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  1. SMLE

    Real World 223 Experience

    Exactly Pops. Same as I do. Repeatability being the thing......
  2. SMLE

    Real World 223 Experience

    With care..... probably the same way in which you’re trying to say what I’ve done is worthless.
  3. SMLE

    Real World 223 Experience

    Ok, so seating depth established using one of those Hornady things and digital callipers. 3 data sets of 10 measurements with a fresh bullet in each set of 10 established a mean value. Spread of 3 thou in values across the data sets. Load development started at 30 thou off based on that mean value giving a mean of 0.75 moa at 100 yards over 3 sets of 5 shot groups. Same mean group size at 20 thou off, mean of 0.55 moa at 10 thou off. Happy with that but a friend mentioned he saw a difference by setting his to 8 thou off in his Tikka, so thought I’d give it a go. Different day and only 2 sets of 5 shots this time set to 8 thou off based on original data gave me a mean group size of 0.3moa. I observed seating depth varying from 7 thou off to 10 thou off based on the original data sets mean seating depth when loading the last 10 rounds used for the final two 5 shot groups at the nominal 8 thou setting. This reflected the 3 thou variance I saw originally when establishing the starting point. Think I’ve been pretty thorough and recognise it’s a point in time. It worked. Will it continue to work? On going observation will tell.
  4. SMLE

    Real World 223 Experience

    Cheers folks. Quick update after a bit more load development. Achieved a 0.3moa 100 yard group with the 77g TMK’s now using the max load of RS52 and 8 thou off. Seems to be consistent so far but didn’t take my chrono so not sure of speed but probably around 2700. Just need to try out a bit further now. Got a slot on stickledown next week for my 6.5 CM - might take the 223 along and go for the 1000 yards.
  5. SMLE

    Real World 223 Experience

    Hi Folks, Been shooting 77g TMK’s through my 1:8 twist 223 rifle for a few months now with generally good results. Consistently about 0.75 moa out to 500 yards. I get the odd flyer and the even rarer tighter group with the greatest variable being me of course! Velocity around 2650 FPS. I’ve been toying with going for the 69g TMK’s as an alternative as I ever really only shoot this rifle at 500 yards maximum range and wondered if they might stabilise a little more readily or sufficiently to tighten the group up a bit. What experience do others have with these bullets? Worth playing with? I know they’re not big money but if folks have a poor experience with them, I’d rather try something else or stick with what I’ve got. Alternatively, any other good options based on real world experience and which reflects my set up and range that’s worth trying? Oh, it’s a 24” barrel by the way.
  6. Kingsbury is great when you can get on Trigger and imho, worth persevering with ODRC if you want any hope of shooting there with any hope of regularity.... cancellations notwithstanding. Their new training officer is a good bloke and I think some new blood coming into the club is starting to have a positive impact but these things take time. A few of us now make regular trips to Bisley as it’s such a pleasure to shoot there. If you join the NRA and also hold a safe shooters card..... ODRC will help with this one, you’d be welcome to join us and share range and petrol costs.
  7. If you’re near to Warwick Trigger, try the Jaguar Rifle Club. They have a rimfire range in Coventry I believe and shoot at Bisley and Kingsbury too. I’m not a member but hear they’re a friendly bunch. Alternative might be Warwickshire Armourers. ODRC are not necessarily always the best option. I believe the calibre restriction is now lifted by the way.
  8. Absolutely Pops. I don’t think Landmarc do themselves any favours but nevertheless, they are operating to their contractual obligations. People often focus on the wrong guys when apportioning blame and those at the front of house often take the stick, believe me I know, I work in the world of PFI, a sector which sees its fair share of mud slinging when really, a lot of that mud should be sticking to other stakeholders within the arrangements rather than the appointed contractor quite often stuck in the middle. A contractor, in this instance, Landmarc, will always only work to their contract, their entire efforts will be focussed on compliance with that and any statutory or mandatory i.e. standing orders, obligations they hold, because quite simply their client (DIO) won’t care how well they do any nice to have additional works, which more than likely they won’t receive income for. They, the DIO, will always measure their (Landmarc’s) performance and hold them to account based upon the content of their contract and that alone. Frustrating, but that’s how it works. The poor old Range Wardens, are only doing what they are told, but I think they do enjoy their grumpy reputation if I’m honest...🙂
  9. SMLE

    Cleaning - Bisley bore cleaner

    Not used the cleaner but have the oil. Seems fine to me, a fairly generic light oil I guess.
  10. Leaning on an open door there Ralph! I was there too and live locally so was only mildly irritated but can sympathise with your annoyance. Range standing orders demand no shooting if standing water and, being generous, I would guess that the warden made a final check that morning, although it would have been fairly obvious the night before I would have thought. Cancellation seems to be the default position just lately though I must admit, most it would seem through last minute attendance by the military on the B range.
  11. SMLE

    Krg bravo

    This is the link to the weight system in the states https://midatlanticrimfireseries.wordpress.com/2019/03/01/review-weight-system-for-krg-chassis-by-raven-rock/
  12. SMLE

    Krg bravo

    I use a simple bag too but have a monopod fitted to a Picantinny rail on the lower stock. I flit between the two using the folded monopod as a crude “bag rider” depending on the ground condition at the time. This works for me but then I’m not trying to win competitions, just shoot well. The cheek piece is solid once set but I recommend you fit something to get the right height set each time. I use some 303 case necks fitted onto the riser posts that I’ve trimmed to the right height, that way I just drop the cheek piece in and it finds the correct setting each time. Others use o rings. I also filled my stock with lead. Out of the box it is quite light weight and I’m used to shooting heavy rifles. I used some strips of roof lead in the fore end, just locating in the cavity and fixed a simple aluminium plate where the spigot mount goes to keep them from inching out under recoil. I also filled the grip cavity with lead shot. Added about 2 lbs in total. There’s a guy in the states making brass fore end inserts for the Bravo stock, a google search will find him, these fix into the stock using the bolts that come with the stock and look really good. From memory though, he wants something like $50 for them + postage.
  13. SMLE

    Krg bravo

    Got one on my 6.5 creedmoor Howa. Fabulous bit of kit ! Can’t recommend enough
  14. Thanks fellas. Thought this thread had run its course to be honest after Pops “helpful” advice Like the idea of an ultrasonic with paraffin Dellboy - never occurred to me to use that. Do you just run a cloth through the diffuser Dellboy? Any residue left etc? Thanks for the advice.

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