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  1. MichalS

    300m ISSF prone and 3 position

    Unfortunatelly the rifle is not ready yet. I concentrated on F Class (managed to win FTR nationals 2 weeks ago!) and stoped nagging my stock builder ... Now I'm going to turn my attention to this project.
  2. I'm gathering components for my new 6.5 Creedmoor project. With .223 and .308 the die choice was a no brainer - I went with redding competition. With 6.5CM opinions are mixed... Which die set you chose and why? Michal
  3. MichalS

    6.5 Creedmoor AR10 target load

    Andrew, here You are At 1000y "10" is 0.665MOA, "black" is 1.23 MOA. I just won Nationals with 100/100 on this target at 800m, but that was with a bolt action... Highest result in semi auto @800m was 96pts., 95pts. gave 3rd place.
  4. MichalS

    6.5 Creedmoor AR10 target load

    Dear Sirs, I decieded to have a go at semi-auto target shooting. We shoot up to a 1000y, so I went with 24" long 8" twist AR10 from Stag Arms in 6.5CM. It produces a sub 1MOA groups at 300m with factory Hornady 140 ELD Match, but thats not enough to be competitive... Any suggestions for a long range target load in a gas gun? TIA, Michal
  5. 2019 10th Long-Distance Polish F Class Championships are behind us As in the last year I shot FTR with Sabatti Tactical Sport in .308Win. Last year, when I shot 293/300 points (100@300m, 99@600m, 94@800m which gave me bronze medal in the FTR class) I knew that if I will do my part the rifle is able to deliver close the maximal result. This year I almost succeeded, 298/300 (15X) is the highest result in the history of Polish FTR. Additiinaly, I managed to shoot 284/300 in Sniper (no sighting shots), which Was enough to get bronze in that event. You can actually hit something without sighters! The average group size from the three diatances was 0.54 MOA. Again, thanks for all the help I got on this forum. Michal
  6. Not yet. I have promising initial results with 178 ELD, which have much better BC (at least on paper) and are cheaper. Below is a group with random RS52 dose (43.0gr) during seating depth test.
  7. MichalS

    Specifying my first custom FTR rifle

    I do use GGG brass as it is cheap and high quality - thanks for mentioning that, I will check with Mik! Regarding throating - if I deciede to go for 10 twist, 200.20x throat, what other bullets will work with that? I shoot a factory Sabatti now that works well with Berger 185 Jugs, 190gr SMK's, 178gr ELD's and 155gr Scenars but 155.5 Bergers and 155 SMK's I can't seat long enough... Michal
  8. With the favourable currency rate, I decieded to order my first custom FTR rifle - I want to go for a Dolphin. I recieved a build sheet from Mik, who was also very helpfull with advice. I have a rough idea already and wanted to share it in case I'm missing something or getting something wrong: Action: Barnard S Right Bolt Right Port Action Scope Rail: 20 MOA Aluminium Barrell: 32" Bartlein Stainless steel 1:9,5 twist throated for Berger 200.20x fluted to get into FTR weight Trigger: Jewel Match Stock: Dolphin Modular Aluminium Stock - F/TR LW version with long F/TR Forend and ceracoated finish I wanted to go for 9,5 twist for the new high BC bullets like Hornady ATIP or new 200gr Sierra in case they prove worthy - or should I just stay with a 10 twist? What else should I think about? TIA, Michal
  9. MichalS

    Hornady 178 ELD M transsonic stability

    Initial group from seating depth test @100m below - 43.0gr RS52, 0.005" jump. M.
  10. While looking fo Berger 185 Juggernaut replacement I found that 178 ELD M at the same muzzle energy produces nearly identical ballistics (drift in 1mps/3mph wind within 0.5" up to a 1000m/1100y). It looks great on paper, but I'm wondering how will it tolerate trans and subsonic transitions at longer ranges? Michal
  11. I aproached Spud but they wont ship to Poland. I ordered a 1000 from Germany, BTW much cheaper than Spud and they do ship intrrnationally. They have 800 left... https://henke-online.de/
  12. I found a great load with 185gr Berger Jugg over 43.0gr of RS52. Initially I bought the last 300 bullets that were in stock, with next delivery "soon". Now it seems we may not get Juggs at all this season, and I only have a 100 left. What can I use as a replacement for 1000y FTR bullet in 11,5 twist barrel? I already ordered Hornady 178 BTHP's and ELD''s and 190gr SMK Sierras - anything else I can try? Michal
  13. Dear Sirs, I started experimenting with Hornady ELD's in 223 and 308. I'm yet to try 308, but with 80gr ELD in 223 I noticed there is a ring on the bullet where the seating stem contacts it. Does it affect perforance? Do You use specific ELD or VLD stems while seating those bullets? TIA, Michal
  14. MichalS

    Vortex Golden Eagle issue?

    I shot the test at 95m measured by laser range finder. Even if You assume +/-1m accuracy the scope is still off...

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