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  1. Paul Cat

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    Speaking of which, met one yesterday on my drive in. She was crossing the bridleway but had come straight across a recently drilled field and was about to go through another. I politely explained where she could and could not go but she would have none of it. Apparently it was okay because she's been doing it for years. I'm seeing more of them since a new estate was built next to the land. People think that because it's unfenced it's their right to use it. Let's see how keen they are a few hours after walking through a load of glypho soaked weeds.
  2. Paul Cat

    Foxes everywhere today!!!

    No idea what made me do it but at the last minute this evening I put the .22 back and took the .17hmr instead. Glad I did. Bagged some rabbits and was walking back to the car to move on, stopping every few yards to peek through the NV007. Earlier I'd seen a dog fox heading toward the paddocks where the lambs are. It was too far for a shot so I made sure he saw me, he made a wiiiiide detour but as he headed where I was walking I was in his way. Lost sight of him, assumed he'd buggered off, but he tried again and I spotted him from the car. Popped the rifle onto the bonnet, lit up the IR and there he was in the field with just head and shoulders visible and facing me. As soon as I drove off he'd be into the lambs. I'd always said I'd only shoot a fox with the .17 up to 100 yards and although judging range is tricky in the dark I reckoned he was close enough so took the shot. Pacing it out afterwards it was exactly 100 yards plus a size 9 boot. Beginners luck. Entry is barely visble on the bib but internally it did what it was supposed to do and there's a sizeable exit wound between the shoulder blades. He dropped on the spot. I wouldn't have taken the shot off my (2) sticks but with the bipod on the bonnet I was steady enough. Any doubts I had about the .17 for foxes have subsided a bit but I wouldn't be happy beyond (say) 120 yards. First thing tomorrow I'm putting in my variation for .308!
  3. Thanks for that. I imagined that IF it were possible to shoot over the ranges you do in nil wind )how often does that happen?) then CF might be a factor but it would be so minor that in the real world, with even a light wind, the latter would be vastly more influential.
  4. Can someone settle a pub discussion for me? Do long range shooters allow for the Coriolis Effect?
  5. Paul Cat

    Ammo Wallets

    Down here at the smaller calibre end...... I got tired of carrying rattly boxes of rimfire ammunition around the woods and fields. Not as cheap as my first plan which was a block of high density foam with holes in but I bought one of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leather-AMMO-wallet-pouch-22-22-magnum-17HMR-HOLDS-40-ROUNDS/291041753678?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=590205893664&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 It does the job nicely.
  6. Paul Cat

    Hertfordshire Police and FEO, great service.

    Yup, 'tis he. Really helpful and practical.
  7. I hear so many shooters telling tales of woe about dealing with their FEOs and licencing offices that I thought I'd give some good feedback for a change. I submitted a permission form (I was on a closed ticket) for some woodland where I'd been asked to help with culling grey squirrels. After a bit of back-and-forth while he/they tried to identify the ground (it had been known by several names and carved off from the original estate) my FEO suggested it would be easier if I just applied for an amendement to an open ticket. I submitted a letter requesting that a week ago and today my FAC came back with a change in the conditions saying it's now down to me to assess suitability of where to shoot. I can't fault that.
  8. Paul Cat

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I can only speak from the limited experience of just over a year and +500 rounds with the hmr. I used to use this for longer ranges (than my .22LR) and where the noise wasn't a problem. I find now though that the .17 is my preferred rifle of the two, I've not used the .22 for about six months. Through the winter almost all of my shooting has been at night and the noise of the .17 just doesn't seem to spook the rabbits the same way it does during the day. I have yet to experience any ammunition problems. Well, apart from a run-in with Border Force when returning from the USA with a boxful. 😀 Just my 2p'worth.
  9. As long as it hasn't got any sticky bits on it I'll swap you for a grey plastic dish drainer and 25 copies of 'Woman's Weekly'*. * When I lived in Australia the sales dropped so they reduced publication from weekly to monthly however they didn't change the name and kept it at 'Women's Weekly'. True story.
  10. Paul Cat

    New to firearms, have a question.

    Sounds like the effect I have on women. 😀 Coincidentally, I shot my first fox with the .17hmr last week. Like you Pete I've not been close enough before to be happy that I'd get a clean kill so let them be but I was out at night after rabbits using the the Pard night vision attachment on my scope. I was working my way along a hedge line toward the corner of the field, stopping to look ahead every ten yards or so, when I saw the fox poking around beneath the hedge running out of the corner left to right (if that makes sense). With the wind in my face I thought I could get closer, especially as he was having a good old sniff at something on the ground, and I managed to 70 yards. With the rifle on sticks and him standing side on I took a heart/lung shot and he dropped on the spot. By the time I got there, a few seconds, he'd moved about ten feet but was very dead. I like Bob's idea to set bait though, save me chasing the buggers all over the county, and I have two perfect spots in mind.....
  11. Yes, the OP was "on about" the appearance of those who visited him but I wasn't commenting on that. I was asking, and am still intrigued to know, how that identifies anyone as possessing firearms? Armed plod are more common these days and while them appearing tooled up might be alarming it could be for any number of reasons. Bank robbers, drug dealers, bombers etc.....<insert list here>.
  12. But that doesn't explain how a visit from the bizzies tells the neighbours you've got firearms. How does that happen?
  13. How does "everyone" now know this? Do these inspections involve taking one's firearms outside for a better look? I receive visits from police officers all the time. They arrive in a variety of marked and unmarked vehicles, in uniform and plain clothes. They drink my tea and coffee, scoff all my biscuits and cake.......they're a bloody nuisance. Especially the one that's my daughter. As my neighbours, your neighbours or indeed anyone else's neighbours can't tell from their doorsteps or behind their twitching curtains the reason for any visit from the rozzers (apart perhaps from anyone living near Mystic Meg) I think you're stretching it. Me, I can't wait for an inspection. I'm betting a pound to a pinch of sh.....snuff that they'll never find my cunningly disguised ammunition safe.
  14. I assume so. Better quality scope = better image. No?

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