturally don't need 50-100 bullets/weight to do this. No chance anyone has a few bullets with weights ~45-65gr left over from previous projects they may be willing to part with? Thanks in advance, Rem
  12. Rem Imperri

    looking for help

    Without knowing the rifles specifically (or anything about BR setups). The only thing that springs to mind when seeing something like this is either user (+1 for Panda's suggestion) or what barrels do you have on them? If they're ultra light barrels designed for stalking you may be getting thermal effects.
  13. Pm'd about the matchkings
  14. Rem Imperri

    CSR Accuracy

    @Anaxes Thanks for that! Was wondering if someone would mention the barrel warming issue. I think that is the killer for me. I guess I have to decide how much I want to shoot CSR... @Kalahari I've seen them at the Methuan, probably would do okay in the historic winter league at Bisley as well.

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