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  1. Thank You for all the suggestions. I'm based in Europe, so British rifles are not very common. Some people use Enfield's with success, but we don't see the less common models - I will a look at them. Swedish Mauser's dominate...
  2. There are 2 "History" classes: - open - rifles made pre 1950, mechanical sights based on pre 1950 designs; You're basically allowed to use a diopter and circular (globe) front sight in open - military - only original military rifles produced pre 1950, with original sights; only post sight allowed at the front. The distances are 100-200-300m. .222 to .458 calibre. I'd like to compete in open so basically looking for a pre 1950 target rifle... Michal
  3. I want to take part in "History" class at a national level long range competiton. The rules say the rifle has to be built before 1950 and have mechanical sights (diopter). What would You choose for the job? Michal
  4. Gluv, where have You got Yours from?
  5. Mattrem700, I plan on handloading to get access to high BC bullets. I don't think there's a lot to gain accuracy wise, this rifle/ammo combination already shoots 0.3MOA@100m consistently from a lightweight FTR bipod and improvised rear bag... It's a great rifle and value for money is through the roof. Mine's the black "ugly" one in the back
  6. Thanks It's Range Buddy on Android.
  7. I can't help myself and have to show off It's the third time I shot 800m in competition. Sabatti Tactical .308 Win, GGG 175gr. Wind was minimal, 1-2m/s. Temperature around 30* Celsius. What's the best You can get with factory rifle and ammo? Michal
  8. Doing my research regarding reloading I spoke with a couple of guys I know who are all decent shooters... They all have different ways of doing stuff, especially when it comes to brass preparation. Some full length resize and anneal after every shot, some just wash the brass in an ultrasonic cleaner and call it a day... How do You prep Your brass? Michal
  9. MichalS

    Sierra 155gr TMK for mid/long range?

    Laurie - thanks for the insight, that's not something You can find in PR blurb. I got excited because Sierra claims .519 @ 1900 fps and above and .490 between 1900 and 1600 fps... What are Your thoughts regarding 155.5gr Berger vs the new 155gr "PALMA" SMK? Michal
  10. Going through Sierra's catalogue I stumbled upon 155gr TMK and I'm amazed I haven't seen anyone mention it. It has a G1 BC of .519 - 5% better than 175gr SMK... Is there anything wrong with it? Seems like a perfect bullet for mid range shooting. Michal
  11. When using normal trigger mode, the reticle stays put. In set mode it vibrates during shot release. I will search for the thread You mentioned, thank You!
  12. This is not shooter induced movement. I shoot air rifle (Olympic discipline) ~ 610pts, rifle prone ~620pts, I know when I pulled a shot... There is no noticable movement on my part when shooting from a rest. Michal
  13. MichalS

    RS powders for heavy .223/6.5CM/.308 bullets

    Thank You guys - I will start with RS52
  14. Theres definitely something to it, I checked and see a tiny movement in the scope even when dry firing. I guess it's the "set" mechanism causing a vibration.
  15. MichalS

    RS powders for heavy .223/6.5CM/.308 bullets

    Thank You all. Am I correct that single base RS50 will also be less temperature sensitive?

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