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  1. It is registered for road use, ie it has its own reg# and plates, but I only used it on a private estate.I have the v5c in my name. price ain't set in stone and I'll possibly deal with shooting related stuff, decent optics, scope, binos, rangefinders, that kinda stuff. as long as there's some cash my way.
  2. As above reliable old thing,2003, never let me down , decent usable quad, everything on it works, new winch fitted, not yet used in anger. £1800.ono I'm Norwich area.
  3. Reloader54

    ammo ,the stolen dog found

    Heartwarming news. the owner must be overwhelmed with relief at her safe return.
  4. 👍There are some good people on here,👍
  5. Reloader54


    I rest my case!
  6. Reloader54


    too late ,, the woman responsible has already done those and thrupenies too, all in an "arty" way evidently ?? I guess the world has enough constables and gainsboroughs eh, just another load of tosh to add to the piles of bricks, pickled cattle, and unmade beds that purport to be "art" Is it just me who thinks the numbers of untreated mentally ill people are growing ? the human race has some odd runners, it really has.
  7. Reloader54


    I've no idea,, but he reckoned some of them looked real nasty. the mind boggles as to that which is served up as "entertainment" these days.
  8. Reloader54


    I don't have tv,, many of my friends do and often tell me I'm "missing out",, apparently there was a program on channel 5 the other night titled "100 vaginas" and he then went on about it gleefully like some schoolboy who had discovered his first naughty word,,, I asked him,, with a title like that I wouldn't have watched it even if I had tv, why? he asked, I answered "I never watch party political broadcasts"
  9. Reloader54

    Gary of MARCH scopes contact details

    What's going on?? It's like "mums net" on here lately.
  10. Reloader54

    Worth a read...........

  11. I don't do "plinky plonkin' wetf that might be, I don't do any competition "willy waving" either,,, but certain things please my eye, those three rifles right there for instance, and of course the original example too.
  12. Reloader54

    Worth a read...........

    even his own party had to smile.
  13. Reloader54

    Worth a read...........

    @popsbengo ,as you brought up "Predictions" it appears the eu have some of their own,,,, or it could be just more straw clutching project fear type stuff??? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6639399/Brexit-leave-UK-unstable-decades-violence-streets-EU-secret-report-warns.html seems to be all sweetness and content in france then does it. "eu intelligence" now there's two words I never thought I would see in one sentence same goes for "secret report" yeah,,, in a national newspaper,???? I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Russians yet.. I hear Putin is allegedly behind it all.
  14. Reloader54

    Worth a read...........

  15. Reloader54

    Worth a read...........

    at the risk of ignoring you may cause others to read into something that isn't actually written maybe I should clarify, It has been stated on the denial,overturning or causing to become void by any means of the democratic result by the Tories would result in voters losing faith in not only the party but the entire democratic process they would "never vote again" that could well in the absence of any other suitable party result in corbyn and his merry band of misfits grabbing the reins by default, If you think the present crowd are problematic,,, wait until the "beast from hackney" gets a bit of power. and lets not forget labours stance on private gun ownership,,, unless you belong to one of the various terrorist orgs he seems to favour of course.

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