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  1. NSAC

    Tier 1

    Not sure if they still sell direct from the website, now RUAG has the distribution of Tier1.
  2. We have a good supply of the new 6.5 Creedmoor Winchester Expedition Big Game, 142gr Accubond LR Long Range ammunition in stock. Priced @ £44 per 20. Face to Face sales only. We were the first to receive it in the UK, and initial field tests show it to be more than acceptable factory ammo. If you are tempted, or in need of any other 6.5CM ammo/bulletheads drop in to see us. We are 5 mins from the A1 in North Yorkshire. The coffee machine or kettle is always on. We now have an increasing level of range and hunting ammo in most calibres, along with range mats and other accessories.
  3. We have 2 x MTP Accuracy International Maverick 41 Dragbag/Rucksacks left. There are also 5 x Black versions of the same bag. The bag will take 110cm internal length/Firearm. Full zip outer section for Mags and Moderator etc Ideal for range days etc. Made by Karrimor SF for Accuracy International - they are MOLLE compatible. Well made with a comfortable carry system. Priced at £160 inc ParcelForce delivery.
  4. NSAC

    Mod covers to reduce heat haze

    ASE do their own cover for the SL5i. Jackson Rifles or Parabellum Consulting should be able to assist.
  5. .243 (1-8) and 6.5CM are good sellers for this area - we have sold nearer 20 x Creedmoor rifles into the moorland keepers and range users in the last 14-15 months. Other good calibres for this particular area are your standard Foxing options. We capture a few of the club members for the NE MoD ranges, for .308 etc.
  6. Pics don't really show it - but its more a FDE (Flat Dark Earth), sorry.
  7. Thanks Baldy for two new custom builds. As always, exceptional quality. 6.5 Creedmoor and .243 (1-8) options.
  8. We tried with various edges and notches (number, style etc), using them with and without gloves - finding that the round edge opposite notch idea - seemed to work the best, or perhaps the easiest to adapt to.
  9. We have been working on a Harris bipod adapter for a little while. We toyed with a prototype alloy version, but eventually settled on a brass (black cerakoated) version - 6 spoke/inlet. It is a direct replacement for the factory option, but it works far more effectively to apply bipod tension on the Harris S bipods. We are testing the water, to see if there is an interested UK market for this item. Your feedback would be gratefully received.
  10. Tier 1 Carbon Fibre bipods for sale. Two available. Complete with rear loc-pods and secure cases. New stock at a reduced price. £250 (per bipod - inc Express 24 UK delivery, where applicable).
  11. All the brass we advertised sold too. Thank you. For 6.5CM brass there is no stock Lapua (S/R mag primer) until the next shipment lands. All we could source at present is Peterson Match Grade 6.5CM (L/R primer) for £125 per 100. If you are close enough or passing up the M1/A1 heading North (we are 5 minutes off the motorway near Thirsk), we still have the Hornady American Gunner 6.5CM full ammo on offer at £73 per 50 rounds. 140gr HPBT. Also got Winchester 6.5CM 140gr SMK on a £30 per 20 round offer. Similarly, for range work we currently have an offer on 50 round boxes of: .223 Norma 55gr FMJ (£43 per 50) .223 Hornady 75gr BTHP Steel Match (£29 per 50) .308 Hornady 155gr BTHP Steel Match (£54 per 50) .308 Hornady 155gr BTHP American Gunner (£73 per 50). Feel free to drop in and see us for a brew.

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