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  1. SMLE

    Punctured Primers

    Cheers Varm, been reviewing quite a bit of info on here about load development for the 6.5CM, some from you, so thanks again and don’t worry, I know the number assignments for the primers.
  2. SMLE

    Punctured Primers

    Thanks everyone for responding. My rifle is now with Norman Clark for a once over and check before/if I use it again. I’m beginning to accept the inevitable and admit that the root cause is me. I agree, the primer choice was a poor one, but I had them to hand and they appeared to work so I thought why not stick with them. Wish I hadn’t to be honest as I suspect a slight lift in “jip” with a new powder tub was enough to break the camels back and cause the failure. Hopefully there’s no gas damage to pin and bolt, and I suspect Norman will happily empty my wallet if there is, but he seemed quite hopeful that all would be fine this morning when presented with the rifle by a bashful yours truly. So, assuming I get the rifle back, on to more load development, everyone seems keen on RS60 or 62, so think I’ll start there..... BR4 primers this time though...!
  3. SMLE

    Punctured Primers

    Hi Folks, I’ve either been a bit thick or I have a firing pin defect I think, any thoughts appreciated before I pop off to a gunsmiths at the weekend. 6.5 creedmoor loaded with 35.9 grains of N150 under 139 scenars (max in load table is 35.5). This has proven a great load for last 400 or so rounds giving me about 2670fps. and good grouping about 0.75 moa at 600 yards. Using CCI small rifle 400 primers - all I had available at the time but worked great. Absolutely no pressure signs at all across 400 rounds or so. I was confident in the load and took it out to 1000 yards a few weeks ago with similarly good results. Again, no pressure signs at all. Loaded up a new batch of rounds last week for a 1000yard Bisley session yesterday. This time loading with a Redding bushing die to give 2 thou neck tension in two batches, some previously full length sized four times and some once fired virgin brass neck sized on this their second load. New tub of N150 used. Everything else the same. Every shot yesterday produced either a punctured primer or cratered primer with extractor marks. I stopped shooting them after a few shots and also noted evidence of gas impact on magazine follower. Not able to figure it out, I tried a couple of rounds of my friends 6.5 creedmoor he was using and both of those rounds had punctured primers too, no evidence of this when fired in his rifle by the way. Recognising I introduced two new variables here, the new powder batch and neck sizing rather than full length, what are people’s thoughts? I would not expect to see significant pressure differences between batches of the same powder that go from ok to catastrophic at least! Would neck sizing make such a difference? The bullets seated with no cause for concern in press “feel”. Or, is this a hardware issue? Any thoughts gratefully received before I speak to a gunsmith to check my rifle and bolt over. I’d just like to understand this if I can.
  4. SMLE

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    If you’re not shooting long distances definitely try the cast bullet option with a powder like unique. My SMLE performs great out to 200 yards with a soft load and that’s about as far as my eyes work on open sights. The Lyman cast bullet book should be your reference in my opinion.
  5. I’m with you on the scenars. I have stumbled on a load without much development that shoots really well in my 24” barrel, 1 in 8 twist, just from putting something together with the components I had at the time. People keep telling me that the load will never work but believe me it does. 139g Lapua Scenar’s over 35.9g N150 sitting about 50 thou off the lands and CCI 400 small rifle primers. I’m getting an average of 2680 fps with an sd in the single figures (just). At 100 yards I’m getting about 0.7 moa on 5 round groups and it shot about 1.25 moa at 900 yards the other day, although most of my shooting is at 600 on military ranges where I regularly annoy a mate of mine who’s spent hours and significantly more money than me by out shooting him... I’m happy with that and will just keep on keeping on with it. I’d rather have some pretty decent performance than be forever load developing. As a plinky plonker, I’m not striving to win cups, just enjoying reasonably accurate shooting with my mates.
  6. Sorry bow, they’re now sold, I’m just a bit slow updating this ad.
  7. SMLE

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Another good tip and with you on the idea. I worked with graphite in a previous career before the bottom fell out of the chemical processing industry in this country. I remember as an apprentice having to clear up spills.... I was scarred for life... Got my little tub fixed in a “bund “ like device I “liberated” at the time of my redundancy 20 years ago
  8. SMLE

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Thanks for all the responses and tips folks. Picked up some of the Imperial stuff with the loaded beads yesterday from CDSG. Had a fiddle today and I must say I’m really impressed. Had a bit of a faff setting my Redding bushing die but cooking with gas now. Thanks again.
  9. My understanding too, the squares represent one moa.
  10. That’s what I thought too!
  11. SMLE

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Now that is a top tip
  12. For Sale, two five slot Magpul M-Lok rails, surplus to needs. One is unopened in original packing, one is without the packaging and has been fitted but with limited use. Both approximately 3 months old. These cost about £28 each new. Buy both of mine for £35 or each, £18.....I’ll even throw in the postage!
  13. SMLE

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Top tip.... thanks!
  14. SMLE

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Thanks GT3. I think I was being thick.... took a proper look at Spuds site and it kind of made sense. Tub ordered a few minutes ago.

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