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  1. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    Interesting. What COAL do you end on , or most common. I have option to have 2'933 but i went to 2'800 as sugessted
  2. Hello guys, I would like to ask you if anyone could tell me benefits or pros to buy rather bag or monopod. I use krg X-Ray chassis and shoot on long range Regards
  3. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    Ok, from today shooting 100m, rs62, 139scenar, cci br4, SP lapua case, 29celsius, 2245 ogive / 2805 coal. Would you agree 44,3 node? Last 5 shoots are manufacturer load from Hornady 147 eld match ammo (1,86€ pcs)
  4. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    I used cci br4, Lapua case and bullet
  5. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    I will go this week to Bzenec CZ and try 44.3 at 800m
  6. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    Ok, looks like i read it wrong. So that nice little group was actually 44.3 with 2257ogive. So looks like i need to give it a try 44.3-44.6.
  7. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    Also speed: 42.8 : 2708, 2692, 2698,2696,2697 44.3: 2800,2814,2804,2803,2817 44.8: 2833,2848,2826,2849,2823 What i can not understand is how can seating influence on bullet. My max ogive is 2338 and i did reload as manufacture of powder sugesst me to go 2247. Is this to huge step ? But on other hand i think bullet it has to little surface to hold bullet probably and therefore can not be constant.
  8. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    Hello, Thank you for sugesstion. Yesterday I tested 44.8 grains with 0.010" longer seating deph 2.257 (instead 2.247). 5 shoot group at 100m. Next picture is 3 groups at 300m, start with 42.8, than 44.3 and 44.8 (down) but all 3 in seating deph at 2.247. I must say I had quite mirage. Sugesstion?
  9. ronzi83

    Ocw results

    Hello guys, So I made ocw with rs62 and 139 lapua scenar in 6.5 creedmoor 1/8 twist 24". Here are results, with 3 shoots and than 4th per group. I did round robin system Regards
  10. ronzi83

    S070 vs RS62

    Yes, my main application will be for 6.5 creedmoor. I can get 1kg for 66€ , RS62 it is 96€ for me and a bit less than kg of H4350 is 115€. I am not totally of money saving (can be part of decision factor) but trying to get as optimal powder for 139- 140 bullets and as far i read here on forum the rs62 was the powder to try. I would like also to ask people here bout Explosia powders, since i think they got not so much attention and wondering why is that, since they have range of powserd and granulation is superb.
  11. ronzi83

    S070 vs RS62

    Hello, I would like to ask you if anyone have tried explosia S070, since it is on same burning chart as rs62? I am asking, because it is cheaper than RS62 and if is simmular than no need to buy expansive powders. Regards
  12. ronzi83

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    Thank you. Yes i used 2nm and probably will be perfect like this.
  13. Hello, i would like to ask you if you have sugesstion on how much should i turn my screws on scope rings with moment key/tool ? I used 3.5NM , will be ok ? I have IOR scope with Rusan Picatinny Tac. Rings, Steel, 40 mm Regards
  14. ronzi83

    OCW range

    Guys, what range do you prefer for OCW test? Tomorrow I will have options on range and would like to prepare. Regards
  15. ronzi83

    Tikka and KRG X-Ray chassis

    Hello to everyone, I would like to ask you if anyone here is using krg X-Ray and tikka t3x. I have bought krg but I have bit problem on cleaning it with rod. It will bump in buttpad. Also can someone give me advice on how to set right height of buttpad. Does it need to be low or height as possible? Regards

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