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  1. Standardelg

    DIY Turret Wraps

    Thank you, Good suggestion. I’ll put your suggestion on the todo list
  2. Standardelg

    DIY Turret Wraps

    Great, I’ll put that info on the website! Thanks a lot.
  3. Standardelg

    DIY Turret Wraps

    Thanks a lot, that’s exactly why I decided to make a generator/tool
  4. Standardelg

    DIY Turret Wraps

    Hi mitch308 What operating system are you using? The image created is a 600dpi image. Printing in 600dpi with no scaling (100%) should give you the true and correct size. I’m using a mac myself, and using preview, I convert to pdf and print that pdf. On Windows you could open image in Paint and print from there? I’ll find some time to make some guides. If others have input on how to print in actual size or tricks how to do it, please share
  5. Standardelg

    DIY Turret Wraps

    I know it’s an old thread, but still excellent work. I‘ve hacked together an online tool at turretlabels.com

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