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  1. Yes, the OP was "on about" the appearance of those who visited him but I wasn't commenting on that. I was asking, and am still intrigued to know, how that identifies anyone as possessing firearms? Armed plod are more common these days and while them appearing tooled up might be alarming it could be for any number of reasons. Bank robbers, drug dealers, bombers etc.....<insert list here>.
  2. But that doesn't explain how a visit from the bizzies tells the neighbours you've got firearms. How does that happen?
  3. How does "everyone" now know this? Do these inspections involve taking one's firearms outside for a better look? I receive visits from police officers all the time. They arrive in a variety of marked and unmarked vehicles, in uniform and plain clothes. They drink my tea and coffee, scoff all my biscuits and cake.......they're a bloody nuisance. Especially the one that's my daughter. As my neighbours, your neighbours or indeed anyone else's neighbours can't tell from their doorsteps or behind their twitching curtains the reason for any visit from the rozzers (apart perhaps from anyone living near Mystic Meg) I think you're stretching it. Me, I can't wait for an inspection. I'm betting a pound to a pinch of sh.....snuff that they'll never find my cunningly disguised ammunition safe.
  4. I assume so. Better quality scope = better image. No?
  5. At the moment I'm using a home-fettled 'two garden sticks with a bit of string' bipod which works fairly well. I have to be careful not to clang them together (they're the plastic-covered ally ones from Wilko and I keep meaning to wrap bits of foam around the bottom) but having used them for a year or so I've got a system that works. They're fine for standing shots and if I slide the paracord down they work for sitting shots too, not bad for a fiver. The only downside is that they form a bipod not a tripod but out to 100 yards which pretty much all of my shots that's okay providing I'm not puffing like a train after a long yomp uphill. 'GET ON WITH IT!' So here's the question. Is a trigger stick worth the investment?
  6. Thanks Misery. By the way, that second link is for a chair. Not a bad idea, the ground is a bit chilly at the moment.
  7. BushWear just emailed me with details of their new 4-leg stick. I'm not paranoid but their timing...
  8. Paul Cat

    Pard NV 007

    I bought one of these and used it for the first time last night. While I've no other experience of using NV equipment apart from a budget spotter I have to say I'm mightily impressed. It attaches via a collar that clamps onto the scope, the unit then attaches in a bayonet fitting type of way. Being a bit fussy and not wanting to scratch my scope I faffed around for an hour or so winding strips of plastic tape around the outside of the scope and the inside of the collar so that I can slide the whole thing on and off to either use the rifle in daylight or the unit as a spotter. The instruction manual is in Chinglish so not particularly helpful. I'll be learning some of the functions (recording video on the micro SD card, etc) by trial and error with lots of swearing. It has a wi-fi (Bluetooth) function so you can also live stream to a phone, handy if others want to watch. As Nobby Nomates I shoot alone so won't have much call for that! The basics were pretty easy to pick up and I got a couple of hours in last night (battery was only partially charged) during which time I was able to bag three rabbits. I even walked up on a couple of foxes waiting to ambush rabbits coming through a hedge. I got within about 70 yards (range estimation is tricky for now) and saw a rabbit pass them by. I watched him hop around for about five minutes then shot him for them. Their respite was temporary, I'll be going back for them before lambing season. I was sceptical about the unit's 5W illuminator so used my Ledray 900 but needn't have bothered. The illuminator has three settings and the manufacturer claims it to be good for up to 300 yards. I was easily spotting out to 200 yards last night and with a bit more practice and familiarity reckon their claim would not be far off the mark. Prices vary around £400, I paid £375 from a really helpful vendor. I'm not sure about forum rules so won't post a link but if anyone wants more details PM me. Sorry if I sound like a kid with a new toy and if this is all old news to you veterans but as a virgin NV user I'm amazed at this piece of equipment.
  9. Paul Cat

    Pard NV 007

    Latest lesson on my never ending learning curve is...don't carry a spare battery in the same pocket as a bunch of keys (or anything else metallic). Although that said, the battery did make a nice hand warmer after I fished it out.
  10. I have a Night Owl NOXM50 IR spotter that I have probably used a dozen times in two years. It has developed a fault in that all I can see through the viewer is a glow (no picture or detail). The IR illuminator is functioning so I assume it's something around the screen side of things, I know for certain it's not been exposed to strong light, but I've no way of testing it beyond switching on and peering through. Can anyone recommend a repairer? It's one of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Night-Owl-NOXM50-Vision-Monocular/dp/B002BVUSSU
  11. This will cheer you up even more. Last night I had one last fiddle prior to consigning it to the bin. Refocussed many times, changed battery, made a masonic sign over it..... one of the lenses unscrewed completely so I put that back on and f...f...flip me, it now works.
  12. If you "didn't need the lecture" why did you query my credentials? Are you dropping that now? Was it something I posted? Perhaps my link to an article showing that mis-communication kills people hundreds at a time like wot I rote? Oh hold on, I see you're deflecting now. Back to my original point which (bugger me) you agree with. That being the case, why launch at me in the first place? Is this your normal persona or are there menopausal influences? Please let me know so I can re-calibrate my 'tuwatt-o-meter'. Are we having fun yet?
  13. Commercial aviation. The Tenerife crash in 1977 alone killed 583 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenerife_airport_disaster Pilots failed to request clarification from Air Traffic and taxied onto a runway into the path of another aircraft. Plenty more examples if you'd like me to prove the four-figure tally?
  14. A percentage point either way is irrelevant, the fact remains that if the recipient can't see the sender there's the potential for misunderstanding and in my industry that's cost hundreds if not thousands of lives so I tend to have a fairly good understanding of the concept. But forgive me for trying to bring some impartiality into a typical internet spat. I'm sure the lack of tone and body language here is in no way contributing to my interpreting your comments toward me as bolshie and confrontational. To avoid further misunderstanding perhaps I should send you a hand signal? I can think of a few that are quite unambiguous.
  15. 'scuse me, new bloke poking his nose in. 93% of communication is non-verbal. Yup you read that correctly, only 7% is verbal with 38% coming from voice tone and 55% body language. Emails, texts and internet forums are therefore a minefield sown with opportunities for misunderstanding, miscommunication, misconstrual and perceived offence. Just my two penn'orth.
  16. I have no use for these I'm afraid, I'm just pleased to see 'brake' spelled properly. 😀
  17. Thanks again. I've been giving the four stick option some thought and might knock up a prototype for trial purposes.
  18. I understand the logic behind quadsticks (or even quintsticks in lapua's post) but they really do look complicated. I think I'll hold off until I can try some out somewhere, at a dealer or show perhaps. Thanks for the replies, lots of food for thought.
  19. Paul Cat

    A first for me tonight

    Now if you'd written 5 foxes, 4 shots I'd have been impressed. 😀 A jealous husband hires a hitman to kill his wife and her lover insisting that he shoot her in the head and the lover in the tackle, "I'll pay you £10,000 for each shot". The husband waits for her to go off to her usual "game of golf with the girls" and with the hitman follows her to a lay-by where she climbs into her lover's car. The pair start getting jiggy, after a couple of minutes the husband has seen enough. "Shoot them" he tells the hitman who raises his rifle and peers through the scope. After a few focussing tweaks he stares for a bit and starts moving his aim up and down, slowly at first but picking up tempo. "For chrissakes" says the husband "What are you doing? ". The hitman replies "Trying to save you £10,000". Might also work with foxes. 😉
  20. Paul Cat

    A first for me tonight

    And............? How many rounds did you use?
  21. Paul Cat

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Thanks Bob. I own one already (unless your "If you buy one"was intended for the OP) and am managing one inch groupings at 100-120 yards. I wasn't even contemplating fox with a 17hmr until recently when three people assured me it was good enough up to 100 yards. Now with the comments above....the need for a headshot (which I am okay with on a static target but the head's the part most likely to move suddenly) and the consequences of hitting the snout I'm doubting again. I really don't want a slow, horrible death on my conscience. I've seen a few brought down with 223 and 243 and that's an instant kill. The 'ummmm, maybe' feeling that I'm getting now about the lighter gun makes me think I should be applying for an addition to my FAC.

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