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  1. MichalS

    77gn SMK, 80gn SMK, 77gn TMK or 75 ELD-M

    It is possible to shoot 77gr SMK to 800m. My friend recently shocked the competition by shooting 1.0MOA group at 800m with factory GGG 77gr ammunition from a 24" AR15!!! But, and that is a big but, there was no wind. None. I plan on doing a similar thing (shooting 223 to 900m) and chose 80gr SMK as it is the highest BC bullet my twist (1:8) will handle. If I were building the rifle from scratch, I would go 6.5 twist .223AI for 85-90 grainers. By then though You have to consider if 6br is not a better option.... Michał
  2. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Brilliant results. Thw question is how it will perform with heavier 140gr class bullets? Regarding WL velocity, I had similar underestimation with RS52 and 155gr Scenar in 308Win.
  3. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    NigelM, thats very usefull! Now I just have to find RL16.... The only easly available powders around here are VV, RS and Norma.... Doest anyone have experience with Norma 204 regarding temperature sensitivity?
  4. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Can anyone recommend teperature stable 6.5 Creedmoor powders that are actually aviable in Europe?
  5. MichalS

    6.5 Creedmoor - pierced primer at 41.5gr RS62?

    Yes, semi auto gas gun (AR 10). RS load data gives 44.8gr (sic!) as the max load for 140's with LR primer in Hornady brass...
  6. MichalS

    6.5 Creedmoor - pierced primer at 41.5gr RS62?

    It seems the S&B primers are the weak link. I repeated the experiment today and again got cratering and a pierced primer, this time @42.5gr RS62. I did another set with the same load (41.5-43gr RS62), 140gr Berger LRBT and Federal GM primers and was able to get ~835m/s @43.0gr (~2750fps) with no pressure signs. Groups were awful though. Got good grouping with 139 Scenar @42.0gr/805m/s (0.35MOA), I will push it further with GM primer. Edit: On closer inspection there is a bit of cratering @43.0gr (nearest row).
  7. MichalS

    6.5 Creedmoor - pierced primer at 41.5gr RS62?

    Firing pin seems to be OK. Would You fire the next loads?
  8. Today I tested my first 6.5CM loads with 139gr Scenar in Stag 10 AR, Hornady LRP brass (S&B primer). I prepared 25 cartridges, starting at 41.5gr and finishing at 43.5gr every 0.5gr to plot the velocity. COAL 2.80". According to RS load data max load in this combination is 44.8gr RS62, so I thought I was conservative. First 4 shots @41.5gr were fine, with MV in the 795-800m/s. On the fith shot with the same velocity the primer pierced. MV was 794m/s and the shot actually went inside the earlier group... Was it a defective primer? Shall I ignore it and continue? Michal
  9. Tank Hunter, thanks for the compliment, I'm flattered. I love both the trigger pulling and technical/reloading aspects of the sport, and like to discuss both. BTW this forum is a great source of information with lots of knowledgable users willing to share their experience, something I think we lack "at home". Regarding the accuracy of .308Win I managed to extract form my package - the average of 3 three 10 shot groups at 300m, 600m and 800m ended up being 0.543MOA. I think all 3 groups would be ~0.25-0.3MOA at 100m, which is btilliant for a stock factory rifle as far as I'm concerned. Michal
  10. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Can anyone comment on those numbers? I'm just starting 6.5CM load development with RS62 and it got me really worried as I shoot beetween 0-30°C... Michał
  11. MichalS

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    Yes, Dolphins are very popular. I was actually going to get one for FTR too, but with the way my Sabatti is shooting I dont really see a point. Maybe one in .300WSM for open/magnum...
  12. MichalS

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    Thank You all for Your input, and I wanted to give You some feedback. As suggested, I decieded to stay with the scope as there was a considerable risk I can get one with even higher "correction factor". I wasn't aware the issue is so widespread, I guess people don't trust their shooting enough to question other factors, as I did in the beggining. Afeter taking this "correction" into equation, and gathering some more MV/velocity data I managed to score bronze at this years Sniper (no sighters, no shot marking, You may be lucky to see Your shots in the scope at 300m if theres no mirage) Nationals with 284/300pts, 3 point off the winner. Elevations were almost perfect, but the wind I underestimated have pushed me slightly to the left. I'm also really proud I managed to win FTR with 298/300 (new record) and average group size of 0.543MOA for all 3 distances. Thanks again! Michal
  13. MichalS

    300m ISSF prone and 3 position

    Version 1.0, configured with optics for ammo testing. We'll see if it shoots... Back from the range - it shoots. Factory GGG 77gr. Still room for improvement.
  14. MichalS

    Affordable factory rifle in 300 WSM?

    From what I read, with Remington You have to swap half of the rifle for it to start shooting. I found a Savage 12 in 300wsm - maybe thats a better option?
  15. I fancy a magnum, but want to do it with reasonable budget. Is there a factory rifle worth looking into in 300 Winchester Short Magnum? Michal

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