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  1. Hi Looking for a new Seb Neo or Farley coax 2, its like trying to buy the Turin shroud! Anyone know of one in stock somewhere, stores show it on stock on web sites but have none!!!!
  2. Hi all! I have an Anschutz 1907 .22lr and am looking for a “wedge” that could fix onto the accessory rail to make it more suitable for bench shooting ( the current stock slopes up towards the end of the barrel) Anyone know of such an accessory? cheers,
  3. missedagain!

    Seb Neo or Mini wanted!

    More like shoot 100, cry 100.... the eternal search goes on!
  4. missedagain!

    Seb Neo or Mini wanted!

    Hi New member with my first post! I am looking for a Seb Neo or possibly a mini, anyone got one for sale? I travel a fair bit so can collect cash on collection. Cheers

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