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  1. outlanda

    Better problems to have

    Cartridge shooting ground liskeard in Cornwall has new 452 listed on website rh/ lh 17hmr and. 22 -new old stock so probably the last ones
  2. Hi i am near Holsworthy close to Devon /cornwall border. Thank you
  3. outlanda

    .17 rem FL size die

    Hi i have hornady fl sizer and seater die set.
  4. Hi yes both items are still available.
  5. Surplus to requirements are 1000 no .17 calibre 17gr value bullet heads packed in 500's. Selling for £25/500 posted. These items can be collected from Devon. Revised advert. Thank you.
  6. This is sold. I have a 17 remington tikka
  7. outlanda

    GRS Berserk Stock for Tikka T3

    I have a new unused one if you are still looking
  8. I have a new grs beserk for a tikka t3 i would sell.
  9. I haven't owned since new so i don't know how many rounds. The bore is still good i can't see any pitting and still decent accuracy.
  10. Hi Yes i still have it for sale. Thank you
  11. I am thinking of selling my .17 Remington Tikka M595. In good overall condition with a decent bore still. The barrel has been re-crowned and threaded with 1/2"unf for sound moderator. 3 round magazine. £350 collected from Devon. RFD transfer £35.

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