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  1. outlanda

    Barrel thread choice

    I had one of these in 223 and came threaded 5/8 unf. I believe available in 223 and 308 20" hb 19mm muzzle dia so 1/2 unf is a bit small. Wildcat mod can change thread to suit.
  2. outlanda

    Chassis system for Remington SA

    This is just the chassis new unused in the box retail £340 plus p&p for sale at £300 inc post.
  3. outlanda

    Chassis system for Remington SA

    I have a new mdt lss in black for rem 700 sa arrived February. £300 posted within UK
  4. outlanda

    Rem 700 SA Stock RH

    I have a hogue from sps tactical. £50
  5. outlanda

    Ruger ranch stock needed

    I have a mdt lss gen 2 black that has just arrived from mdt and is available.
  6. Not for me thank you. Only consider a factory factory. Not convinced about calibre to invest in a big way. If bespoke i would opt for 22-204 or even 22 Grendel over 224 Valkyrie. Pre fit barrel for a switch barrel or rechambering u likely options.
  7. I will have this if posted for £150 please.
  8. Great if we could buy a 224V factory bolt action rifle in UK, then the cheap factory ammo might be useful.
  9. outlanda

    17 HMR Finfire II, Tikka T1 or Anschutz ?

    Depends on requirements. If carrying and lamping i would choose tikka from above? I always have a mod for 17hmr so like a 16" barrel and like the atec wave for 17 hmr as equal to sak but lighter. Plus no light shine off back of mod. Panther good but to heavy. Annie only 4 rd mag as weihrauch and heavy rifle. Finfire 2 i don't know but i have the quad hunter in synthetic stock shortened barrel atec mod and 10rd mag it does the job and nice to carry. Plus change barrel if no likey. CZ455 stainless 16" is also nice and discounted to £350 to make way for 457 worth a look.
  10. I have an unused MDT LSS chassis for a Rem 700 short action total as new in the box. This chassis uses AICS type mags and includes action screws. No point in me keeping it as I sold my .223 before it turned up and the silly lump of a barrel on my 20 practical wont fit without modification which I just don't fancy doing. £300 including the postage to a UK address. Thank you.
  11. outlanda

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    I shoot 50m 22br no rear support. I have used weaver t36 and i found it too much mag. Fine in practice but in comp i get the shakes when the pressure is on and get worse the more i try not to. I need to reduce magnification but cannot with a t36 so my scores suffer. I have done better with tasco 6-24*42 on cz452. I found t36 better at 100 yds but i think it's too much for 25yds, 8-32 would be better as somewhere in that range will work assuming fine crosshair.
  12. I have some left over components from my .410 home loading days. 160 short cup 1/2oz plastic wads 170 plastic wads size? 400+ cork fillers 500+ box of 36 cal cards All for £20 including post within UK Thank you.
  13. Thank you Dave i Will send text.
  14. I will take above if still available please
  15. outlanda

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I have had both and still have 17hmr. Niche? Don't know really but a question on hmr always gets negative feedback. Hornet was useful when lack of hmr ammo. Reloading can replicate hmr/wsm or better it and at same cost. Good factory ammo but cost has increased and low stock levels in rfds. Performance compared to factory 55gr 223. So why not have a 223 as factory ammo can be bought for less? Plus more suitable for range. Hmr works with 16" barrel on a lighter frame so nice package to carry, more choice of rifles, higher magazine capacity , easier to moderate with smaller mod and deemed suitable for more land. Bulk deals on ammo available and stocked by most rfds. Although sometimes not a choice of brand, i think originally they were made by one manufacturer and all give adequate accuracy in a bog standard cz. Probably missed something but i think hmr is OK just not for every body.

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