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  1. SMLE A very interesting collection of books I love the diagrams with the handwritten notes in pencil where some studies nco was plotting how best to ply his trade. Im indebted to you enough now for one day il pick up one of those manuals on my own steam and from a man with a akm and sa80 bayonet on his wall I find it the contrary. Sincere thank you for all the help Remi
  2. Hello all I’ve a question for the old and the bold amongst you. In possession of a lee Enfield no4 mk2 with the mk1 sight looking to zero at 100 yards with 200y set on the back sight aiming at the tip of a inverted triangle should the rounds land 3inches above? Is this the correct czp for that point of aim? also what is the formula for working out the correct numbered fore sight to use to achieve this for example if the rifle is shooting six inches high at 100y with 200y set on the ladder? going to be using ppu factory ball ammo at a maximum of 600y in the csr comp all help greatly appreciated. Remi
  3. Smle thats excellent info il have a study of riflechairs YouTube videos tonight. Where did you find that zeroing handbook been searching for some of those manuals but don’t have the foggiest where to start looking. making that zeroing chart for 25 yards seems simple enough and il start with that before I push back to 100y save me running up and down with my tape measure. Thank you Remi

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