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  1. https://www.earshotcommunications.co.uk/shop/product/3m-peltor-sporttac-mt16h210f-478-rd-red-black-eardefenders/ if you don’t want orange or black covers, a spare set of green ones are only a tenner
  2. Peltor sport tac, had a set for years and no problems at all! Try earshot communications, they were good to deal with and very reasonable prices 👍
  3. 800+ views and no takers??? go on, treat yourself, you’ve earned it! 😉
  4. Stumpy

    Best Deer legal Calibre for a Carbine

    308 with 180 grain soft points at starting loads velocities? (There’s a rem model seven in the for sales section that would be perfect 👌 😉)
  5. Would consider swap for good illuminated reticule scope 3-12x50 or similar...
  6. Remington model seven bdl 308 for sale, wood stock with floor plate magazine, 19” barrel and threaded 1/2 unf. One piece base and 1” rings fitted with Redfield Revolution 3-9x40 and Butler Creeks. (I have the box for the scope) Sling included. Great woodland stalker or base for a custom. Rifle, scope and mounts £395 Rifle, rings and bases £275 Scope (only if rifle sells first) £130 if sold as rifle, scope and mounts I will include some Norma brass, rgb dies and 1/2 tub varget Only selling to make space for another rifle (and I suspect I will regret selling it at some point too!) thanks for looking
  7. Stumpy

    Only 1 calibre

    Pick up a cz452 .22lr for the rabbits, crows and (subject to licence conditions) auld sheep, if wanting to take deer a .243 Parker Hale from the nearest gunshops ‘bargain bin’ or sporting auction house. The .22 will get the most use and the .243 will be lucky to see a box of factory rounds down it each year. 😀
  8. Stumpy


    Have a chat with other club members, someone might have a single stage press that’s not being used, I picked one up for 1/3rd of the new price that was practically new. Buy a couple of hundred factory rounds to get you started and save the brass for when you get round to reloading. Bits and bobs such as bullets and dies in the calibres mentioned regularly get advertised in the for sale section on here at fair to cheap prices. The other advantage of second hand is there’s no receipts to be found 😉
  9. Stumpy

    Big problem with new rifle

    Does the action ‘dry fire’ ok?perhaps something inside the bolt is binding up when cocking the firing pin spring or compressing the ejector springs its times like this where you start having to eliminate possibilities... hope it’s an easy fix 👍🏻
  10. Yes it is, and it’s still available 😉

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