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  1. Hi The muzzle diameter, once you cut the inch off due to hand lapping, is 17.75mm. hope this helps James
  2. Last one still for sale. Excellent hand lapped barrel blank wanting a good home still.
  3. For sale are 2 cut rifled Sassen barrel blanks First is a .264/6.5mm, 8 Twist, 6 Groove in stainless steel CUT rifled. Profile is Rem varmint at 28" long with 360 spiral fluting, which looks pretty cool TBH. SOLD The second is also a .264/6.5mm, 8 twist 6 groove stainless steel CUT rifled. Profile is a light Rem varmint at 28" long with straight fluting. looking to get £350 plus £20 postage for them, wish I could keep them for the projects I had in mind but just found out I got a baby on the way so need all the money I can get. So hopefully go to a good home and if you want any more info please drop me a PM SBP
  4. So from all the reply's, I guess every manufacturer has the capability of making an exceedingly accurate barrel. I guess it comes down too who can do it the most often. Since I've been shooting, I've rarely heard a bad word about Krieger barrels, is it not too far fetched to say there top dog in this barrel making business. Though they do come with a price tag.
  5. Thanks for all the reply's, and I know there's a lot of experience being put into this thread. But I cant help think, that a single point of cut, from a carbide cutter, with the right helix angles for twist of barrel produces a better stress free groove than pulling a carbide button, with say 15 tons of force, through a barrel bore, even when heat treated afterwards.
  6. I saw on here the review of a Sassen 6.5 cut rifle barrel and that seemed to clean out in 5 patches from the photo. that's got to help in some way I guess?
  7. That's interesting, wonder if Lothar skip the hand lapping part which explains the copper build up?
  8. Hi Just out of interest, what are peoples thoughts between the two rifling methods. I've always been told a cut rifled barrel has the edge over a buttoned one. Have people on here found this to be true or just a myth?

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