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  1. ALL SOLD NOW, THANKS We've got a trio of used Meopta scopes in stock. Good value for money new, these are a steal at these used prices. No original boxes, or accessories, they come just as you see them in the pics. Call us on 01845 587207 to buy. Prices don't include postage, we'll send them Parcelforce 48 for £10 each, or free if you buy all three....... Artemis 2000 3-12x50 for £350.00 A Meostar R1 3-12x56 for £350 And a Meostar R2 2-12x50 RD for £425.
  2. NSAC

    Better problems to have

    Given the price you’ll be paying, here’s a couple of “food for thought” options: A Lithgow LA101- beautifully made, great trigger, in a synthetic stock with a semi-tactical feel to it, midweight barrel A CZ 452 tactical trainer. More a target platform, heavy barrel, synthetic stock with a real tactical feel. CZ 452 Laminate.
  3. We’ll add a fiver for parcelforce 48.
  4. One of very few in the country, this scope is priced at £2699. SKMR reticle. Click to visit our website. or call us on 01845 587207
  5. NSAC

    Ase Jet Z compact

    Phone Jackson Rifles (Forge Consulting). They will change the thread section for a charge.
  6. As title. New. Priced at £3230.00. Call us on 01845 587207 or visit our website for other contact details.
  7. Just to clear up a few ambiguities in the answers above: The National Firearms Licensing Management System (NFLMS) has several layers to it: Firearms, Shotguns, People and Land. Each cross reference to each other, so a licence holder has a nominal record, and tabs showing all licences held, firearms possessed (including historic records) land over which the holder has authority (or clubs for target shooters). Land can be searched by address or postcode, and each parcel of land has a tab showing the calibre deemed safe on the land if a check has been made. Land also is searchable for anybody who has or has ever had authority to shoot over it. A member of the firearms licensing department or anyone else trained on the system such as some command hub operators and supervisors can therefore check in a few seconds whether the land has been passed for a particular calibre. Historically FEOs had various criteria to determine whether the land was suitable for various calibres, but more and more these are seen as a bit of a nonsense, especially given the wide variety of calibres now in use. One Force with which I am familiar only distinguishes between Rimfire and Centrefire if asked to check land by a neighbouring Force. Other forces somehow claim to be able to determine different safety criteria for say centrefire .22 and .30 calibres. The local force I have referred to does not check land for its own applicants, simply because it grants open certificates on first application, stressing that the responsibility for safe shooting lies with the shooter, not the police. The payback is that they will not grant a calibre to any person who cannot demonstrate some form of experience with that or a similar calibre. So a quick phone call to the licensing dept in office hours will find whether the land has already had a check carried out if your conditions demand it. If it hasn't been checked, then you'll need to submit a letter of authority and a request to have the land checked. Legally, there is no need to notify the force that you have been given permission if the checks have already been done.
  8. NSAC

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    Its the STS103 model.
  9. NSAC

    Scope rings screw NM torque

    The Sealey digital 005-5nm torque driver is good value at about £39. Widely available. Easy to use and works well for scope mount application. Hope that helps.
  10. The Blue Force Gear Combat Applications Sling is a very good option. Easy to adjust, better with a push-fit QD attachment, than HK clips. Hope that helps.
  11. New bipods from GMK, Pivotal, swivel, sprung notched legs, with QD stud attachment AND free picatinny rail adapter. Absolute bargains for the price: 9"-13" £49.99 plus £3.50 postage, or 6"-9" £45.99 plus postage. click for contact details, paypal or card over the phone
  12. NSAC

    Ruger 10/22 BX Trigger Unit

    New stock arrived into the UK recently via Viking Arms. Should be available via your local RFD, if Viking can deal with them. Hope that helps.
  13. Some more from the clearout Hornady .308 Win Match x50 £38 (4 available) http://northallertonshooting.co.uk
  14. And some Noslers: Nosler 125 grain Partition in 6.5mm £40 /50 200 (4 boxes) batch 136813591141, 50 (1 box) batch 114111301130, 50 (1 box) batch 114111301198 Nosler Ballistic Silvertip, 115 grain in 25 cal £20/50 150 (3 boxes) batch 107106993 and 150 (3 boxes) batch 107610766 and one box which has lost its batch label. (!) see website for contact details

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