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  1. It might be the Remington ammunition. I'll make a note to use Eley next time I go out, see what happens.
  2. I'm confused by the range available. I thought I wanted a Ledray F900 with interchangable pills but I'm now working my way through the Ludicrous Lumens website and am having second thoughts. Rifles are a .22 452 and .17 455. The torch I've been using for the last few years (Ledray) was fine at air rifle ranges (distances, not plinking) but since moving to rimfire at the start of this year it's just not up to the task. Any suggestions? Thanks/
  3. Paul Cat

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Rabbits, food for people or animals (pets or scavengers) I suppose. Leave them out and they are gone in no time at all. Foxes though, what do you do with them? And while we're about it, are foxes really a pest? I know they can be a danger to lambs, chickens and game birds but they also keep the rabbits down, no? According to this article (okay, it's the BBC) they do some good. http://www.discoverwildlife.com/british-wildlife/do-we-really-need-control-foxes-uk
  4. David. It's far from new! Looks as if it's been around the block a few times to be honest. I wondered if a baffle had perhaps come loose but had yet to check that. Then came TattooedGun's reply. Turns out it's a real thing. Thanks TG.
  5. Evening all. I've a SAK moderator on a CZ 452 using (depending upon which box I grab in the dark) either Eley Subs or Remington. At first I thought I was imagining things or it was coincidence that my first shot of the day was toward a hard backstop but I'm now convinced that the first shot always creates a loud crack, almost as loud as my HMR. Each shot thereafter is as quiet as you would expect. Any ideas?

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