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  1. SMLE

    Reloading bench size / area

    I created mine inside a standard double built in wardrobe in my spare room. A piece of old kitchen worktop for the bench with my press mounted to it and a shelf above it fixed to the wall which conveniently placed my scales at eye level for reasonable “parallax free” reading. Space underneath for a chair and room on the shelf and bench to store all the bits and bobs. Works a treat. When I’ve finished reloading I just close the doors and it gets hidden away.
  2. Thanks again everyone one. Consensus seems to be for Scenar bullets then and possibly N150 or RS62. Think I’ll have a little fiddle based on that. No worries on the hijack Ashcroft, be interested to see how that develops too.
  3. Thanks guys. I like the philosophy of one load, it’s what I’ve always done, but the cost of those Hornady bullets makes me wince.... Ive heard good things about RS powders but never tried them, so maybe I’ll play around with the load above and see how I get on. Thanks again.
  4. Hi Folks, quick word from the wise wanted. I have developed a load for my newly acquired 6.5 Creedmoor, 24” barrel, 1:8 twist, based on Lapua SR brass, Hornady 140ELD Match bullets and N540 powder. I am delighted with the loads performance at 1000 yards, but have to admit, most of my shooting (75%) will be at 600 yards. I’m starting to wonder if I’m overdoing it for the majority of the shooting I do and possibly develop a cheaper “every day” load, something like the Sierra Matchking 142g (bc .626) and a single base powder, maybe N160 or something like that. I’m conscious too of the scare stories about double base powder and am pondering the rationale of continued use of the N540. Maybe only keeping my current load for those few times a year when I shoot beyond 600 yards. Keen to hear what loads other use that give them good results at ranges to 600 yards, particularly their choices on bullets and powder. I know the feedback will be indicative only, but maybe you could short cut a lot of experimentation and barrel life with some pointers in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  5. Crikey that’s a nice scope and good price. If I had the readies I’d be all over that! Quite right, perfect on a No4.
  6. SMLE

    .303 For Enfield

    I have a 55 Faz as well, lovely rifles. I mostly shoot mine at 100 yards as my late middle aged eyes struggle beyond that with open sights! I worked up a load for that which seems fine for me and my rifle which is 39g of N140 using a 174g PPU bullet, CCI primers in PPU Brass. The rifle shoots well with that, about 3 moa if I do my bit.... don’t expect modern Tikka like performance from these old girls! Occassionaly I’ve shot that load at 300 yards too, but struggle to see the target if I’m honest, but the load seems OK at that range too. I suspect it may start to lose performance at 600 though so if going out to that range then use a charge like 20 series suggests. Either way, work up a load that suits you. I full length size and so far have 10 reloads on my current brass and it still looks fine although I think it’s probably maxed out to be fair. I tried S&B when I first got into 303 but only got about 3 reloads from it before I had issues and scrapped the batch to be sure. PPU stuff is good and you can get it quite readily from people like Henry Krank. That load works equally well in my SMLE and No.5 too by the way at similar ranges.
  7. SMLE

    Accushot Monopod

    Looking for an accushot mid or extended range monopod with picatinny mount. Dont really want to pay the daft money they are new so if anyone has one they’re willing to get rid of, let me know.
  8. SMLE

    Most common shooting activity?

    I really hope it goes well. As an avid Enfield fan I would have loved to attend, especially with Gun Jesus in attendance! I’ve got family commitments that day which mean I can’t attend but I know what you mean Bradders, sometimes I’m in a minority of one when it comes to talking 303! At the very least we should all spend a few minutes in quiet reflection on the 11th to consider the sacrifices made that enable our freedoms today.
  9. SMLE

    Sponsor Bradders

    Sponsored and I wish you all the best.
  10. SMLE

    Praise for Northants FLO team

    West Mercia have been pretty good for me too. Had a serious delay on renewal last year but they were undergoing significant change and they kept me informed along the way. Recent variation went very smoothly despite me making it complicated after I changed my mind half way through, but they couldn’t be more helpful on the phone. As you say, credit where credits due, they do a thankless job really.
  11. No mate, was tempted but I’m afraid other commitments that day up in leafy Warwickshire, sounds like it’ll be a good event though.
  12. SMLE

    N540 In 6.5 Creedmoor

    I’m aware by the way of potential impact on barrel life and throat erosion, but presumably that’s only where MV is at the high end? Mid level loads presumably have a lesser effect?
  13. SMLE

    N540 In 6.5 Creedmoor

    No idea why this has posted twice! But I am a Luddite!
  14. SMLE

    N540 In 6.5 Creedmoor

    Hi Folks, Interested in anyone’s experiences good or bad in N540 for 6.5 Creedmoor, in particular the Hornady 140g ELD Match bullet. I find myself in possession of both and just thinking about working up a load for up to 1000 yards, 24” barrel, 1 in 8 twist. I reckon 32 g to 35g might be a goer, any thoughts? I’ve no experience of this powder but have been persuaded by a colleague to get hold of it for this bullet although published data seems pretty scarce.

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