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  1. Sorry guys all now sold
  2. Hi peter , yes that’s fine mate, I’m thinks £45 including recorded delivery? ‘Cheers steve
  3. 190x Berger elite hunters 140gr , £105 including recorded delivery
  4. Steve steve

    Wanted rear bag

    I was just checking what one it was and I didn’t realise it was the big one, it’s unfortunately to big for my needs but at 60quid I’m sure one of the fclass guys will snap it up
  5. Steve steve

    Wanted rear bag

    Hi, how much for the gator empty and posted ? Cheers
  6. Could you possibly explain this? I’m not the sharpest on a iPad !
  7. Tikka tac a1 bag rider , 6082 aluminium , fitted via removing the small pic rail and replacing with the bag rider , as new condition, it’s been on my rifle for two mins! powder coated black finish I will supply 2x new screws that might need cutting down depending on the depth of the holes in your chassis £95 including recorded delivery please message me for pictures as my computer says nooooo! For some reason
  8. Steve steve

    Lamping scope

    The best you will ever get for shooting foxes at night is a nf benchrest 8-32x56 with a np2dd ret I’ve had one 20+ year since they were like hens teeth in the uk . If you fancy putting yourself back 30 years buy a s&b 8x56 !
  9. Steve steve

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    That’s exactly what I was worried about, I’ve got the cal gen2 and it’s fantastic without the pan!
  10. Steve steve

    Atlas bipod

    Sold pending payment
  11. BT10 , very good condition, a couple of very little marks but hardly noticeable £160 including recorded delivery
  12. Have you got any pictures of it mate and the inside baffles etc cheers
  13. Steve steve

    Atlas cal gen 2 bipod

    I’m thinking of buying a 5h and I was wondering if you can lock the pan and still have a tight tilt ?
  14. Steve steve

    65 creedmoor powders

    People seem to be doing a lot better in lapua brass by the looks of things

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