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  1. gunner223

    Any Gun Shops in or around Oxford????

    Reloading solutions is now a building\plumbing merchant. So yep mail order only , but they are looking at doing pick ups from there base.
  2. gunner223


    Does anyone know of, or have a plastic type mag for a CZ 527 Hornet. Cheers
  3. gunner223

    Any Gun Shops in or around Oxford????

    RJ Blackwall at Charlbury near Witney is worth a visit,
  4. gunner223

    6.5x47 Bullet Recommendations

    120 bts for me.
  5. gunner223

    PM2 12-50x56

    Very good scope choice there Woodlander.
  6. gunner223


    Im lucky to own both the Terminator and also a 12-50 pm11, now if i put them side to side i would say the PM11 has the edge, only because of eye relief, optically i would say the terminator has a better glass at a distance 1000yds or so, now I'm in my mid late fifties ,so maybe not the best eye sight, now a lot of what people say about scopes is surely all about how good your eye sight is ? yes the Terminator is a heavy biggish scope but works fantastically in all areas.
  7. gunner223

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Some of my permissions are 20 miles apart, i would never dump any foxs within a 2 mile rad of where i live, i don't want anyone in the village knowing what i do. so thats why if I'm close to home they go in the freezer.?
  8. gunner223

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    I have a few footpaths on one of my permissions plus the hunt go on there , so i take them home and black bag them and into the freezer, then on dustbin day out they go, no smell as there still frozen, job done, and you may ask why not lay-bys and gateways, i shoot a lot of fox's and most of the gateways\ lay-bys are already full.
  9. gunner223

    WANTED ZEISS 6-24-56

    As above really, must be in very good condition , with turrets please. Thanks
  10. Might px for a S&B PM11 12-50, must be mint with PL4 fine ret in SFP.
  11. Forgot to say Mounts inc.
  12. up please for a great scope
  13. Im selling my Terminator as i hardly use it, 12-52x56 SFP SHX-92 (MP8) ret MOA ret MOA turrets, around 18 months old, still mounted on my 6-5x47, mint condition as new really, only been on the gun for zeroing Never had any problems with it ,in fact its a fantastic scope, genuine scope and genuine reason for sale. Pics sent via email if interested, £1650 posted reg delivery
  14. gunner223

    night vision set up

    Try the Longbow if budget allows, i use one with a thermal as a spotter, yep not cheap but great results
  15. gunner223

    night vision set up


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