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  1. Stumpy

    Big problem with new rifle

    Does the action ‘dry fire’ ok?perhaps something inside the bolt is binding up when cocking the firing pin spring or compressing the ejector springs its times like this where you start having to eliminate possibilities... hope it’s an easy fix 👍🏻
  2. Yes it is, and it’s still available 😉
  3. Stumpy

    H S Precision stock uk importer?

    Thanks for the advice guys, like I said above, it was an embryonic idea....
  4. That’s what the viet cong thought...
  5. I got one when they ran the course in Cumbria. Thoroughly recommended!
  6. Stumpy

    H S Precision stock uk importer?

    Thanks Danpd, I’ll give them a call Stumpy 👍🏻
  7. Stumpy

    H S Precision stock uk importer?

    This one: https://www.hsprecision.com/shop2/rifle-stocks/remington-700/remington-pro-series-varmint/remington-model-7-varmint-stock-psv063/ Or something very similar inlet for a model seven action with a Varmint profile barrel... its an embryonic idea for a semi custom build 🤞🏻
  8. Does anyone know if there is a current UK importer for HS Precision stocks? Thanks in advance
  9. Stumpy

    Summer Boots

    Lowa Taurus (£90ish) for a lightweight canvas goretex lined boot, or lowa mountain boot (£160ish) if you want full leather uppers. Mountain boot is also available in a wide fitting and proper half sizes. I have both and rate them
  10. Beretta optima extended choke improved cylinder **** comes in original packaging and plastic storage tube. Used once. fits dt10, 682 gold e, silver pigeon, 391 auto, extrema 2 etc asking £35 inc postage
  11. Stumpy

    Remington Primer Reliability

    I have just finished my last batch of 500 Remington 91/2 lr primers (243 & 308) and all functioned flawlessly. Perhaps there’s a duff batch??? luckily none of my foxes heard the ‘click’!
  12. Stumpy

    FL & neck sized powder charge query

    Just experimenting.... If it improves things great, if not I still have an accurate load to fall back on 😀
  13. Stumpy

    FL & neck sized powder charge query

    That was my thinking too, but always better to hear it from someone else 👍🏻
  14. Hi, done a little bit of reloading for 243 over the years but have always full length resized, had a go at neck sizing some cases and before I load the rounds up I began to wonder will I have to develop a new powder charge or can I stick with my existing powder weight? Cases are once fired in the rifle I am loading for, primer, powder type and bullet make/weight the same as my existing accurate load. thanks for any guidance in advance Stumpy

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