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  1. Last weekend I participated in my first ever Polish National Long-Distance F-class Championships. I shot with .308win Sierra 175gr factory ammo by GGG, Sabatti Tactical Sport rifle and Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60x52 scope. I managed to take bronze in the general classification of F-TR (300-600-800m triathlon, 50 competitors) with 289/300 points and places 2-6 on individual distances. Total group size for all 30 shots was recorded at 0.886 MOA. Quite happy with that - not a bad start MichaƂ
  2. MichalS

    .308Win bullet/load for 1200 yards

    Why are monolithic bullets prohibited? And why limit speed and not energy? Michal
  3. MichalS

    .308Win bullet/load for 1200 yards

    Does anyone have actual experience with Flat Lines? They promise great things and the Sniper's Hide reviews are also enthusiastic. For occasional outings the price is not an issue, I'm more worried about availability and my 1:11 twist... Michal
  4. To start off, I'm aware that's not the calibre of choice for that distance, but once a year we have a competition that requires You to shoot .308 that far. Some people actually have quite reasonable scores, so it's possible... Most have problems hitting the target though My rifle has a 28 inch, 1:11 twist barrel - what kind of bullet/load would You recommend? TIA, Michal
  5. Yes, we have a ~7" "10" and ~3" 'X"/inner ten ("V") @800m(875y)-1000y. Below is a 2nd place 800m FTR target from the last competion (Josef Prochazka, 96 pts (4X) 1.014 MOA). Winner had 97pts but only one X.
  6. The F Class table in the "Bible", ends at 600 yards, then it's just "Long Range" - is it whats used used for 800, 900, and 1000y? If so, Your targets are much (~40%) bigger than ours... Interesting.
  7. I'm starting with F Class so doing some reading on the subject. While browsing through the net, I stumbled upon multiple sources regarding ring sizes in F Class shooting. It's a bit strange to me as in ISSF it's all standarised... For example, at 800 meters (circa 875 yards) in Poland we shoot at a 327mm (12,87") bull with 177mm (6,97") "10" ring and 75mm (3") "X". In the US they have a massive bull with 10 inch "10" ring, in the UK You have "5" and "V" but I don't know the size... If someoene has a reference for that I would be greatfull - I'm wondering how my scores translate into "international" ... Michal
  8. MichalS

    Remington 700 sps varmint for FTR ?

    For similar money You can have a Sabatti Tactical Sport with 28" long 1.05" diameter match barrell. Mine and others I know of shoot 0.3-0.5 MOA out of the box with factory (GGG) ammo all day long. Cannot recommend it more. I shot a stock R700 - there is no competition. Michal
  9. MichalS

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    Thanks Brillo - that's the real life info I was looking for. 6,5CM it is
  10. MichalS

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    The question is - which one the wise men choose?
  11. MichalS

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    This. You can get anything (NC Rado and Dolphin are the most popular), but You have to wait a long time and pay a lot for shipment (I heard of 500 GBP...). At the moment I'm not that serious about F Class, so I'm not willing to pay the price. Michal
  12. MichalS

    6,5mm Creedmore or 6,5x47L for F Open?

    To cut a long story short I have a total experience of one F Class (FTR) competition. Using Sabatti Tactical Sport in .308, factory GGG 175gr ammo, some luck and a lot of experience from ISSF air/smallbore I managed to get 12th place overall in FTR (out of 47 participants) and 2nd in 800m F Open Sniper (without sighting shots , any calibre, out of 26 participants). Now Sabatti offers me a great deal on their new dedicated long range rifle - the TLD. Sadly, they only make them in .308, 6,5x47L and 6,5CM - no 7mm Tough choice, as I know the go to calibre for F open is 284/7mm Michal
  13. I'm contemplating getting a rifle for F Open competition. Because of budget constraints I'm thinking about Sabatti's new TLD which is available in either 6,5x47L or 6,5CM. I've done some reading but choosing beetween the two seems really difficult as there are no major differences... Any thoughts? Best regards, Michal
  14. MichalS

    Accurizing Tikka T3x Varmint

    I have first results. Shot 75gr Hornady Steel Match and 55gr GGG. So no premium ammo by any means... Got around 0.8MOA from both, I have mixed feelings - don't know if its due to barrel, ammo, or stock. I will check with better ammo and report. Michal
  15. MichalS

    224 80gr Sierra MK in Tikka T3x?

    I have measured the max COAL in my T3x using Hornady gauge, and it appears to be 2.38" while Sierra recommends 2.55" for 80gr SMK Will that be a major problem? One thing I can think of is the case capacity will be lower... I did some research and found that 80gr Hornady ELD Match has a recommended COAL of 2,39", maybe that would be a better choice in my rifle?

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