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  1. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2019/10/new-high-bc-85-5-grain-224-caliber-bullet-from-berger/ Could this sway FTR (especially mid range) towards .223? Michal
  2. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    What is the case fill? With RS62 and 147ELD @2,80" I get compressed loads around 43 grain.
  3. MichalS

    Affordable factory rifle in 300 WSM?

    Update - I'm in the proccess of ordereing a Sabatti simikar to one I've been shooting in 308. Will update if/when the rifle will be ready.
  4. Dear Sirs, As I recently acquired an AR 10 in 6.5 CM I'd like to add a bolt action in the same calibre. I was reading rave revievs of Tikka Tac A1 - is it really that good? Another option I'm considering is Bergara BMP which also seems to be a popular option. Rifle will be used for precisiin target shooting. Michal
  5. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Tested the above load at 300m yesterday with no wind, got 0.72MOA @300m, I think its respectable for a semi auto? Temperature was 12°C lower then the last time and I only lost a couple of m/s.
  6. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Results are in. Range temperature was 32°C. Velocity is fine, SD's are fine but the groups leave a lot to be desired. Tgere was a bit if wind, so I'll bkame it on that and retest the most promising ones... Best group (below) was 0.73 MOA with perfect vertical. Flattend primers at 42.0gr, primer cratering at 42.8gr. Michal
  7. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    It's warmer than expected... Will report the results.
  8. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    Thats an option, first I'll try shooting the ones I prepered, compresion starts around max book load, I may find a node just below. I'm shooting later today, it's supposed to be 32°C so fingers crossed
  9. MichalS

    VV N160 - compressed loads in 6.5CM

    How long are You seating them? I'm shooting semi auto, so COAL limited to 2.80"... What speeds are You getting? I'm using lower capacity brass (S&B, similar weight to Lapua). All data on VV site are for Lapua brass and short COALs, thats why I'm so intrigued by the 46gr load they published. Michal
  10. I started experimenting with N160 in 6.5CM The book max for 139 Scenar is 42.1gr at 2.717" COAL. I got a bit surprised when I heard a cracking noise of compressing powder as the data don't indicate it should be compressed... What's even more interesting is that Scenar 136L data go up to 46.0gr... Anyone have experience with compressed loads of N160? TIA, Michal
  11. MichalS

    77gn SMK, 80gn SMK, 77gn TMK or 75 ELD-M

    It is possible to shoot 77gr SMK to 800m. My friend recently shocked the competition by shooting 1.0MOA group at 800m with factory GGG 77gr ammunition from a 24" AR15!!! But, and that is a big but, there was no wind. None. I plan on doing a similar thing (shooting 223 to 900m) and chose 80gr SMK as it is the highest BC bullet my twist (1:8) will handle. If I were building the rifle from scratch, I would go 6.5 twist .223AI for 85-90 grainers. By then though You have to consider if 6br is not a better option.... Michał
  12. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Brilliant results. Thw question is how it will perform with heavier 140gr class bullets? Regarding WL velocity, I had similar underestimation with RS52 and 155gr Scenar in 308Win.
  13. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    NigelM, thats very usefull! Now I just have to find RL16.... The only easly available powders around here are VV, RS and Norma.... Doest anyone have experience with Norma 204 regarding temperature sensitivity?
  14. MichalS

    6.5 creedmoor and RS62 temperatures

    Can anyone recommend teperature stable 6.5 Creedmoor powders that are actually aviable in Europe?
  15. MichalS

    6.5 Creedmoor - pierced primer at 41.5gr RS62?

    Yes, semi auto gas gun (AR 10). RS load data gives 44.8gr (sic!) as the max load for 140's with LR primer in Hornady brass...

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