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  1. SMLE

    Statistical Ghosts and Seeing Patterns

    Marker misalignment? The very thought!
  2. SMLE

    Statistical Ghosts and Seeing Patterns

    Couldn’t agree more pops! My 6.5 CM load was pretty much stumbled upon but consistently shoots 0.5 - 0.75 moa at all ranges I’ve tried it at thus far. Delighted with it today at Kingsbury 600 in some choppy wind.
  3. Norman Clark’s is THE place to go for PH advice and work
  4. SMLE


    Couldn’t agree more, excellent bunch of people
  5. SMLE

    Swedish M96 cocking piece?

    I like to give value.... 😊
  6. SMLE

    Swedish M96 cocking piece?

    Just checked some old emails, I got a few bits of this guy in Sweden when I had an M96 bofredriksson56@gmail.com Not sure if he’s still around but he had a lot of NOS stuff a couple of years ago, worth trying an email to see if he responds.
  7. SMLE

    Swedish M96 cocking piece?

    Try Ellis Arms in Cardiff. Can’t remember the guys name who runs it, but he’s got loads of Swedish Mauser bits and bobs, if he doesn’t have one I bet he knows a man who does. www.ellis-arms.co.uk
  8. Thanks for the interest folks, the brake is now sold
  9. For Sale is my - muzzle brake for 6.5 calibre. Purchased new in Norway a few months ago and very effective it is too. Reason for sale is purchase of a moderator which now suits my shooting environment better. The following is taken from the manufacturer/supplier web site: ”The - muzzle brake has been designed for maximum recoil reduction and ease of use. It will greatly reduce recoil and muzzle rise. The use of a threaded adapter allows the fastening of the brake to already existing barrel threads easy by the use of non-destructive set screws. A threaded hole on top of the muzzle brake allows for the attachment of a Mirage band.” Currently with the bushing for 5/8 UNF although these can be purchased from the manufacturer/supplier in Norway for £28.99 to suit any common muzzle thread. Their web site has lots of information on the brakes in English. Currently new these are £115 + postage, selling mine for £65 including postage within UK. For some reason the thread won’t allow me to post the name of the manufacturer/supplier in Norway, but they are a well known long range shooting supplier and if you look at the photo you will see their name engraved on the brake top surface.
  10. Thanks again everyone. Alison at Wildcat was very helpful, as a few people have mentioned, they seem a decent company to me, together with input from above I think I’m going to opt for the evolution. It seems to sit between the 8 and 12 so possibly the obvious compromise. If anyone needs a muzzle brake, I’ll probably be putting mine up for sale at the weekend, it’s a - brake, very good but I’m fed up with people moaning about the noise. Let me know if you fancy it.
  11. Cheers guys. Must admit I’m tending towards the Evolution at this stage, seems to offer the best compromise and yes, the ability to swap between rifles for just £60ish is a good selling point. That’s true of all their models though I believe. I’ll be forking out at the weekend so it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any more feedback on this thread before then.
  12. So, you decide you’ll buy a moderator. Next, as you want to buy British, the obvious choice seems to be Wildcat. Now the tricky bit, which one? 6.5 Creedmoor, offers the Predator 8, 12 or Evolution as choices, the very friendly people at Wildcat recommendation is the 12 but I think they’re bound to say that as the most expensive. Could be of course that the 12 is the best for the job, but just wondering what others on this Forum think, I can be persuaded at this point, so as the exam questions state.... discuss.
  13. SMLE


    I use Unique under cast bullets in my SMLE. Not sure if that’s on the banned list now though? I find 12g under a 185g hard lead bullet with gas check from Shellhouse is pretty darn accurate at 100 yards.
  14. SMLE


    Having owned an original one, which was beautiful, wish I’d never sold it.... and seen the new ones, even those more recently produced ones which had a lot of the problems ironed out, I would still go for the JM rifles. Be picky, buy wisely and you won’t be disappointed. If I were buying new, I’d go for the Henry Big Boy range. I still don’t think they’re as nice as the JM Marlins, but they’re nicer than the Remington Marlins. I’ve been tempted a few times as lever guns are just great, I’ve looked at quite a few, both here and in the States and think Henry have the edge in terms of overall quality, particularly fit and finish. I’m sure others will disagree.....
  15. Must admit Moorlander, barrel life worries me at the mo, but then everyone shooting 6.5 CM seems to be counting rounds! The Bergara rifles are definitely good, I so nearly bought one of them but went with the Howa as I was really impressed with my 308.

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