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  1. For Sale (on behalf of a valued customer) - Kahles K624i Gen3 Mil3 reticle, illuminated centre +, MRAD. CW (Clock'Wise). Complete with a SPUHR 34mm tube/38mm High mount, 0MOA/0MIL. SPUHR 75mm Picatinny rail fitted (front), 45mm Picatinny rail fitted (rear). Sold as a full unit, comprising of the scope/mount and rails for £2100 inc UK mainland delivery. The Aimpoint H2 red dot (2MOA), can be included. Full price at that point: £2500. All in excellent condition, collectively less than 12 months old. Boxes supplied. Rear Starlight Archer bush shown in a couple of the images on the rear of the scope not included. Rifle and all the guns in the background also not included.
  2. NSAC

    Best long range IR LASER TORCH

    We have tried several IR Laser Torches back>back recently (we run Archers on our own kit), but do use 007/008LRF. The Wraith+ 3 x from Ludicrous Lumens has proven to be the best so far. No bar coding/lines, nice and clear. https://www.ludicrous-lumens.co.uk/products/wraith-wraith-850nm-500mw-laser-2x-or-3x-lens-rotary-intensity-control-5-100?variant=17570179940403
  3. https://eley.co.uk/shooting-long-range-22lr-competition-craze/
  4. Benelli Pistol Grip Stocks - New/old shop stock. Variants to suit: M1 S90/M2/M3/SBE1/SBE2 and NOVA. Original packaging, with butt pad included (model specific) with each item. Price: £65 inc UK mainland delivery.
  5. For sale - New (ex shop display stock). Bushnell Elite Tactical Hunter - LRHS 4.5-18x44 non-illum, side PA. FFP - 1/4 MOA. G2M reticle. £525 to mainland UK address, including Parcelforce 24 postage.
  6. Not tried the Rimfiremagic Volquartsen models beyond standard .22LR sub range (15-65m). They only have the 12.5 inch barrels, and are ideally suited towards the sensible/shorter range for vermin etc.
  7. For Sale: Tikka T3 B/A rifle in .223 Wylde 1-8 (Sassen Barrel). This rifle was built for us by Valkyrie Rifles earlier this year. Order for a local customer. It has had the usual/excellent Valkyrie touch with regard to the trigger unit and bolt. Cerakote barrel, bolt and action in FDE. 20 inch varmint Sassen Barrel with M18x1 thread. Rifle has fired approx. 20 rounds with the current owner. Factory 60gr VMax Black Hills used (when we could get it!). Exceptional accuracy. Hausken JD184 M18x1 Sound Moderator. New Tikka T3x Varmint stock. Tikka AU (Tikka Australia .223 metal feed insert) magazine. Relunctant but necessary sale. Rifle & Sound Mod included in the sale. £1600 plus RFD transfer if needed.
  8. For Sale - Schmidt & Bender 2.5-10 x 56. West Germany marked. Excellent condition for the age. No significant marks or scars. Very small marking on the turret cap edges. Objective edge unmarked. Scope body and other surface area in good order. Complete with original scope end caps. SB A8 reticle (No8 style, 4 thick outer posts). Priced to sell at £475 inc UK mainland postage. Ebay has a matching model currently for sale, at a far higher price.
  9. For sale Tikka T3 Varmint (20 inch barrel) in .243. To be sold as a full kit, comprising: Rifle: Tikka T3 .243 Varmint. Action and barrel Cerakote OD, bolt fluted via Valkyrie Rifles in Cerakote Armour Black, with upgraded bolt handle. Round count approx. 600-650 rounds, factory Sako 90gr or homeload 87gr VMax. Tikka Trigger tuned with an upgrade spring by Valkyrie. Factory thread at M18x1. Exceptional bore/crown. Sound Moderator: ASE North Star (Cerakote OD). Stock: Manners T4-A adjustable. Cerakote OD green. Stock inlet and bedded by Valkyrie Rifles, same with the Tier1 AI bottom metal - again inlet and fully bedded. Comes complete with 1 x AI .308/243 mag. Scope: Bushnell Elite 6500 30mm 2.5-16x50. MOA 0.25. Fitted with Burris XTR signature mounts, 5MOA inserts. Complete with original scope and mount boxes. Full price: £1500.00 including RFD transfer if needed. Previously owned/upgraded by one of our own staff. Excellent rifle and scope package.
  10. Sold pending variation. Thanks again to UKV
  11. We stock a significant amount of VFG products. Standard and Intensive felts in .22/6mm/6.5/7/7.5mm. The .22 being in 80pk and everything else in 50pk. We got several of the bulk packs in .22/7.5 just to see how they sold. Slowly, unfortunately. We sell a fair amount of the basic packs. We can get the larger bulk packs, if the importer has them in stock. Adapter 'wise there's either the US or UK thread adapters available in .22-6.5 or 7mm-.45.

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