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  1. SMLE

    Inside of brass neck to clean

    That’s exactly what I do. I shoot for fun, a plinky plonker as Bradders used to say. But I enjoy shooting accurately and that method works for me. I get consistent neck tension, low sd and spread numbers on my home loads when I use my chrony. Works for me.
  2. SMLE

    Hornady 75g ELD & 80g ELD Match .224

    No personal experience of these but a good mate of mine has started using the 80g bullets in his 223 Tikka Tac with the 24” barrel and 1:8 twist. His shooting was superb yesterday at 600 yards on Kingsbury range with an RS52 based load, so good in fact that it has persuaded me to start some load development for them in my 1:8 twist barrel too.
  3. SMLE

    69 Grain Tipped Sierra Matchkings

    Had a fiddle yesterday. Loaded up some with N140 and found 23.6 (starting load on Vihtavuori data) gave me a .4 moa group at 100 yards when 30 thou off the lands. Must admit I was surprised that it was the best group. My plan is to repeat that with my chrono next week and do a proper series of tests, not just a fiddle, but crikey, it was like a laser beam!
  4. It’s now been sold, sorry you missed it but thanks for your interest
  5. SMLE

    69 Grain Tipped Sierra Matchkings

    Yeah just realised I was being thick - thanks, topic edited...!
  6. Hi Folks, New to 223 but following advice on this forum decided I’d get hold of some 69 grain matchkings for my first loads. Haven't shot the rifle yet, it’s a 24” barrel with 1:8 twist, but started to load some ammo up today. Does anyone have any other favourite bullets they’d recommend? Any thoughts gratefully received.
  7. Just a little bump.... doesn’t anyone want a Gentleman’s rifle?
  8. The directive was clear. No CALIBRE greater than 7.62/.308 My Lee Enfields are all less than that, being .303 CALIBRE No where have I seen any reference to diameter. Whats tricky about that?
  9. That’s my take Pops and 303 is still less than 308 even with my mathematical skills.
  10. Agree completely with Orka. However, I believe the ban is calibre specific and not bullet diameter specific and therefore in my opinion, 303 would still be OK. After all, Mosin Nagants are 7.62 yet fire the same .312 bullet as the 303. Happy to be proven wrong of course, particularly as I am likely to be RCOing at Kingsbury in October. Basically, the pongos don’t want us there, that’s the upshot of this I suspect, it’s their range and we can’t play with it!
  11. For sale is my much loved No.1 Mk 3* BSA rifle. Made in 1916 and all original with matching numbers throughout including the wood. It has literally been through the wars and carry’s the evidence of that journey in knocks and bumps but what a story it could tell if it could talk! She handles .312 PPU bullets perfectly although I have shot mostly cast lead through it in my ownership. Purchased from Enfield guru Roger Payne several years ago and fitted with a non original sling. Looking for £375

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